Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3529


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“Don’t be mother!”

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes are full of fear.

She knows her mother’s power.

But I also understand the power of King Lu.

If it’s a battle, it will definitely be earth shattering, I’m afraid that half of the chaos will be sunk.

The most important thing is if this battle really occurs.

Then everything is unchangeable.

The corner of Rakshasa’s eyes fluttered, angrily roared: “Are you blind? Even if you go to find a beggar, find a trash, as long as the character passes the test, mother will depend on you, I dignified Rakshasa, I don’t care about the so-called right and wrong. But you are thinking of a deceive master, extinguish ancestors!”

“Mother, can you come down and listen to me first.”

Lin Ruoxi knew that she couldn’t hide it anymore.

Rakshasa stared at Lin Ruoxi like this.

Actually, if Lin Ruoxi had not been confirmed repeatedly, then it would be useless to say anything.

Even if the entire force of Senluo is used, it is necessary to kill everything related to it.

“He is not a traitor, he has never betrayed father.” Lin Ruoxi sound transmission, this sentence made Rakshasa startled, and then said with a malicious smile: “First destroy Gushe, attack the blood spirit, like this All kinds of things are so exhausted, you are still arguing for him? Is this how Weiniang teaches you to understand right and wrong?”

“Mother, don’t be angry, please come down and listen to me.”

Lin Ruoxi’s words contained pleading.

Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed slightly: “Well, I’ll listen to how you defend him, and I will leave him tentatively for a while.”

In the Imperial Palace.

All the guards, palace men, etc., all trembling, all knelt on the ground.

The Emperor Rakshasa is angry.

This has not been seen for thousands of years.

This is the first time since Little Princess.

“Everyone got up and exited the Sifan Hall 1000 meters, who would dare to approach the extinction of the nine races!”

Rakshasa drank lightly, and the sound of rustling footsteps disappeared.

“You can say it.” After Rakshasa made sure that there were no ears nearby, he looked towards Lin Ruoxi.

I have to say Rakshasa’s sophistication.

Subjectively speaking, she is of course more biased. Lin Ruoxi’s words are only for the purpose of arguing for King Lu.

But if, this is the fact.

So it is too important and sensational.

And if this is true and others hear it again, it will be sad.

So, she shielded the left and right, and secretly let Xiao Zuo and Xiao You wait for the loyal people to guard, so she calmly looked towards Lin Ruoxi.

“I know that mothers are not easy to believe. It’s better to take a look at the soul.” Lin Ruoxi spread her hands and sighed: “The original intention of King Lu is that this matter is known by heaven and earth, and I know he knows, but There is no way now. I know that if I can’t convince my mother, he can’t live.”

Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed.

But after Lin Ruoxi spoke this, she couldn’t help but believe it a little bit. After thinking about it, Rakshasa said: “Okay, although the soul-grabbing hurts you a little bit, but there are many medicine pills left by your father. .”

Lin Ruoxi’s green jade fingers drew between her eyebrows, the strength of Divine Soul became entangled, and she completely let go of her defenses.

Rakshasa grabbed Lin Ruoxi’s eyebrows with one hand. After a while, she pinched a dark golden memory segment with her fingers.

These are the scenes where Lin Ruoxi meets King Lu.

After a while, Rakshasa’s pupils shrank slightly, and then his face looked more serious and looked back…


“This is not enough to prove that he did not betray your father. This may be his side of the word, just to take advantage of your trust.” Rakshasa looked solemn and said: “You should know the sensitivity of your identity.”

“Mother, my daughter is not stupid.” Lin Ruoxi smiled brightly: “You said I don’t know anything about the world, I admit it, but I can tell the truth from good and evil.”

“These are useless.” Rakshasa shook his head: “I want to see examples, I want to see the truth.”

Lin Ruoxi sighed and said: “Okay.”

Lin Ruoxi took out a lot of letters from the talisman ring, a thick pile of letters.

This shocked Rakshasa.

“How long have you been to Chaos? With so many letters, I’m afraid that one letter a day will not accumulate so many.” Rakshasa was really speechless.

And in the heart secretly scolded the incompetence of the Hai family.

He also said that he tried every means to investigate contacts related to Lin Ruoxi.

He also said that he has made an all-out effort to find the most likely suspect.

Simply a family idiot.

“Oh my God…could it be that you are the Biography of the Wild Goose?” Rakshasa was really shocked, staring at Lin Ruoxi strangely.

In Lin Ruoxi’s eyes, there was a small satisfaction: “Wang Lu said that the cultivator has lived in the cultivator’s society environment for too long, and has become accustomed to everything in this circle, so he dislikes everything in the dunya, thinking that everything in the dunya is Waste and ants, so they often use worldly means to achieve many major events. At least in terms of communication, no matter what method is used, it is not as pleasant and direct as this harrier eagle.”

“It’s dark under the lights.” Rakshasa sighed.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes appeared shy: “After reading these letters, mother should be able to believe them.”

Rakshasa brows frowned, I know this is a bit bad.

But this matter is too important.

If King Lu really didn’t betray Lin Fan, then their winning percentage can still fill at least two levels.


“hahaha…this King Lu is really a second person!”

Rakshasa laughed suddenly, without any demeanor or majesty: “Wang Qing’er, who was overwhelming for the first time, turned out to be just an idiot in his mouth, and the sea madness who was mad for fighting turned out to be just a rash in his mouth… “

Lin Ruoxi said shyly: “But what he said is true. In the process of fighting Wang Senior, he not only wants to win, but also wants to control the winning side within a reasonable degree and give Forget Senior eliminates those who are falsely taking refuge, and secretly eliminates the high-level personnel dispatched by the Celestial Clan to restrain his decision-making in his handsome account, and deliberately outflows the weak spot that is not easy to be discovered, so that Forget Senior has a small victory. It’s really too difficult to beat the person who has forgotten the Senior side until he has no fighting spirit.”

“Blood Spirit Divine Race turned out to be a branch of the Celestial Race from the very beginning!”

Rakshasa’s eyes suddenly stood up: “This Celestial Clan is planning too terrifying, and the foreshadowing is too deep! The blood spirit Divine Race has almost killed the clan many times!”

The more I read these letters, the more shocked Rakshasa felt.

For King Lu, who had never met before, there was a faint admiration.

After reading the letter.

Rakshasa looked towards Lin Ruoxi in this way and said: “Daughter, mother believes in 8-Layer.”

“Mother, why do you believe in 8-Layer.” Lin Ruoxi was very dissatisfied.

“Because… these are all his side words.” Rakshasa shook his head and said: “You should know whether he betrayed or not is too big, it involves the life and death of your father.”

Lin Ruoxi is nodded.

Rakshasa said: “So… I need to prove something.”

Lin Ruoxi said: “How to prove?”

Rakshasa waved his hand: “Don’t ask too much about this, I naturally have the means and methods.”

Rakshasa walked out and left the Sifan Hall.

A long time later, in this quiet small courtyard, Lin Ruoxi’s yelling and coquettish voices were heard.

She was locked up.

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