Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3525


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That day will not be too far away.

This is Lin Fan’s conjecture and his perception.

When the cultivation base arrives at this step, he can perceive his own misfortune and goodwill from the dark.

During this period of time, he has been trapped in nightmares from time to time. When he was in Chaos Realm, it became a scene that made him crazy, and it repeated in front of him from time to time.

I don’t know how many times in this nightmare he saw the main star of Divine Court exploded, Three Thousand World was turned into ashes, the whole Heaven and Earth was battered, the cruel scene, the floating battle robe, it was buried in the ruins The blood jacket under…

This made Lin Fan horrified, making him look up to the sky and scream for many times. No one can share with him, only one person can resist, because no matter who he talks to, he will bring endless worry to his loved ones. think.

“Xuan Dong, this place is too important. When the war started, all of our family members were hidden here.” Lin Fan said again.

Chen Xuandong frowned slightly, he looked towards Lin Fan and nodded: “Okay.”

Lin Fan suddenly laughed: “Let the brothers under his command look for it to see if there is any gap in space, or the space channel penetrated by the ancestors in prehistoric times can enter that world.”

“Does Brother Lin want to ignite this battle in the shortest time?” Chen Xuandong frowned, a little puzzled.

Divine Court is thriving. This is not a false statement. Every day, the strength of Divine Court is increasing.

I don’t understand why Lin Fan is eager to start this battle.

“It’s not the eagerness to set off the chapter of this war, or that sentence, this war should not be ignited in Three Thousand World.” Lin Fan’s answer was ambiguous. How did Chen Xuandong fail to understand the insincere words in Lin Fan’s words?

“Okay.” Chen Xuandong agreed, and then lightly patted Lin Fan’s shoulders, and said seriously: “Brother Lin, we are at the end of each other, step by step, step by step, Shuangjianyu, so I think, no matter what , You and I can share the burden, don’t hide in your heart and fight on your shoulders.”

Lin Fan said with a smile: “You think too much, I just don’t want a war to start in Three Thousand World.”

For a moment of silence, Lin Fan said: “I like standing on the floating island and looking down below. It is very beautiful and beautiful. I am afraid I will not see this kind of scenery. Those ancient stars of life hanging on the sky… …Even if one is missing, it is not perfect.”

Chen Xuandong didn’t ask more, didn’t talk more, just walked away silently.

In fact, for so many years, has he not paid attention to this matter?

Whether there is still an unknown channel between the two worlds is a false proposition.

At least Chen Xuandong has worked hard for thousands of years without any gains. After searching through the ancient book and the ancient history of the god war, he couldn’t find the possible passage. But at this time, since Lin Fan asked, then Working hard.

An unknown place.

Lin Fan walks alone here, it’s vast, but quiet like a ghost.

“It is completely self-sufficient.” Lin Fan whispered, this place is very good, mountains and rivers have everything, the land is extremely fertile, enough to bear hundreds of thousands of people to thrive in it.

“Should the Sky Reaching Array be moved to it? Or is it being built in it?”

Lin Fan had a moment of aura, and finally decided to build a heavenly formation in this unknowable place.

Chaos Realm.

Wang Qing’er and Wang Qing’er were inextricably killed under the command of King Lu, but in general, Wang Qing’er was at an absolute disadvantage.

In fact, if it weren’t for Deity Clan’s support, Wang Qinger’s situation would be even more difficult.

In the Lu Family mansion.

Wang Lu was sitting quietly. In front of him was a map of Chaos Realm. Under this huge map, there was a very messy, graffiti-like draft.

Wang Lu seems to have put all his minds on the map of Chaos Realm, but in fact, all his minds are on the draft below it. After a while, he scratched the draft again. pen.

After finishing, Wang Lu smiled bitterly: “This is already doing my best. I hope there will not be too much disparity.”

In the end, this sketch was handed over to Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t understand, Sea Krenzy couldn’t understand, Liu Yingshu couldn’t understand.

Of course, Lin Ruoxi is very smart. With a smile like Small Fox, he bluntly said that this was his own creation, and never said that it was something that King Lu handed over.

This is an agreement between the two of them. In this draft, there are three very inconspicuous dark spots.

When Lin Ruoxi saw these three dark spots, her heart suddenly tightened.

No dark spots, just normal communication between the two.

A dark spot proves that this communication is very important.

Two dark spots prove that this communication is terrible.

Three dark spots prove that this communication is about the battle of the world.

Lin Ruoxi hid it well, hid the draft in her talisman ring, and then went to the backyard of the Hai family.

“There is something wrong with this little girl.” Liu Yingshu browses frowned and looked towards Sea Kuang: “Do you think this little girl looks like falling in love?”

Hai Kuang’s pupils shrank sharply: “Indeed, from time to time, a person smiles silly, or it is Spirit Voyage, just like you before.”

“Go away while you die.” Liu Yingshu’s cheeks flushed, and then solemnly said: “This little girl has a noble status and is very well protected by Rakshasa. Although she is a few hundred years old, she is in parallel with her teenage girl. It’s no different. What I’m worried about is that she was being used by others, or she was wrongfully trusted.”

A cold light flickered in Hai Kuang’s eyes: “After Yan Charuoxi entered the chaos, everyone who came into contact with her… If so… then kill them all.”

Liu Yingshu’s eyes flashed with killing intent, and she said grimly: “Ruoxi is like my girl in my heart, whoever dares to use her, I will kill it!”

Unfortunately they were disappointed.

After checking all the men who had contact with Ruoxi–

No torture, no thorough investigation.

They can all conclude that these people are not enough to make Lin Ruoxi interested.

It should be noted that Lin Ruoxi’s identity, status, and cultivation base are destined to have eyes high above the top. How can these men who come into contact with him occasionally win her heart?

“Old Guy, send her back to Senluo.” Liu Yingshu’s eyes were a little tired.

At this moment.

The entire Chaos Realm was hit by a big earthquake.

This is not a description, but a reality.

The whole person, Heaven and Earth, is shaking, like being held by a giant in the hands of Chaos Realm, and then shaking hard, the sky collapses, the chaotic fog rolls, the sky bursts its banks, and the earth cracks. Millions of horrible and hideous cracks all have ten thousand zhang long, as if to split the entire chaos.

This kind of sudden horror movement scared the heroes to crawl, even the seven cultivator of the cream of the crop, under this vast Heavenly Might, they feel that they are as small as dust.

In the Celestial Clan.

Suddenly Tian Hun got up and covered it with one hand. The entire Celestial Clan was sheltered under his palm. He looked towards the distance with a solemn expression and complicated eyes.

The patriarch of the celestial clan rose slowly from the clan until it was juxtaposed with the celestial chaos, faintly said: “The mark…broken.”

The sky is silent.

The patriarch of the heavenly race said: “The mark is broken, does it prove that the great god has fallen?”

Tian Hun shook his head: “impossible.”

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