Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3538


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The killing intent in Ku Lao’s eyes just passed away in a flash.

But he was caught by King Lu.

Of course I know what the look means.

But what he wants is this kind of effect. In fact, for so long, he has been thinking about this matter, how can he catch the pigtail of a powerhouse dispatched by the heavenly clan into his handsome account.

But didn’t expect, unintentional positive outcomes.

With this hardship, many things will be simpler if you want to proceed.

The Celestial Million Army killed Senluo, but he was killed by one person and fled in embarrassment. He lost his helmet and armor, and commanded the three strongest forces of the Million Army. Two of them were punished, and one was killed to fear!

This is great news!

Then even more explosive news shook the entire chaos——

Sin Luo Huang seized the extremely rare fighter from the Celestial army’s commander, and decisively ordered Legion, the killer under his command, to take action and wipe out the millions of Celestial army in one fell swoop!

This is not nothing serious, but, the millions of troops are really dead and wounded.

The entrance of the passage has become a paradise for scavengers, and the blood has also condensed into a lake, which is 100 meters deep!

I heard that Senluo Realm has built walls to block the passage, otherwise the blood will flow back into Senluo Realm.

The evil spirit is soaring, and you walk into the dead and wounded place of millions of soldiers in the day. No matter how bold you are, the cultivator will have one’s hair stand on end.

This seems to have become a Shura field, and it is also like in the ancient legend, the river of blood under hell, one after another floating corpses floating.

The Celestial patriarch is furious!

Even if the Celestial Clan is strong enough to scare people.

Millions of troops can be killed and injured at one time. This loss is too scary.

The bitter old man was called back to the clan to ask the reason.

“Marshal, please help me.”

In the handsome account, Ku Lao looked pale, with eagerness in his eyes, and looked at King Lu like this.

Wang Lu gave a wry smile: “You should know that although I am a handsome man, not many people listen to what I say.”

Ku Lao’s face is paler.

Wang Lu said: “Senior is so good for me, why don’t I want to help? It’s just a lot of people, you know, there are always people who don’t want you to be good.”

The killing intent flashes in the eyes of Ku Lao: “Whoever wants me to die, I will die.”

Lu Wang complexion slightly changed: “Senior, it’s better not to say this in front of me.”

Ku Lao grinned: “Do you mean Huang Zhan?”

Wang Lu’s face changed again.

Old and bitterly said: “Does the commander do not believe me until now?”

Wang Lu sighed, and he took out a few blood-stained confetti: “Look, I really did my best.”

With a sorrowful laugh: “Now we are a grasshopper on a rope.”

Ku Lao was piecing together these confetti, and after a while he was furious!

“Huang Zhan wanted me to die! He actually wanted me to die! Isn’t it because his wife slept with me!” There was murderous intention in Ku Lao’s eyes.

Wang Lu was a little surprised.

How much is this 10,000 years ago?

Among the two Old Ancestor Level creatures, there is such a bloody thing?

“Many thanks, handsome.” Old Kuo bowed to King Lu.

It’s obvious.

This is clearly Huang Zhan’s whistleblowing, but it was intercepted by King Lu, and there was more than one letter. I think Huang Zhan will die.

Wang Lu waved his hand: “I just thought it would be good to have one more ally. Senior don’t trust me.”

For a moment of silence, Wang Lu squinted his eyes and said: “Huang Zhan is indeed the first evil, but the others in his small group are afraid that they are also…”

Click to stop.

Some things can’t be said too thoroughly.

“I, I understand.” He said with a heavy, gloomy voice, and then said with a malicious smile: “Our camp is not peaceful, there are always assassins. Fortunately, the handsome planing strategies are repeated. , Otherwise…”

Wang Lu hehe smiled: “Senior, please go, I will testify to Senior and will write to patriarch in person.”

The bitter old man hurriedly said: “Of course it is important to write to patriarch to prove my innocence and innocence, but more importantly, to put an end to the fanfare of those people…”

Wang Lu frowned.

The bitter old man said grimly: “Well, I will do this myself.”

Wang Lu felt a little loose in his heart.

It’s just a moment of silence and frowning, and you can grab the little braid of a bitter old man. Why not?

The bitter old man went to the Celestial Clan.

But the next day, Huang Zhan died.

He died so miserably, his head was cut off in the military camp.

This is naturally another major event!

Who is Huang Zhan?

One of the Elders of the Celestial Clan.

But at this time, someone quietly cut off his head in the barracks for hundreds of miles!

When he learned about this, Royal Capital Lu was a bit shocked by the old killing firmness!

Of course, he posted a petition, bluntly saying that Huang Zhan and Li Xiao and the others died. He has an inescapable responsibility and is willing to accept all guilt without complaint.

The patriarch’s reply is very interesting.

Not only did he not criticize King Lu for half a point, but he also praised him.

The bitter old man is back.

Just judging from the paleness of his face and the weakening of his breath, I am afraid that he will be severely punished.

In the handsome account.

“It is better to be punished than to die.” But the old man was ecstatic, happy that he had escaped from death.

“Senior… you have to know, your life is only temporarily saved.” King Lu smiled bitterly, and said: “After all, you and I can’t control, there are still a few people.”

Old Kuo’s face suddenly became cold.

said with a malicious smile: “It is still the old saying, whoever makes me die, I will let whoever die first.”

Wang Lu smiled softly: “Patriarch said in the letter that since your first attack on Senluo Realm failed, then you will preside over the second attack. If you fail… then…”

The bitter old man looked towards King Lu: “Also, please help me.”

“Do your best.”

Wang Lu breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

He knows.

The use of the Senluo realm to contain at least one third military power of the Celestial Clan has been done!

He will make those two passages become a meat grinder, a lore that fights every day, and can only force the heavens if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off, and then gradually increase troops .


The battle of circles has really begun.


Divine Races led by Haijia have risen.

The most important thing is that he firmly believes that that person will not be defeated and will lead the endless soldiers of another world into this world, when the time comes, with his plans and arrangements, trifling the heavens, no It’s worth it.

“My task is only one step away.” Wang Lu said softly, and then said with a smile: “So, I am not in vain.”

Sun Luo world.

Rakshasa said with a bitter smile: “When your father left, you have probably guessed the general trend for thousands of years. I alone did not guess that King Lu would be so brilliant, it would be so shocking.”

Lin Ruoxi smiled slightly: “putting it that way, father is not endless.”

Rakshasa laughed and scolded: “Who can really count the things in the world? Thousands of years ago, to deduct the general trend thousands of years later, this is already extremely incredible.”

Lin Ruoxi said: “Mother, I really want to see father, and I want to see who he is and why his evaluation of him is so extreme.”

Rakshasa glanced at Lin Ruoxi, but did not speak.

Lin Ruoxi frowned and said: “Those who like him regard him as a god, and those who hate him regard him as a devil, the source of all disasters and chaos in the world, and regard him as a devil.”

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