Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3534


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Lin Fan is roaring, swallowing the mountains and rivers with anger, and that surging killing intent, like piercing a bubble-like boundary, turns into a million-handed killer, attacking the endless army of chaos!

This doesn’t seem to be a description. It’s just because the chaotic army, which should have been neatly dressed and baleful qi, panicked. The front row of Knights riding on the terrifying dragon elephants all exploded, splashing blood. At the beginning, the bright white bones exploded and turned into nothing that cannot be broken hidden weapon, rushing in and out in this dense army.

This is too terrifying!

Across the border, hundreds of thousands of people were roared alive!

This makes many generals of the Celestial Clan fearful.

In fact, they are full of confidence in this battle.

For them, this kind of unequal battle is like going to hunt in their own hunting garden, but now, their hairy and spinal cords are chilly.

“Divine Court!”

Lin Fan screamed again, but this time, a chaotic strongest coldly snorted stepped out of the army, and leaned against the boundary wall with one hand, not allowing Lin Fan to succeed again.

“Divine Court!”

Lin Fan drank for the third time.

“hong long!”

The endless stars were all exploded, and star fragments and dust were rolled up and turned into a gray-brown hurricane, sweeping toward the boundary wall.

The Xeon’s face changed abruptly with one hand against the boundary wall. He coughed up blood and staggered back three steps. Then he shouted angrily and stepped up again, pressing his hands against the boundary wall. .

But even so, the army behind him was robbed again. The dragon elephant the size of a mountain wailed, and the hindquarters split open and died.


Xiao Nuo haha ​​laughed wildly. He held the Trident point and pointed behind the boundary wall: “Have you seen? These are the people who want to invade our homes, slaughter our relatives, and rape our sisters.”





The Divine Court army roared neatly, shouting to kill, the whole world was shaking, and the universe seemed to be subverted.

For so many years, the Divine Court army has been waiting for this moment to come, that many thousands of training and fighting, only waiting for today.

Maybe the rest of the Three Thousand World creatures will be frightened and tremble when they see this scene, but these Divine Court troops will not.

“Divine Court!” Lin Fan drank again.


Xiao Wu’s arms raised high, and the back row was overwhelmed, and the quake-shaking sky sounded neatly again.

Also, looking at the Divine Court army, it seems that after Lin Fan’s roars, a new wave of Essence, Qi, and Spirit was infused, all of them staring at the chaos army on the other side of the boundary wall. , All in gnashing teeth, that kind of killing intent, makes people feel that the scalp is tingling.

“hehe…Lin Fan, you are very good, really good.”

The illusory shadow of the Celestial patriarch came, with a faint smile: “Remember the conditions I promised you thousands of years ago? It is still valid today.”

Lin Fan’s eyes were toxic, and his killing intent rose little by little. He held a halberd to the patriarch and said coldly: “In Chaos, I am not your opponent, but now, I want to fight with you.”

The heavenly patriarch hehe smiled: “Now kneel down and take your Divine Court acknowledge allegiance. My heavenly people, become my son, and I promise you the highest position to succeed the deity; otherwise the boundary will open. Three Thousand World is all gone.”

Xiao Nuo’s face suddenly changed!

This patriarch is really murderous…

Such words are light and flirty, seemingly dispensable, but they can bury nails in Divine Court and Three Thousand World to the greatest extent. At least when the war really breaks out, Three Thousand World aboriginal creatures They will be wary of Divine Court and fear Lin Fan to surrender to the heavens.

“Thousands of years ago, this god was as weak as an ant in front of you. He would dare to kill you with a halberd, even more how now?” Lin Fan asked, mocking and cold and severe: “What are you now? Me and you Standing at the same height, and I-invincible in the same realm!”

“You still believe oneself infallible as always.” The illusory shadow of the patriarch of the heavenly race slowly dissipated: “Actually, you think it is strong, you think it is brave, and you can’t help but feel weak in front of me. You again refused to accept my Good intentions, then you can watch everything you cherish slowly fade away.”

Suddenly, the silhouette that had been dissipated suddenly solidified and manifested again, turning to Lin Fan and jokingly smiled: “Your discipline is the most loyal dog in my hands at this time, you know?”

“I will put your mother’s cinnabar fart!”

Xiaowu complexion ashen, like a gangster who scolds her mother: “Where is your grandfather’s discipline, don’t you hurry up and meet your father?”

Patriarch of the Celestial Race had a cold face and glanced at Xiao Wu gloomily.

“Fuck, if you want to slander people, you have to say some suitable reasons or excuses, dignified patriarch, lip service, what is it.”

Xiao Wu is really furious.

In this life, even in the next life, he is impossible to betray Lin Fan.

It was obvious that he wanted to fork.

“Xiao Wu.” Lin Fan glanced at Xiao Wu, then looked up, looked towards the heavenly patriarch, jokingly: “The god master has been good with people throughout his life, and he has obtained countless methods and skills from my hands. If this is the case, it is counted This divine master’s discipline, that divine master can really be called peach and plum everywhere.”

“oh?” Celestial patriarch joked and said, “I don’t know if Emperor Rakshasa is your woman, and if the one named Lin Ruoxi is your daughter.”

Lin Fan complexion slightly changed.

But didn’t say much.

“Well, this boundary wall may not be opened for a while. I will let my subordinates do good deeds first, so that your family can also meet up before the battle.” Celestial patriarch joked. Sneer, just staring at Lin Fan like this.

Lin Fan shrugged and said lightly: “The faithful bones are buried everywhere in the green mountains. Other women can die, but my Lin Fan’s woman can’t die? Other people’s children can die, but my Lin Fan’s daughter can’t die? even more How, if you don’t have thousands of years, even if you once had real feelings, how many are left now.”

Lin Fan turned around, but he didn’t even go to see the patriarch.

Just after turning around, Lin Fan’s eyes were filled with murderous intention and endless panic.

Thousands of years have passed.

Remember when he was forced to jump into the tunnel, Rakshasa stroked his lower abdomen with tears in his eyes…

“Don’t persuade me, don’t talk.” Lin Fan looked towards Chen Xuandong, who came over, and said: “I know what you are going to say, and I also know what I should do. It is my responsibility and I resist.”

He flew away alone.

Chaos Realm.

“Conquer the Senluo realm within three days.”

Wang Lu stared at this paper command a little bit painfully, looked towards the messenger soldier with a wry smile, and said: “Is patriarch kidding? The Senluo realm has existed since ancient times, even slightly longer than the chaos. Besides, the Senluo realm is full of killers, and all the people are soldiers. Anyone who walks out of a child may be the highest killer. How can it be possible to take it in three days?”

“I’m just a messenger.” The messenger looked cold and said: “If the coach has objections to this order, you can go to patriarch to explain it yourself.”

The messenger dropped this sentence, turned his head and left.

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