Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3536


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These people like rituals and bitter old people see themselves as a teacher of justice, adhering to the will of heaven and conquering the aliens.

In the Imperial Palace of Senluo.

Rakshasa quietly watched the various ministers who were kneeling on the Golden Luang Temple, and said softly: “I am close to avoiding the world. For so many years, I have not robbed or disputed, continued and followed the predecessor’s way of living. People, money, and wealth help people to eliminate calamities. Has it ever been harmful to Chaos Realm and his Celestial Clan.”

The ministers below listened quietly.

With a sigh, Rakshasa said: “But now, we are driven to a dead end, the army is besieging the road ahead, and the millions of heavenly people are waiting for them, and they may enter the world of my forest at any time, so…”

Rakshasa narrowed his eyes and said grimly: “Kill! Let that clan look at the beauty of our Senluo world.”

“Kill it, there is nothing else to say.” Xiao Zuo also spoke, and bent over, saying: “The minister is willing to be the pioneer of Your Majesty, and step forward.”

Rakshasa’s eyes narrowed, but did not answer.

She contemplated Lin Fan’s long sigh in her last night before Lin Fan left, and then looked towards Killing Cangtian: “You are a pioneer, can you?”

Kill Cangtian suddenly raised his head, said solemnly: “I am willing to do my best for Mistress.”

Actually, for so many years, in this Seng Luo Imperial Palace, he is in a state of transparency. Just as Rakshasa just said, there is no competition or grabbing. Even for thousands of years, he has rarely walked out of Rakshasa to give him. Inside the small courtyard.

No one knows what he is doing, and he never initiates contact with people.

even more how, when he learned that his only request to Rakshasa was to give him at least one hundred fresh corpses every month, everyone was even more jealous of him, and regarded him as the small courtyard Is unknown.

Therefore, after Rakshasa arranged Kill Cangtian as the first vanguard to lead the battle, the faces of many ministers in this imperial court were slightly different.

“Your Majesty…”

Yaksha King frowned, Rakshasa glanced at him: “No need to discuss this matter.”

Yaksha King’s expression is slightly stiff.

In the past thousands of years, his power in the Rakshasa imperial court has grown stronger, and he has rarely been refuted in such public.

“Kill Cangtian, you should see that many people are opposed to this.” Rakshasa looked towards Kill Cangtian, and said: “So, I hope you don’t let me down, let alone embarrass him, don’t let people think of him Lost vision, left me a waste.”

Kill Cangtian and bow down to the ground: “Please wait patiently, Your Majesty, then go and bring up some heads to sacrifice the flag first.”

Rakshasa narrowed his eyes, then smiled: “Go.”

Kill Cangtian got up and walked outside the gate. As soon as he stepped out of the threshold, Kill Cangtian looked back, coldly said: “Kill Cangtian can ignore the criticism of the world, but if anyone dares to underestimate the Lord for killing Cangtian, I It really kills people, maybe it’s not moving for thousands of years. You have forgotten what I used to be, but it’s okay. You wait, 5 minutes and I will come back. When the time comes, you will know that you are so wrong. .”

Actually, kill the heaven knows. Over the years, the Senluo community’s evaluation of Lin Fan’s master has been mixed. Be bewitched by Lin Fan, and be disrespectful to Lin Fan.

By the way, even those who follow Lin Fan, they all got their eyes rolled.

But how can these people know that when the Celestial Clan wants to unify the starry sky, how can the Senluo Realm escape the world?

After all, I will be involved in this whirlpool.

Before the two-world channel.

Zhanli proudly rides on a Nether Nether, overlooking the passage of the black hole, looking back towards Ku Lao, and proudly said: “They dare not move, dare not come.”

The bitter old man joked: “It’s just a group of ground mice. Knowing that you and I have come, I have been in the mouse hole long ago. Where can I dare to shout?”

Li Xiaoqi rides on a mountain eagle. The mountain eagle is so huge, it’s really as huge as a mountain, and its wings are full of thousands of zhangs. When lightly incited, it rolls up endless layers of clouds. He stares darkly. Looking at the passage, he said grimly: “Patriarch only gave us three days. I don’t think there is any need to drag it down. Let’s do it directly.”

Li Xiao drove the mountain eagle forward, and Leng Sen said: “As long as you give me 200,000 troops, I can kill the world of Senluo.”

At this moment, a dull sound of footsteps slowly came from the passage, accompanied by a cold joking sound: “Be accustomed to talking big, don’t let the wind flash your tongue.”

“Who!” Li Xiao shouted sharply, shooting two beams of cold light in his eyes, staring into the passage.

“Lin Fan, the Lord of God, sat down and was ashamed to kill the heavens with the descendants of the world.”

“Kill Cangtian? Never heard of it.” Li Xiao was really thinking in his mind whether there was such a person among those who shook the two worlds.

But he really wants to do not raise.

Then, Li Xiao grinned: “But no matter who you are, since you are under Lin Fan’s command, there is a way to die.”

“Are you here alone?” Mr. Ku suddenly widened his eyes, staring at Kill Cangtian a little inconceivably, and then as it should be by rights nodded, said with a smile: “Are you here to surrender? Are you going to change your mind, turn your guns, and fight Lin Fan?”

“Which one of you will die?”

Killing Cangtian glanced at the bitter old man as an idiot, and directly invited to fight.

“What?” The old man was stunned.

I even forgot the disrespect of Kill Cangtian to him.

“Aren’t you here to surrender?” The complexion ashen.

He is complacent here, and feels that he is really magnificent and powerful.

It didn’t take long to see that I was just coming to the battle, even Lin Fan came to surrender after sitting down?

The results are available.

He thinks too much.

This person didn’t come to surrender.

“You are tired of living and crooked!” Zhanli grinned and roared: “How do you want to die!”

Kill Cangtian hehe smiled: “Group battle? Or what?”

“So crazy.” Li Xiao smiled. He flew down from a mountain eagle: “Killing you is like picking vegetables like weeding, how can you use others?”

He came, let Zhanli and the old age back, kill the sky alone, jokingly said: “I really want to see Lin Fan’s eyesight, but I want to come here only this, he himself is only rateless Role only.”


A terrible roar killed the sky and moved, repeatedly shaking his arms and snapping his fingers, the learning hole was pierced, and one after another black chain kept shooting out of his ten fingers. It turned out that Li Xiao shot out dozens of times in a flash. Here comes a blood hole!

The black chain passed through the blood hole on Li Xiao’s body, and at this moment, the secret incantation chanting of Heavenly God, the black chain suddenly turned into each and everyone ashamed rune, to Li Xiao’s Void flesh imprinted away!


There was another shouted, and then Li Xiao suddenly jumped behind him. It was too sudden and unbelievable. Before Zhanli had any reaction, he turned his head off!

With a sound of puci, the blood in the chest spattered thousands of feet, and then turned into a bloody pour of blood, which actually penetrated countless Celestial armies.

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