Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3521


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This is too permeating; also too terrifying.

This imprint is lifelike, it is clearly the inside story, and his face is hideous and distorted, as if he is suffering from the most terrifying disaster.

“Keep him alive!”

Lin Fan screamed and told Xiao Nuo to stop, don’t kill Lian Ying too quickly.

Xiao Nuo’s murderous intention was revealed in Xiao Nuo’s eyes. He had already stepped Lian Ying’s head under his feet, and the newly captured Zhu Xian had already raised it, and he was about to press down severely to behead the Lian Ying, but at this time, he stopped. , Just flicking his fingers, dozens of deep cold severe lights pierced into the body within the body, and immediately imprisoned his cultivation base.

Xuanyou is dead, Lin Fan feels that he has no value to use, and allows Xiao Nuo to kill him into dregs.

At this time, Lin Fan stared at the vast and terrifying formation diagram still floating above his head, with solemn eyes.

This thing, which traverses the two realms, has left a prestigious name. Surrounding him, there are too many legends, and there are heavy pens left in the history of several myths.

At this moment, with such a traverse in front of him, he actually felt a momentary trance.

“father, how do you deal with this old bastard?”

Xiao Nuo asked. He lifted Lian Ying by the back of his neck like a dead dog, and dragged him half to the ground.

“Take it back and give it to you Uncle Li Guang. He knows what I want and will arrange it.” Lin Fan said, and waved his hand to signal Xiao Nuo and the others to go down.

They left with the shadows. Lin Fan continued to sit on the starry sky alone. Four swords floated up and down in front of him and behind him, and above his head, the formation diagram was shining.

Lin Fan is thinking, is it possible that this world also has the myth of opening the sky on the water blue planet, and there is also the existence of Hongjun’s Old Ancestor?

If this is not the case, then which world’s great god has chaotically entered the world and time and space, thus creating an immortal legend.

After a while, Lin Fan sighed: “It’s really a blessing for the heavens. If they had four swords together, I’m afraid it will be bode ill rather than well today.”

Lin Fan is feeling that the four swords are all available and matched with the formation diagram. The resembles nature itself is a whole existence. He has a superficial understanding of its formidable power and let him have one’s hair stand on end, which is really scary. This Immortal Beheading Four Swords is enough for Behead Immortal to kill the gods in the legend, this is not a false statement.

If you perceive it carefully, Lin Fan understands better. The formidable power of the sword array depends entirely on the strength of the cultivator holding the array and the sword. The stronger the cultivator, the stronger the strength of the sword array.

“If the four peak powerhouses of Dao Realm are pregnant with a sword, can they trap a God?”

Lin Fan suddenly said this, and was shocked by himself!

How could this be?

That’s a god, invincible across time and space, how could it be trapped?

But this kind of thought is like weeds, growing wantonly in Lin Fan’s heart, and it can’t be suppressed no matter what.

“What am I thinking about?”

In the end, Lin Fan sighed with a wry smile, and questioned whether he was dazed.

He looked towards the planet below, then got up and returned to Divine Court.

He divided the four swords equally among the four Linuo brothers, each holding a handle, and the formation diagram was placed in his thunder pool.

This is a treasure, no matter who dare not ignore it.

“With this treasure, I have more confidence in the future battles.” Xuan Dong said with a smile.

Lin Fan clicked nodded: “Xiao Nuo and their four brothers each hold a fairy sword, and let Xiao Wu take the lead in the formation diagram, it should be able to block the exit of the world war.”

Chen Xuandong narrowed his eyes and asked in surprise: “Which one do you want to score?”

Lin Fan sighed and said: “It’s better to burn the flames of war in the outside world, otherwise…”

Chen Xuandong smiled bitterly: “I’m afraid it is difficult.”

“Give it a try.” Lin Fan walked to the floating island and overlooked the Three Thousand World. It was so beautiful and the stars were shining. It would be a shame if he died in the flames of war.

“In this world battle, I feel that the most important thing is to see if the back hand you buried in Chaos Realm is sharp enough.”

Qingcheng opened his mouth and said: “If those people can control the Celestial Clan, then we can at least increase the winning rate by two levels in this world battle.”

Lin Fan said: “The Deity Clan has been around for a long time, but even so, at the beginning of the war, I shouldn’t dare to help us on the surface, but in this battle, we can play a few games Victory, maybe…”

Qingcheng narrowed his eyes, then smiled bitterly: “But I am more inclined to crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.”

Lin Fan sighed and said: “Yes, or the world of heaven and human being crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood to smooth us, or we crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood to smooth out the chaos, as if this The two kinds of probability are the largest.”

Qingcheng nodded, said: “How long do you think the world war will happen?”

Lin Fan was silent and said: “Actually, in my deduction, it should have started a thousand years ago. I don’t know what happened until now. Now, I’m not sure.”

“So passive.” Chen Xuandong brows tightly knit.

“There is no way. I can’t find the way to the chaos. I have to wait for that clan to open.” Lin Fan said, “I think that clan is also waiting for an opportunity.”

Chen Xuandong said: “Medicine Divine Seal?”

Lin Fan is nodded heavily.

It’s been many years since returning to Three Thousand World, and he has already thought about everything clearly.

For example, Tian Hun, the reason why he has been showing kindness to him and did not want to offend him to death, if there is no factor in the memory of the medicine Divine Seal, he would not believe that he was killed.

Also, the Celestial Clan should have known his hidden identity in Chaos Realm for a long time, but he has never really taken any action. I am afraid that except to use his hand to break Chaos Realm and follow the rules of counting millions and millions of years. , In addition to order, fear is also because of scrupulous response to that mark.

Chen Xuandong looked at Lin Fan and said: “Don’t think too much, do everything to your destiny. Moreover, my Divine Court is not what it used to be, and it may not be worse than the Celestial Clan.”

Lin Fan smiled bitterly and said: “You take it for granted, the water of the Celestial Clan is very deep, even more how, compared to the Celestial Clan, the hunter hunting is the creature that makes me most afraid of.”

Lin Fan has complicated eyes.

“Will you die yet?” Chen Xuandong sneered, “It’s not that I haven’t fought.”

Lin Fan’s eyes were solemn, and said: “It’s different. Those patrol hunters in the lower world at that time were really rateless. Even if we were almost alive at that time, they were not the same. They were completely incompatible with patrol hunters in the chaos. Compared with different levels and levels.”

Chen Xuandong frowned.

“They are very strong, beyond imagination, especially the tall silhouette, too terrifying, it really seems to have inherited the power of God’s will, like the carrier of Heavenly Dao.” Lin Fan looked solemn and said: “You have to know that because of his simple two or two sentences, he forced the patriarch of the heavenly race to admit his mistakes in public, and let out the wind, to remove the patriarch position, from these details, you can know the horror of that person. “

“So you mean, if there is a battle in the world, what we should dikes most is not the Celestial Clan, but… the hunting?” Chen Xuandong brows frowned.

Lin Fan nodded, with an ugly and gloomy face, said: “The most important thing is that on our side, for the time being, the one who can really kill the hunter, only me and Xiao Nuo, this is the big problem.” /p>

Chen Xuandong smiled bitterly.

He is a man who has experienced battles between the lower realms and hunters, of course he understands what Lin Fan means!

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