Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3535


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Lu Wang complexion is gloomy!

Let him anticipate that there will be today, and even before today, he had deduced tens of thousands of times in his heart. When this scene came, how would he respond?

But after this day came, he suddenly discovered that all the original deductions and all the calculations were not valid.

looked towards the six people who came with the messenger, Lu Wang Weiwei cup one fist in the other hand, and said: “I hope to work together with several Seniors to complete the patriarch mission as soon as possible.”

Which powerhouse is in the center of the six-level powerhouse, named Zhanli, is actually the boss of the group of six, indifferently said: “Why the coach is polite, patriarch asked us to come out, just to cooperate with the coach, what is there? Orders, the coach only arranges, my six brothers, follow the instructions.”

The eyes of King Lu narrowed slightly.

These six old bastard seem to be difficult to deal with.

With a wry smile, King Lu said: “I was only ignorant of learning. The reason why I can go to this day is that patriarch has a wrong love. Now that the six seniors are here, they should take the lead and take care of everything about Senluo.” /p>

“These polite remarks are unnecessary.” Among the six, Li Xiao glanced at King Lu and said: “We still have to figure out how to eliminate Sen Luo within the time limit set by patriarch. Well, you know, the battle is coming. If we don’t complete it within the time limit set by patriarch, when the time comes, we will inevitably be punished.”

Wang Lu narrowed his eyes slightly: “Then call the generals for discussion.”

In the handsome account, the stars gather.

In fact, if you look carefully and think about the many Generals in this handsome account, you can find a problem——

That is, those fierce people, fierce person, who grew up in wars and were loyal to King Lu, can actually fight against the generals of the heavenly clan in this handsome account!

It’s just that King Lu has never been high-profile, and has never used these powers, so the generals of these heavenly races are still intoxicated in aloof and remote.

“The Senluo World… is not easy to destroy.” King Lu sighed and said: “I knew there would be today. In the heart, I deduced thousands of road maps to attack the Senluo World, but in the end, They were overthrown one by one, and now, this commander has to admit that this commander is really inferior, and he is really the only one who has been able to deal with the matter of the Senluo world.

Therefore, I had to invite all of you to come and brainstorm. I hope everyone will speak enthusiastically and complete the tasks assigned by patriarch as quickly as possible.

Be aware that since we are in the same handsome tent, we are all honored and lost. “

After finishing talking, King Lu looked towards the generals below with a look of expectation.

It’s just that I have my own cares and thoughts in my heart.

The king of Lu will work hard to make an excellent article using the Senluo world, which is easy to defend and difficult to attack. From Lin Ruoxi’s mouth, he can guess the strength of the Senluo world, so try to use the power of the Senluo world. , At the very least, drag the armies above the one third and even above of the heavenly race!

Then, the Hai family and others can also rise up when the battle officially begins. The combination of several Divine Races can at least contain the one third army of the Celestial Race.

In this way, the pressure of his Master Lin Fan can be reduced to a minimum.

“Master……disciple has tried his best.”

Wang Lu whispered in his heart, but there was frost on his face.

The Poison Pill planted deep in the Soul Sea is like the sickle that Death God has raised. When will he die?

The debate below is endless, indeed each airs his own views.

It’s just that King Lu is ridiculing in his heart. These people are also worthy of being handsome?

These planning and arrangements are simply impossible to withstand a single blow.

It’s just that he wished that.

The bitter old people took a shot at the table, and Leng Sen said: “Noisy and noisy, like a vegetable market in the world, what kind of style is this?”

Old Kuo speaks out, a group of generals dare not say anything, only then looked towards Zhanli, and said: “Old Brother, what do you say?”

Zhanli coldly said: “What kind of crafty plots and machinations, what kind of darkness is not necessary in the eyes of old man.”

“oh?” The bitter old is surprised, and said: “Does Old Brother have a better trick?”

“hmph!” Zhanli sneered, and said: “Does bitter brother forget the prosperous years of my Celestial Clan? In the era of the tribe without incident, my Celestial Clan set out to expedition, and has ever used the insidious tactics? But that time Isn’t it crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood?”

When Zhanli said these words, he glanced at King Lu; he meant something, King Lu smiled bitterly, but did not speak.

Slightly nodded.

Zhan Li said sternly: “Trifling Senluo, even if he is tough, what can he do? Start the foreshadowing of my Celestial Clan buried in it. The inside should be combined with the outside. Why can’t you take it in one fell swoop?”

“The big brother is right.” Li Xiao clapped his hands and said grimly: “The majestic teacher, uphold the will of God and destroy the forest, who dares to say more?”

Ku Lao’s eyes narrowed, and nodded a moment later: “Maybe my Celestial Clan hasn’t moved for many years, or my Celestial Clan has changed its style. That’s why the crowds are competing and chaotic. Then… Dignified is on the move. , Dignified is the realm of extinction!”

Wang Lu almost laughed!

This is like a big boom!

Just and honourable to fight a group of killers?

A bunch of idiots.

“Xiao Lu, send 500,000 troops to me.” Old Kuo looked towards King Lu and spoke directly, not being polite at all.

The king of Lu browses slightly wrinkle and said: “Sen Luo is strong and terrifying, and he is also a killer. Just and honorable in the first battle, I am afraid that we will suffer. Senior please be careful.”

The bitter old jié jié smiled: “Trifling killer, it’s hard to be elegant. With me and the Old Brother sitting at the town, what kind of waves can they make?”

Wang Lu frowned more tightly, and said: “Bitter old, really need to think twice, you know, those killers, but they won’t just and honorable break the battle with us to kill…”

“No need to say anything, just give me 500,000 troops. I promise to take down the mother and son within the time limit set by patriarch.” Ku Lao spoke again.

Wang Lu smiled bitterly: “Well, since Senior insists on doing this, it’s always difficult to refuse to accept him. It’s just a 500,000 army. I’m afraid it’s a bit small. For the time being, there’s no war on my side, so I will give you 1,000,000 army, Senior What do you think?”

Ku Lao’s eyes brightened, and he threw an admiring expression to King Lu: “So better! I will be able to complete the task set by patriarch ahead of time.”

The king of Lu narrowed his eyes, and directly gave the tiger charm of the millions of old men and women, allowing him to send the army away.

It was just that after the bitter old and the others led the army out, King Lu was struggling to write, compiling all the things that happened during this period into words, and passing them to the patriarch.

It’s just a coincidence…

The king of Lu was sent four times in a row, but was unexpectedly intercepted by the killer.

So, this news has not been passed to the patriarch of the Celestial Clan for a long time.

At this time, the bitter old and the others, Chen Bing is already at the entrance of the two worlds, and is calling for battle inside.

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