Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3523

Sun Luo world, in Ancient Vestige.

Wang Qing’er stared indifferently at the man who was kneeling in front of him, gloomily said: “I have said countless times, we are just poor bugs living under the fence, not the ruler of aloof and remote, nor are we anymore From the predecessor life to the eminent Wangzu.”

The man was pale.

“What you did like this made me fall into a dilemma.” Wang Qing’er’s eyes were even harsher. She rejected all opinions and stripped the few remaining offspring of this Wang Clan for most of her life. The explanations of the Sun Luo world and the Beast Kings below.

At this time, Wang Qing’er stood alone at the highest point.

Being trapped in this Ancient Vestige for thousands of years, just as my confidant told her, continue this way, where is the fighting spirit, where is the fighting spirit?

The most important thing is that there is going to be a big mess.

“None of you are allowed to leave the place designated by the Beast King for us. I will go to the Imperial Palace in Sengluo Realm. I will be back soon. If when the time comes, someone has something wrong, don’t blame me Do not show mercy.”

In the Imperial Palace.

“What?” Rakshasa looked towards Wang Qing’er with a horror: “Senior are you sure you want to do this?”

Wang Qinger’s face is cold: “This is indeed not a good time, but I can’t wait any longer, otherwise chaos will arise from within. When the time comes is an endless Calamity Tribulation.”

Rakshasa sighed and said, “Since Senior has decided, do I need to do anything?”

Wang Qinger looked towards Rakshasa and said: “I need a killer with at least 10,000 levels. The only requirement is that this 10,000 killer must have at least 1,000 Heaven Grade.”

Slowly, Wang Qinger said: “I know that you have been conserving strength and store up energy for so many years. The purpose is to give Lin Fan an invincible killer Legion to him before he returns. But I I really need your help now.”

Rakshasa thought for a while, and suddenly smiled: “Okay; we are allies.”

Wang Qinger turned into a squad of tens of thousands, and it took a whole year to break into nothing and integrate into Chaos Realm.

Be very careful and cautious, these teams that have been broken up into parts are completely unremarkable in these years of turmoil.

But when one day, a thousand-man patrolling soldier and horse belonging to King Lu was ambushed and killed, and after being excommunicated, the whole world became more chaotic.

In the Lu Family mansion.

“Is it finally here? I’ve been waiting for a long time.” King Lu looked savagely, looked towards the messenger below, and said, “Do you know who it is?”

“I don’t know.”

The messenger opened his mouth and said: “But in the remains of that battlefield, there is the word’forget’ made up of human heads.”

The pupils of King Lu shrank slightly and said: “I need to go to the Celestial Clan for this matter. You must prepare for battle. Take good precautions. I will come when I go.”

In the Celestial Clan.

“Is she finally willing to come out?” The Celestial patriarch gently sprinkled the fish food in his hand into the pond, watching thousands of koi rushing for food.

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