Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3522


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Chaos Realm.

It was chaotic, and the sense of existence of the heavenly race was minimized.

If it weren’t for the henchman to jump up and down, without the blood and cruelty of the henchman, people would completely ignore the existence of the heavens during this period of time, and they would be regarded as not as good as before, without any majesty. Up.

The henchman is naturally King Lu!

During these thousands of years, King Lu has risen, and all of the Celestial Clan’s external conquests, etc., are controlled by him. He has hundreds of patrol and hunting troops under his command, and he is also the commander of the Celestial Clan’s millions!

Even Gushe Divine Race fell under the chase of King Lu. If it weren’t for the assistance and multiple rescues of Deity Clan such as Haijia, Gushe Divine Race would be destroyed.

The king of Lu has completely become the ambassador of the Celestial Clan, and his momentum is the same.

Asura has been targeting King Lu since thousands of years ago. After knowing that King Lu had betrayed Lin Fan, it was even by fair means or foul. Over the past few thousand years, at least thousands of Heaven Grade killers have been dispatched to target It is useless for King Lu to face each other. Each and everyone killer’s heads accumulate in front of King Lu’s mansion and become the cornerstone of his Supreme prestige.

This has made King Lu’s lustful prestige to the extreme!

Information, Asura’s Slaughter Order in this birth, only one person will fail–

That person is already a taboo for the entire Chaos Realm. No one dared to mention that name, because everyone who mentioned that name was killed by King Lu.

Also, King Lu has more than once or twice publicly said that when he was young and ignorant, he was brainwashed by Lin Fan and worshipped under his door. This is a shame that he cannot be bloodbathed in his life. Therefore, anyone mentions that person His name is his mortal enemy, Zhu Shizu. ,

This is not a lie. There are really dozens of people who have been condemned.

This kind of practice makes the sea mad and others go mad. I can’t wait to kill King Lu, but unfortunately not!

This person takes his safety too seriously. There must be at least two teams or even more patrol hunters to accompany him. There are at least two seven-level protections in secret. It is too expensive to kill him.

It’s so hateful.

Of course, although the Sea Knife and others are reluctant to kill him at that price, over the past thousands of years, various tricks and traps have also wiped out the few hundred thousand people on the Lu side, and both sides have suffered heavy losses.

The most strange thing is that the Celestial Clan allowed King Lu to jump outside, and no matter whether it was right or wrong, they were extremely supportive. Then in which year Lin Fan left for a thousand years, the Celestial noble lady Marrying King Lu, this makes Lu Family unparalleled.

For thousands of years, Chaos has been the legend of King Lu, and his cultivation base has also been rising steadily. At this time, he has entered the Old Ancestor level.

Sun Luo world.

Lin Ruoxi danced his sword in the imperial court, and the three-foot green peak was like a ribbon in his hand, and the void cracks that had been cut out were all embellished with this beautiful image.


Rakshasa is here, smiling.

Lin Ruoxi stopped slowly and looked towards Rakshasa, with a charming smile: “mother.”

Rakshasa nodded: “Don’t work too hard. Although mother can’t talk about swallowing mountains and rivers, but you don’t need you to cultivate and help me. I think you should be more ordinary.”

Lin Ruoxi, the daughter of Rakshasa and Lin Fan.

An angry look appeared in Lin Ruoxian’s eyes: “How can you be ordinary? How can the daughter of such a peerless figure like father be mediocre? Besides, I want to clean up the sect for father.”

Rakshasa’s heart suddenly clenched: “Girl, don’t mess around, King Lu is not easy to kill, you know, even Xiao Zuo went forward and almost lost his life. Xiao You was beheaded three times. Dying and returning.”

Lin Ruoxi is nodded; “mother don’t worry, my daughter will not be reckless.”

She is beautiful.

Inheriting the heroic spirit of Rakshasa, a black hair is randomly entangled by a golden strap, looking clean and tidy.

“If something happens to you…mother will really be crazy, you should know.” Rakshasa said. Before outsiders, she dominates Seng Luo. She was just on, and even the Emperor Seng Luo of the two worlds. In front of Lin Ruoxi, she was just a mother.

“Mother, don’t worry.” Lin Ruoxi promised once again that she would not take risks, let alone make moves, unless she had full confidence.


Lin Ruoxi wears a black tight-fitting robe, she is out of the world of Senluo.

At the beginning of the day, when Rakshasa discovered that Lin Ruoxi had left the Senluo realm, he almost went crazy. If it weren’t for Liu Yingshu’s stop, Rakshasa would really kill all the killers who guarded the passage between the two realms.

Hai Kuang is the first person to know this news. He has not walked out of the Haijia God’s Mansion for thousands of years. He walked out of the near-hidden world, hiding the sky and covering the earth’s divine sense can easily cover millions li In the area, he can search, and it is impossible to find any breath of Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi, few people in the world know his name.

But he has become a Heaven Grade killer at the age of eight hundred, and his concealment is the student surpasses the master.

At least a hundred thousand people are looking for Lin Ruoxi at the same time, but to no avail.

At this time, Lin Ruoxi had arrived in front of the Lu Family mansion.

She turned into a handsome man. She had come to take refuge in the past. After a test, she entered the Lu Family mansion.

It’s very simple and easy. King Lu has a bad reputation and treachery. He can even say deceive master, extinguish ancestors.

But who cares?

Under his incomparable power and prestige, countless heroes and heroes come to take refuge every day.

Entered the Lu Family.

Lin Ruoxian was cautious and was arranged in a certain small building. She was waiting for the night.

Night is coming.

Lin Ruoxian walked out of the small building, simply recognized the direction, and headed straight to the Lu Family main building.

Wang Lu sat quietly at the desk alone, he was thinking about many things.

When the wind blew, Wang Lu’s eyes showed such an expression that he had known before, said with a smile: “Can I call you Little Junior Sister?”

This sentence made Lin Ruoxian, who was still hiding in secret, tight in her heart.

“I know you are here.” Wang Lu was still smiling: “Otherwise, do you think you can enter this study?”

Lin Ruoxian’s silhouette appeared, staring at King Lu in such a gloomy manner: “Aren’t you afraid of death?”

Wang Lu shrugged: “Fear, who is not afraid of death? But you come, I am not afraid.”


The sword is unsheathed and cut out.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t move clearly, but the point of the sword came out abruptly from King Lu’s shoulder, pu’ sound, nailed through King Lu’s shoulder, letting blood flow out.

“Very well, this kind of pain can make me remember a lot.” Wang Lu was still smiling, but it was a bit far-fetched.

“Why didn’t you hide?” Lin Ruoxian frowned. At the same time, she was wary of all around, and after checking it countless times, she was sure that all around was at least 10 li without any supreme powerhouse breath.

“Because of the infamy for too long, I am afraid that one day I will forget my original intention, and I am afraid that I will break the jar.”

Wang Lu smiled bitterly.

“What do you mean?” Lin Ruoxi asked coldly, and then mocked: “Don’t tell me, you didn’t betray my father.”

The king of Lu looked towards Lin Ruoxi, was slightly silent, and then said: “You come with me.”

Wang Lu walked back and pushed an incense burner on the desk. When the wall opened, he walked in first.

Lin Ruoxi squeezed Rakshasa’s cold blade in her hand tightly, and after making sure that there was no one in the secret room, she sneered and followed King Lu in.

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