Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3528


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The killer is best at killing people, and only killing people, what can you ask them to do.

Rakshasa’s seemingly simple and rude commands are actually most suitable for the group of killers below.

unimaginable, these million killers who are the best at killing people and only kill people, what impact will they have on this world, and how many killings they will do.

Rakshasa didn’t think about these things, she just wanted to do her best to help Lin Fan.

Give all the killers half a month. This is something that has never happened in the Senluo world. This half month is left for the killers to bid farewell to confidantes and accompany their families. After half a month, life and death will be unpredictable. Maybe it will be buried here. Chaos, even a solitary grave remains impossible.

Wang Qinger’s time is very difficult, the opposite boy who is less than her age is too terrifying, thoughtful and incomparable, and the traps laid at will can make her rack her brains to think about how to break the situation.

“Really the rear waves of the long river drives on those before…”

Wang Qing’er smiled bitterly, looked towards Hai Kuang, and said: “This King Lu is worthy of Lin Fan’s discipline, and his wisdom is like a demon.”

The sea knight shook his head slightly: “The two of them are different. Lin Fan’s planning has always been arrogant, and he walks the magnificent way, but the king of Lu is crafty plots and machinations, which is a tricky way. The essential difference.”

“But no matter how we belittle King Lu, hate him so much, what if we want to eat his flesh and blood?” Wang Qinger smiled bitterly, and said: “So far, I have not achieved any results. On the contrary, those deviations Many Old Brothers of the Celestial Clan have died because of my uselessness.”

“War, where can there be no casualties.” Liu Yingshu said, her eyes cold and severe: “Hold on, when the boundary is wide open, naturally someone will come and take care of him.”

On their side, Lin Ruoxi just listened quietly.

Somehow, there was a hint of pride in her heart.

It seems that if someone praises King Lu, she will be very happy. This emotion is so weird that it makes her cheeks red and hot.

“Ruoxi, you can go back to Senluo.” Liu Yingshu noticed Lin Ruoxi’s expression, and her heart suddenly tightened.

It seems that what she and the sea mad guessed was really unfortunately expected.

This is the most terrifying major event.

The most important thing is that they haven’t figured out who this can make Ruoxi love.

“I won’t go back.” Lin Ruoxi’s pitiful frowns: “I will definitely be beaten to death by my mother when I go back.”

“Your mother is reluctant to kill you.” Hai Kuang waved his hand: “This matter has not been discussed.”

The sea knight looked serious and serious, and said: “The chaos is already in chaos. In this kind of environment, we are not fully confident that we can take care of you. Only the Senluo world is the safest.”

“With him, I will be fine.” Lin Ruoxi quickly said such a sentence.

As soon as I said it, I knew it was bad, and I quickly covered my red lips, my eyes full of anger and shame.

“Who is he?”

Hai Kuang looked back suddenly and stared at Lin Ruoxi: “You should know that this is very important.”

“I won’t say it.” Lin Ruoxi abruptly refused to answer.

Liu Yingshu frowned very tightly: “You can’t hide your identity from this world, so you should know that there will be many people with ulterior motives; if you want to use your identity to make a fuss, you should know that your father is right. Your mother’s guilt, someone will take advantage of your father’s guilt, do you understand what I mean?”

Lin Ruoxi heavily nodded: “Of course I know, but please don’t worry, mother-in-law, I don’t know what I want, but I am not confused, and until now, he doesn’t know what I want.”

Lin Ruoxi inherited Rakshasa’s character of daring to love and hate. After clear comprehension in mind, naturally she would not hide her armpit.

It’s just that her words made Deliu Yingshu and the others even more worried.

After Liu Yingshu and Sea Madness looked at each other, they both secretly called Expert.

I’m afraid it’s not trying to get caught.

“You must go back to the Senluo realm today.” Hai Kuang asserted, ignoring Lin Ruoxi’s aegyo and so on, personally sending her into the Senluo realm passage, and instructed Rakshasa to let her pick up the person in person.

“Really?” Rakshasa’s eyes were cold.

At this moment, Rakshasa’s eyes were too weird and time was too rushed.

The little baby in the swaddle now has someone he likes.

Regardless of whether the person you want is loyal or evil, true or false, whether it is using Lin Ruoxi.

These seem to be unimportant.

The important thing is that Lin Ruoxi has really grown up.

The sea mad is nodded and said: “You must stare at this little girl carefully to drive away your character. If you are used by someone with a heart, I am afraid that you will have big twists and turns.”

“I will.” Rakshasa narrowed his eyes, and then grinned: “If anyone dares to bully my daughter’s feelings, I promise that his ancestors, eighteen generations, will regret being a human being and will regret appearing in this world.”

In the Imperial Palace.

“Who is it.” Rakshasa stared straight at his daughter in this way, with no doubt in his tone that he could not disobey.

Lin Ruoxi was sulky and did not speak.

Rakshasa smiled bitterly. Lin Ruoxi’s personality is too similar to her, so she naturally knows that it is impossible to ask questions.

“Well, mother doesn’t ask.” Rakshasa sighed, and then curiously asked: “Where did you disappear so long after you got out of Senluo? Did you meet him at this time? ?”

“mother.” Lin Ruoxi’s eyes widened, and angrily said: “Aren’t you not asking? Why are you still asking around here?”

A little embarrassment appeared in Rakshasa’s eyes, and said: “Well, mother will never mention it.”

After a moment of silence, Rakshasa said: “You really didn’t go to the villain King Lu?”

Lin Ruoxi frowned: “He is not a villain.”

“Damn he!”

Rakshasa got up suddenly!

The cultivation base of the Seven Realms Peak suddenly broke out.

Just like the sudden eruption of ten thousand volcanoes, it turned out that Lin Ruoxi staggered and retreated, and all the furnishings in this hall became dusty in an instant.

Who is Rakshasa?

trifling Lin Ruoxi, how can he be Rakshasa’s opponent even if he is so talented?

In just a few words, I found the most accurate answer directly.

Because she knows her daughter too well.

Since I said I was going to kill King Lu.

It will definitely kill.

As for what Sea Knife believed, Lin Ruoxi was just walking around in Chaos, and Rakshasa would not believe it at all.

She dared to conclude that all subsequent accidents must have occurred after seeing King Lu.

“Mother, you have to do something.”

Lin Ruoxi had panic in her eyes.

The reason is that Rakshasa Cold Blade, who has been in charge of her for thousands of years, has already jumped and jumped into Rakshasa’s jade palm. Moreover, the murderous intention of Rakshasa at this time is just one step, and it has already reached mid-air.

Hearing Lin Ruoxi’s yelling, Rakshasa said with a smile: “Damn crap, first sentence me Husband for deceiving my girl. If he doesn’t kill her, doesn’t he think my family is good to deceive! The emperor is Let’s see if I haven’t moved for thousands of years, can I go back and forth in Chaos Killing!”

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