Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3526


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That is the imprint of Yaoshencheng remaining in the chaos, and shocking the chaos!

Actually, since so many epochs, if it were not for the existence of this mark, Three Thousand World would have been destroyed long ago.

This is the tranquilizer used by the Celestial Clan to set off a world war, and it is also the strongest and most effective shield for protecting Three Thousand World.

But at this time, the shield is gone!

“Are you going to start a world war?” Tian Hun looked towards the patriarch of the heavenly race, his eyes were a little complicated, and said: “I still want to advise you, don’t do it too hard.”

The patriarch smiled: “What was the ancestor afraid of?”

Tian Hun was silent for a moment, and said: “You have been trapped in chaos in this life. Without stepping out of this World, naturally you can only know the ceiling of Chaos Realm. You think you are already standing on the ceiling of the two realms of monasticism, but In fact, you don’t count anything, you don’t understand cause and effect, and you don’t know how to be in awe, you will have a major event.”

The heavenly patriarch said with a sneer: “Our clan follows the will of heaven, every move is the law of heaven, even if there is cause and effect, even if there is retribution, it will not affect my sneer.”

Tian Hun looked at him: “One last word, leave a line, give it to others, and give it to yourself.”

The patriarch of the celestial race did not continue this topic, but said: “Doesn’t the ancestors participate in this battle? You know, this is a major event that is extremely rare, millions and millions of years. The ability of patriarch can’t enter any class; but now, the time has come, my heavenly clan will dominate the starry sky and dominate the world. This is what will be left in history.”

“Why should I care about those false names?” Tian sighed and said: “When you see a bigger world, you see the so-called big world, the so-called world, in the hands of some people, it is like a pill, just a After accidentally sneezing may destroy hundreds of thousands of realms, you will know how ridiculous what you are pursuing now.”

The patriarch of the Celestial Clan was slightly silent, cup one fist in the other hand, and retired directly, actually not wanting to talk to Tianhun.

The so-called people who walk different paths cannot make plans together, that is probably the case.

The sky is muddy.

From childhood to the present, I have been the idol of the patriarch of the Celestial Clan, knowing the experience of Tianhun, and knowing the glory of Tianhun.

Even for a long time, Tianhun was the object of his imitation.

But now–

“merely this.”

A sneer appeared in the eyes of the Celestial patriarch.

In the Chamber.

“Go, prepare for war, and when the chaos is eliminated, go to Three Thousand World, which one will exist for too long. We should uphold the destiny and teach the spirits fooled by the false gods.”

The patriarch of the heavenly race issued an order, and the eyes of the patriarch elders below were all shining, and some even directly yelled in excitement!

Destroy Three Thousand World!

This is really something that the patriarch of the celestial clan has asked for and cannot be obtained.

Now, the opportunity is here.

They are all heroes, and they will leave a strong mark in this vast ancient history.

“Within three months, you will level out all those who do not follow the chaos, prepare for war, and attack Three Thousand World. You should be the vanguard.”

Wang Lu looked at the order quietly, very silent, with worry and expectation in his eyes.

Then he got up.

The battle between the two sides suddenly heated up.

Wang Qinger is at Hai’s house at this time.

“It’s about to begin.” Hai Kuang’s eyes were full of haze, and his face was cold.

“This is a great opportunity.” Liu Yingshu said, coldly said with a sneer: “This clan has the dream of domineering the world, but they know whether they know that everyone in the world wants this clan to be destroyed. “

Wang Qinger said: “The Celestial Clan is not terrible. The horrible thing is the patrol hunter hidden in the Celestial Clan under the name of the Celestial Clan. It cannot be killed or broken.”

Sea Kuang’s eyes narrowed slightly: “He has his own way.”

“Do you mean Lin Fan?” Wang Qinger frowned, and then said with a bitter smile: “Under the battle of the world, what is personal strength? even more how…the horror of that clan, no one is more than me Clear.”

Hai Kuang glanced at Wang Qing’er, and said: “He is always unexpected.”

Liu Yingshu said with a smile: “He has been preparing for Three Thousand World for thousands of years, and he has to come up with something that will make us shine, otherwise it will disappoint people…”

At this moment, great news broke out!

Blood Spirit Divine Race is destroyed!

All the whole family are dead, even women, children, young and old, none of them escaped!

When Hai Kuang heard the news, his body swayed slightly and he almost fell on the chair behind him.

The ancestor of the blood spirit Divine Race is his best friend for many years, and at this time he is an indispensable part of their alliance.

“Is it King Lu?” Sea Kuang stared at the Heaven Grade Assassin of the Sun Luo world who came to report with a bit of pain.

“Yes.” The Heaven Grade assassin simply replied: “It means fighting from the east to the west. It seems that the whole army is attacking the Forgotten army, but it’s just a fake shot.”

“King Lu! Damn it!” Hai screamed fiercely, and then his eyes changed abruptly: “Go fast and guard that road!”

This sentence made Deliu Yingshu’s face changed drastically!

“It’s too late. King Lu has already cut off that road. In the future, if there is any communication between Divine Race, we should think about other ways.”

Gu Shejing walked into the room in blood, tired: “Too ruthless, everyone who guarded the road, except for my accident, no one survived.”


Lu Family.

The eyes of King Lu are full of grim killing intent.

“Your family really deserves to die… In fact, six hundred years ago, when you decided to betray that alliance and return to the Celestial Clan, you should have this consciousness.”

He spoke to the head of a man in front of him who was not yet breathless!

This human head is suddenly the ancestor of the blood spirit Divine Race.

“Patriarch, the upper family’s order, let you go to the heavens at a speed.”

People from Lu Family came to report.

Wang Lu raised his eyebrows slightly: “So fast?”

Then he frowned: “In this way, I’m afraid I won’t have time to do anything to the other one.”

The ancestor of Divine Race, the blood spirit, had a desire to survive, only because King Lu did not act on him when he went outside.

Also, a trace of vicious malice crawled all over his bloody face.

Wang Lu, who had walked out the door, suddenly waved his hand backwards. A black Broken Sword that was no more than a thumb-sized chopsticks slammed out of his sleeves with a pu’ sound, just piercing the blood spirit Divine Race. Between the eyebrows.

A generation of ancestors fell.

“I’m going to the Celestial Clan first. You take my token and let the army act on the Long Family. Be sure to kill them in the shortest time.”

Long Family.

Is also a member of the Sea Madness Alliance.

He has been very aggressive, and has targeted the Celestial Clan more than once or twice.

The subordinates did not doubt that he was there, and took the order.

In the Celestial Clan.

“You shouldn’t do anything to the blood spirit Divine Race.” Celestial patriarch stared at King Lu with cold and severe eyes.

The King Lu’s expression was startled, and he said sternly: “This clan dare to disobey his master many times, and repeatedly attack the next, and attack and kill the heavenly army many times, damn it! The world war will come, all these potential threats , Should be leveled.”

The patriarch of the heavenly race looked at King Lu in this way, the kind of coercive too terrifying, turned out to make King De Lu cry miserably, and his eyebrows were chapped.

The king of Lu was stared at his eyebrows, fell to the ground, and then quickly got up and knelt on the ground, looking towards the heavenly patriarch with confusion and fear.

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