Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3520


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Thirty thousand feet of blood splashed.

This is not a boasting statement, but it is happening in reality, Lin Fan and the endlessly weird existence that do not know the true or false and the weird existence of life and death furiously great decisive battle.

Lin Fan was deeply trapped. In addition to fighting and fighting with endless strange existence, he also had to deal with the murderous sword energy that Lianying and the other three would kill at any time. Only in an instant, Lin Fan suffered. Hundreds of sword energy attacks, and countless fist and finger prints waiting on his body.

The situation is extremely critical. The combination of this formation diagram and the Three Swords is enough to shake ancient and modern times.

Lin Fan is covered in blood, one after another’s wound is terrifying and terrifying, but the blood holes are not less than twenty before and after the translucent blood hole. In fact, if he were not for the cultivator that broke the road, this kind of injury It was enough to make him lose battle strength, red blood was splashing everywhere, and every drop could crush mountains and rivers, but in this Killing Formation, it was only crushed into bloody mist by sword intent.

“The trapped beasts are still fighting.” Lianying’s indifferent voice came. They took the upper hand and took the absolute initiative. This Immortal Beheading Four Swords is also known as the first sword formation in ancient times. It is conceivable that its divine might .


With a loud roar, Lin Fan wants to cut off his connection with time and space, and detaches himself from Five Elements in an instant from the big world.

This is a horrible method. When you are at war with the enemy, you can use this move to evade many big kills.

It doesn’t work in this sword array, time and space are immortal, and you can’t use the slightest.

Puci, Lin Fan’s thigh was once again pierced by a faintly blue sword glow, and the thigh bones were white and densely exposed, and the blood flowed like a flood, flooding the Killing Formation area.


Lin Fan sighed.

Did you care for yourself?

Actually, when the first sword killed him, if he tried hard, he could avoid it.

But he didn’t want to do that.

The main reason is that Lin Fan doesn’t have more time to continue to spend with these two restricted zone owners. They will be killed today before they can put all their minds into the preparatory battle.

The original so-called never considered the two major restricted zone owners, that is not true.

How is it possible?

Even a dog who has lived for 100,000 years has already become a fine.

even more how are the two forbidden zone masters in the Seven Realms of God, two great enemies?

But at this time, Lin Fan felt whether he was a little careless.

“Jié jié…what are you thinking about? Are you looking back on this life, is there any regret?”

Background ridicule, said: “It’s useless, no one can save you.”

Lin Fan glanced at him and said indifferently: “If you are not hiding behind the killing sword, I can kill you ten times with one hand.”

An anger flashed in the eyes of the foundation, but then even more ridiculed: “Who can be a hero with strength and weakness? Only by success or failure. If I kill you today, it will naturally prove that I am better than you.”

“Kill me?” Lin Fan sneered: “I just wondered if I was careless. In fact, I still have other methods to kill you. This is a warning to me. I won’t do it anymore. I don’t allow myself to take any risks. .”


Xuanyou drank, he flew out of the formation diagram and rode a monster dragon. This monster dragon had nine heads and eighteen dragon wings, swooping down, crushing the immortal time and space. ring.

“Inverse chaos!”

Lin Fan roared, he shook his hands and played the 1st style of inverse chaos, letting the swooping mysterious scream, the strange dragon he rode roared, and rolled all the 18 dragon wings back. A Golden Lotus shelters Xuanyou, but it has endured all the power of Lin Fan this style. In the stern dragon roar, it has completely turned into dust and is no longer visible.

Mysterious whistling, returning with the sword, standing on the formation diagram, staring at Lin Fan with a gloomy face, frightened!

Too terrifying, he dared to conclude that if he hadn’t just ordered this monster to protect himself in time, he would have died.

The appearance of this kind of thought made him depressed and angry!

Thousands of years ago, even if I was in trouble, but I wanted to make a tie with this Lin Fan and tried all his hole cards, I should be able to do it.

But now, the opponent can kill himself in one move.

“I really can’t let you live, otherwise, under this starry sky, where is our place.”

Lian Yingsen said coldly.

In the scene just now, how can we not let him be trembling in fear?

Lin Fan didn’t speak. He didn’t even use Zhu Tian, ​​mainly because he was worried that this ancient killing sword was too cruel, lest Zhu Tian would damage him.

But it was obvious that he was thinking too much.

It should be noted that Zhu Tian was left by the God of Medicine, and even the soul of the soldier was conceived after the God of Medicine consumed tens of thousands of Divine Weapon, which is not weak to kill the sword.

“jié jié… are you waiting for help?” Xuanyou grinned: “Can’t wait, Divine Court should be dead by now.”

“Just because you are worthy to say this sentence?”

With a loud roar, Xiao Nuo came to kill. He seemed to live here forever. A big foot slammed down on Xuanyou on the formation diagram of the body, with a bang, Xuanyou’s hands went up and he was I broke both arm bones and was kneeled on the formation diagram by the sole of one foot.

“It’s just such insignificant ability, and you want to hide it from me Divine Court?”

Xiao Wu also came, shaking his hands and throwing hundreds of heads!

The heads written here are all high-level people in the two restricted areas.

“Isn’t it lured the tiger away from the mountain? 800 years ago, Aunt Leyao decided that you didn’t dare to target my father and brother at the same time. She was already on guard.”

Xiaotian roared, and at the same time the Demon Lord’s sword in his hand slashed downward.

Lin Fan sighed, said with a bitter smile: “I didn’t want to bother you.”

“Keep on killing, the three of them will die.” Invincible said, “It’s not necessary. Why should father compete with these Stinking Insect lower oneself to somebody’s level, and humiliate father’s identity.”

Lin Fan shrugged.

Invincible is telling the truth.

Continue to fight, and the three of them will be punished by him.

But he should also pay a little price.


Lian Ying roared, the formation diagram suddenly doubled, and it turned out that Lin Fan father and son were all trapped in the sword array.

“Jié jié…Whether it’s all here, I will send you father and son the dead on the road at once, and the remaining Divine Court will be impossible to withstand a single blow.”

Xuanyou grinned.

“Are you dreaming?” The undefeated came, he was still outside, and at this time, he used unpredictable formulas.

This is an inexplicable method taught by Lin Fan and rubbed from the Treasure Gathering Pot. He is trying to see if it is useful.

With a buzzing sound, the Trapping Immortal Sword trembles slightly, which makes Lin Fan’s eyes light up.

“I’m here to resist all their killings, you go take their swords.”

Lin Fan roared, and rushed forward, angry roar, his body increased a hundredfold, able to support both heaven and earth.

Invincible cooperated outside the array, and Lin Tian waited to rush in the sword array.

Father and son is a pawn. There is no need to talk about the relationship between father and son. The cooperation is too tacit. Lin Fan will take care of all the murderous intentions.

The first one who made meritorious deeds was not the undefeated outside the formation, but the invincibility inside the formation. He took the lead in holding the Trapping Immortal Sword in the hands of the foundation.

“old bastard, go to hell!”

Invincible held the trapped immortal, and slaughtered the foundation with a sword. There was a mark on the sword that was not as big as an ant and insect. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be what the foundation looked like.

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