Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3537


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This is too terrifying!

It turned out that Li Xiao, an Old Ancestor Level creature, was made into a living puppet in a flash, and in the blink of an eye, he ordered him to kill the drunk gift, successfully picking the head!


The head flew high, but it was still alive, but his eyes were full of fear, screaming!


The bitter old turn pale with fright!

How could you think of such an appearance?

This is like a nightmare, and like a story seen in the most unreliable wild history.

His hands suddenly moved towards the sky, like these hands suddenly stretched hundreds of times. They actually covered the sky. He wanted to stop Kill Cangtian from continuing to make a move and save Zhanli.

Don’t say it’s their realm, even if it’s a holy realm, as long as Divine Soul is not destroyed and Soul Sea does not collapse, it is impossible to die.

“A fanatic, when I save the Old Brother, your soul will be born and destroyed!”

Ku Lao roared, he had already held the salute head in his arms with both hands, and roared at Killing Cangtian.

But at this moment, with a bang, the head of the drank he held in his arms exploded and became the most terrifying killer. With a scream, the chest of the old man was suddenly blown to blood and blood. , Both of his eyes were blasted with broken bones, bloody.

“Kill!” Killing the sky screamed, and broke into the army alone, looking at it horizontally and horizontally. These heavenly soldiers who had been scared for a long time would not dare to be!

“hong long!”

The big bang erupted between Killing Cangtian and Ku Lao. I have to say that Ku Lao is really too strong, much better than Li Xiao and Zhan Li.

At this time, he was covered with blood, and there was a big vacancy in his chest, but when Kill Cangtian attacked him, a vertical eye suddenly grew between his brows, and he smashed with both hands before he could let go. Before, blocking the offensive of Kill Cangtian.

Kill Cangtian coldly snorted, with five fingers on his left hand aggrieved. On the side, Li Xiao, who had been made a living puppet, immediately joined the battlefield.


The bitter old man is roaring, his body makes a sour rattle, like a young grass piercing through the mud.

He was reborn from a severed limb, and his body recovered as before.

“You must die today.” Ku Lao stared at Killing Cangtian gloomily, but didn’t dare to care about it at all.

He glanced at Li Xiao who was standing beside him like a marionette with a bit of pain, and said grimly: “Let him have a good death, and I will give you a good death.”

Being made into a living puppet, it is no longer involuntarily involuntarily.

You can let the person who is made into a living puppet kill his biological parents.

And, irreversible.

That’s why the old man said so.

Kill Cangtian jokingly smiled: “Do you think you can keep me?”

The bitter old complexion sank: “Among the millions of soldiers, there are even more old men here. Do you still want to escape?”

Killing Cangtian sneered: “Will the person who sits down by the Lord of God escape? I want to kill it.”

“Even if the God Lord in your mouth is in front of me, I am afraid I dare not be so arrogant.” The bitter old man shouted.

“Really?” Kill Cangtian smiled: “If the Lord is here, you are afraid that he can’t hold a finger.”

After speaking, Kill Cangtian looked at the sky, said with a sneer: “It’s almost there, 5 minutes is just right.”

Ku Lao’s face is even colder!

Is it agreed that the world will come to take their heads?

How arrogant?

“If I can’t kill you here today, the old man will stop here.” Kuo old man said sensibly.

“Then you can commit suicide.”

Kill Cangtian spoke lightly, and waved his big hand forward.

The pupils of the old man shrank sharply!

This killing the heavens is like scattered beans turns into soldiers. When the black spots swayed from his big hands fall to the ground, they turn into the shame of each and everyone. There are ten!

Ku Lao complexion greatly changed!

These gods are ashamed, but the breath is only in the third or fourth realm of the gods, but it is full of ten, which makes him feel a little numb.

Know that these gods know no pain and tirelessness. The most important thing is that these gods are completely tools to kill the sky. If this kills the sky at all costs, it will tie his hands and feet at the cost of the nine gods, and the other Enough to cut it off!

Ku Lao’s eyes are full of coldness.

After making a false move, he fled directly.

What he said to King Lu that day seems to be true-who is not afraid of death in this world? The old man was also afraid of death, he was really afraid of death.

“Trash.” Kill Cangtian mockingly stared at the fleeing Ku Lao, turned around, and he walked away like a stroll in this army of millions until he walked into the passage.

In the handsome account.

Bitter old complexion is gloomy.

The finished apprenticeship is not won!

How do you explain this?

The most important thing is that it also damaged two great experts. The most embarrassing thing is that the Senluo world simply did not challenge, and just stepped out of a servant and let them defeat.

“Why did Ku Lao come back?” King Lu looked towards Ku Lao in surprise.

He wasn’t pretending, he really didn’t know.

Ku Lao said gloomily: “Sen Luo Jie sent an ancestor-level assassin to slay in front of the passage. Unfortunately, Li Xiao and Zhanli were killed.”

“What?” King Lu was really horrified!

How long is this?

From the time they set out to the present, I’m afraid it hasn’t been five hours yet.

Even to break two General members?

Two Xeons died in a row?

The bitter old man stared at King Lu Senran: “If the old man had some life-saving method, he would definitely be dead.”

The expression of King Lu changed abruptly: “Where are those troops?”

Bao Lao roared in shame: “Four ancestor-level assassins chased and killed Old Yu at the tail, until five hundred miles in front of this camp.”

Wang Lu furiously said: “Worthy old, do you know that you are born at will! Just like this, throwing a million army into the dangerous ground, have you ever thought that if Sen Luojie attacked at this time, then Millions of children are like grass mustard.”

The bitter old expression changes sharply.

Wang Lu said: “You know, without a coach in charge, there will be thousands of the most terrifying major events in the millions of dragons without a leader. If it does appear, have you thought about your end?”

Ku Lao swayed, and suddenly grabbed Wang Lu’s hands: “Great handsome, save me.”

Wang Lu frowned a little bit painfully: “I hope it’s still too late.”

Actually, he was thinking, if there is a cream of the crop commander in the Sunluo world, can he seize this fleeting and rare fighter opportunity in a thousand years!

If this opportunity is grasped by the Senluo Realm, then the millions of troops of the Celestial Clan can be completely wiped out, and…he is not even at all in danger.


“I’m done…”

Kue Lao’s face was white, he looked at the broken arm and limbs below, watching the dead bodies floating in a pool of blood, directly limp on the ground.

An unknown smile appeared in King Lu’s eyes, but his expression was extremely solemn. He squinted his eyes and said, “What does this matter have to do with Senior? It’s clear that Li Xiao and Zhanli went their own way, and first forced me to let them Leading the army on the expedition, and then refused to accept your supreme plan of steady attack and slow advancement. At this time, the army was defeated and both of them died. I think this is entirely theirs.”

The bitter old expression startled, and then overjoyed, just looking at King Lu like this!

“Those two really deserve to die! These million men… died in the hands of his two idiots!”

The bitter old speaks.

Wang Lu smiled slightly, and then lowered his voice: “The only thing to be guarded against is the other Celestial experts in my handsome account. As long as they don’t say it, I will keep Old An without any harm.”

The murderous intention flashed in the eyes of Ku Lao.

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