Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3524


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One year!

This is a short time.

Whether it is against the cultivator’s society or the dunya.


Wang Lu slightly lowered his eyebrows, and bent his body slightly: “It’s only after death.”

Tianzu patriarch slightly smiled: “I like your appearance, whether it is true or not, but the deity looks pleasing to the eye.”

Wang Lu’s waist bends deeper: “In front of the master, I dare not lie at all.”

Patriarch Hehe said: “What do you think Lin Fan is?”

The pupils of King Lu shrank sharply. He pondered for a while before slowly saying: “At that time, he didn’t accept me sincerely. He just passed on a method of body refinement. It was only Honorary Disciple, and he was afraid of him. I just want to do it at will.”

From the perspective of the patriarch, only the back of King Lu can be seen.

“I’m asking you, in your heart, Lin Fan is who.” The patriarch reiterated.

The King Lu was silent again. After a while, said with a bitter smile: “At that time, I was young, and I had never seen the world. It is always unfair to judge a person with the eyes of that time.”

“Well, I won’t force you.” Celestial patriarch waved his hand: “Go down, but don’t forget my order. I will give you one year. I want to see her. You know who I am talking about. .”

Wang Lu retreated in a deep voice, and when he was about to reach the door, he said: “Can you kill?”

Patriarch’s eyes stood up, two sharp and very ruthless pupil lights were shot at King Lu’s body, and it turned out that King Lu groaned and fell back many steps, and the corners of his mouth overflowed with bloodshot eyes. .

“Understand the subscript.”

Wang Lu quickly got up and cup one fist in the other hand with both hands and bowed down.

He did understand.

The patriarch is not ruthless.

At least about Wang Qing’er, he is affectionate.

Since there is love-what invincibility do you deserve to talk about?

The battle only started sporadically.

Today, a small-scale fight took place in the territory of the Divine Race in the east.

Tomorrow, a large-scale battle may take place just west.

But in general, King Lu wins more and loses less.

Of course, this refers to more victory than defeat, but only for the degree of death and injury on both sides.

strictly speaking, during this short half-year fight and battle, the two sides could not find a winner, and both suffered heavy casualties.

Sun Luo world.

Rakshasa quietly looked at the thick pile of death books in his hands, with sadness and guilt in his eyes, but only after a moment, it sharpened down, looking towards Xiao You: “Let a thousand Heaven Grade go forward .”

Xiaoyou complexion slightly changed.

“Go, we are allies.” Rakshasa waved his hand a little tiredly: “No matter what they need, as long as we can do it, we will do our best.”

Try your best to keep Xiaoyou silent for a long time: “Emperor, I will lead the team to go.”

Rakshasa narrowed his eyes, then refused to answer after a while, bluntly saying that the identities of Xiao Zuo and Xiao You were too sensitive.

If someone is caught, if someone wants to use it, he can easily drag the Senluo world, which can be temporarily neutral at this time, into the quagmire.

The Chaos Realm riots, demons and monsters all appear, and demons dance.

In the Celestial Clan.

“A person with a foreign surname and a patriarch?”

There was Elder staring at the patriarch with ugly eyes.

The patriarch of the heavenly race is just slightly smiled: “I want to see what waves he can turn out, and I want to see who he chooses.”

After a moment of silence, the Celestial patriarch said with a smile: “He is a great man. Give him time, he may not be able to grow up to this step. I want to cultivate a demon who can compete with Lin Fan to prove that… Actually the deity …Not a failure.”

This Elder’s pupils shrink sharply.

He suddenly thought of a lot.

The evildoers of the Celestial Clan seem to be living in the shadow of Lin Fan.

It seems that no matter what heaven defying talents his Celestial Clan puts out, it won’t work in the end, it can only be reduced to a joke.

Especially, when the one who became a joke in front of Lin Fan was the heir of the patriarch.

This frustrated the patriarch of aloof and remote.

Is this another contest?

This Elder doesn’t understand,

After a long silence, he asked slowly: “Patriarch is not afraid…”

The patriarch sneered and said: “What does he have? Why does he oppose me? He does not have a single soldier. With his Lu Family? One finger can crush the Ant Race group 30,000 times. That’s it, this matter…I have my own opinion, so let’s see him jumping around. Don’t you think that the master and disciple dispute is very interesting?”

Elder is gone.

Heaven appeared, just looking at the patriarch of the heavenly race like this: “You shouldn’t be like this!”

The Celestial patriarch shrugged: “I keep in mind that I can’t kill him to the last one, but it must give me peace of mind.”

“Which aspect do you mean by An Xin?” Tian Hun narrowed his eyes dangerously: “Could it be that he was imprisoned? Or all his soldiers and brothers were killed?”

Tianzu patriarch slightly smiled: “That’s not the case. As long as I feel that he can no longer pose any threat to me, I will naturally stop.”

Tian Hun sighed: “I am a person outside the world, so I should not interfere in this matter. The reason for making an exception is that I don’t want the heavens to fall into a desperate situation. I have already said what I should say. The details… Make a choice, but you must know that every decision will involve the ages.”

“In the eyes of Far Sun, the sky will eventually be invincible.”

Tian Hun patriarch faintly sighed, Tian Hun also sighed: “It seems that you already have a choice. I won’t talk too much, so I can do it for myself.”

The sky is gone.

The patriarch of the celestial clan quietly looked at the direction where Tian Hun had left, and hehe smiled: “The destiny from there, the cause and effect from there…there is a sword in hand that can be leveled.”

Three Thousand World.

Lin Fan stood in an unknowable place, lamenting the show of Heaven and Earth.

so that’s how it is, this is the overlapping time and space of different worlds, this is the great world beyond perception.

Only this kind of place can avoid the omnipresent eyes and eyes of Divine Court and hide for thousands of years.

“Xuandong, this place can hide people.” Lin Fan suddenly laughed: “I just know that there are not many people in this place. When the world war starts, we can hide all the family members here.”

Chen Xuandong’s eyes are also shining: “This place is really wonderful, even if it is close to you, you can’t feel the slightest breath. It is indeed a Supreme treasure for Tibetans.”

“I was told by anyone.” Lin Fan looked towards Chen Xuandong: “Even Wuji, even Wu Jian, etc., don’t say it.”

Chen Xuandong smiled bitterly: “I know your painstaking efforts.”

Lin Fan looked towards Chen Xuandong a little apologetically and said: “It’s just that you always have to preside over the overall situation and live and die with me. Victory, you and my brother rule the world, lose, you and my brother spend Yellow Springs together. “

Chen Xuandong slightly smiled: “Being able to spend the Yellow Springs with Lin Fan, the famous god of both worlds, I seem to…make a profit.”

“Immortal Beheading Four Swords…” Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

Chen Xuandong said: “It has been arranged by me in a predetermined position.”

“Where is Samsara and Hell?” Lin Fan asked again.

Chen Xuandong said: “I have arranged everything that is likely to become Chaos Realm’s offensive direction.”

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