Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3539


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“Why did your father care about how people think of him?” Rakshasa sighed, “He only lives for what he cares about. After all, your father is a very selfish person.”

“Selfish?” Lin Ruoxi was a little puzzled: “Isn’t this a derogatory term?”

Rakshasa said with a smile: “In fact, some derogatory words, when you add some additional conditions before, naturally they are not derogatory words.”

“For example.” Lin Ruoxi sat down and looked towards Rakshasa with his chin supported.

“Your father’s monasticism is just to protect and protect everything he cherishes.” Rakshasa smiled and said: “Apart from this, whether this is the starry sky or the world, he doesn’t care. Actually, if it is this world war It won’t affect the Divine Court that he created. I think your father will stand on the sidelines. If it weren’t for the insoluble feud between the Celestial Clan and him, your father would definitely not be in this muddy water.”

Mother and daughter are talking about Lin Fan here.

Lin Fan is thinking about their mother and daughter at this time.

It’s just that even though the boundary wall looks as thin as cicada wing, it’s like that bubble can be broken by just a hand.

But that’s just the appearance, isolating everything.

Even the continual flames of war have been stopped.

The two armies can’t actually be confronted.

It should be that the Divine Court side is paying close attention to the construction work, and the large Killing Formation of various heaven defying, while the heaven side is actually indifferent.

“That’s great, it’s just that they despise us.”

Chen Xuandong’s eyes were cold: “The more the Heavenly Clan looks at Three Thousand World, the more beneficial it will be to us. The less they have any fortifications, the better it will be. The more they can follow the steps your father thought Go on.”

Xiao Nuo said: “If there is only this channel, it is actually difficult for us to penetrate.”

Chen Xuandong said: “Don’t forget, when the world war really breaks out, the heavens will catch fire on the back wall. Those Divine Races are not idiots.”


“How are you?”

Lin Fan is drinking and has already drunk a lot.

Of course he is worried, of course his heart palpitations.

I’m afraid that Rakshasa’s mother and daughter might be wrong. If that’s the case, he will hate him in this life, even if he will die, he will not forgive himself.

Lin Long is here, kick Lin Fan and let him lie farther.

Only because Lin Fan chose this fiery-red Death Star, there is only this flat land with limited space.

“Do you think King Lu would really betray him?” Lin Long’s eyes were cold and severe.

Strictly speaking, King Lu has nothing to do with Lin Fan, it is his discipline.

Lin Fan said with a smile: “It was a momentary act of recklessness. There is no deep friendship between us. Where can we talk about a betrayal?”

Lin Long sneered: “Anyway, you give him medicine pill so that he can embark on the road. Anyway, I pass on his cultivation method, and he can become famous.”

Lin Fan nodded, he admitted this.

“So… if he really does something wrong, I have to take back all his abilities.” Lin Long said lightly.

But Lin Fan knows that this is not a joke.

Know that Lin Long has never accepted a disciple, and over the years, he has envied Lin Fan’s good fortune more than once, and he has got a peerless master like Xiao Wu, and he has searched the stars more than once and wanted to find one. Disciple like Xiaowu.

Not at all.

This also made Lin Long sigh, and he never thought of King Lu who was far away in the chaos.

Although it is only the Honorary Disciple, he may have hoped that this Honorary Disciple will grow into a handsome man who makes him proud, allowing him to drink with Lin Fan. When it comes to disciple, he has something to say.

But the final news is that he secretly placed high hopes in the discipline, betrayed!

“Well, if that kid is really rebellious, I’m blind.” Lin Fan shrugged, “You know, you didn’t promise to accept him at the time.”

Lin Long glanced at him without speaking.

Both of them are lying on the Death Star.

After a long while, Lin Long said: “I always feel like a major event.”

Lin Fan’s pupils shrink slightly.

“In fact, I feel like this is very early, but I just can’t tell why.” Lin Long sighed: “Be careful.”

Lin Fan nodded: “We must all be well.”

Lin Long said with a bitter smile: “Under the battle of the world, who can guarantee whoever will live, let everyone have their destiny.”

This sentence made Lin Fan’s heart sink to the bottom.

Lin Long is like Spirit Voyage. After a long while, he said: “You and I still have a small promise. It is not difficult to kill the seven realms. With the background of the forbidden areas, etc., in terms of Peak power, we are afraid that we are not weak. How much chaos.”

“It’s muddy.” Lin Fan looked towards Lin Long: “I’m just worried that he will make a move…”

Lin Long’s pupils shrank sharply and said: “You and I should be able to kill him together.”

Lin Fan nodded: “It is true that he can kill, but before killing him, how many murders he can make, who is sure?”

“If the war starts, we will kill him first.” Lin Long fiercely fiercely.

Lin Fan narrowed his eyes and said: “He has a love for you and me. You should know that at that time, if it weren’t for his existence, it wouldn’t be that simple to leave the chaos.”

“So you are going to take risks and don’t want to go against your will?” Lin Long sneered, “I don’t have that scruples. I will kill if you don’t kill him.”

Lin Fan was slightly silent, and looked away.

Actually, I don’t want to go against my will.

It’s just that he was thinking whether Tian Hun will join the war.

He is thinking about who is more likely to participate in the war or not.

“Always be vigilant.” Lin Fan finally sighed: “I think if the Celestial Clan gains the upper hand, he shouldn’t be a shot, but if the Celestial Clan will be destroyed, he should…”

Lin Long got up and left: “We can’t afford to lose, so I won’t allow any possible crisis to happen.”

“Neither will I.” Lin Fan laughed: “Enter the chaos. After entering the chaos, after meeting with the Divine Race, our brother will kill him.”

Chaos Realm is fighting to death.

The front of the two-world channel really became a meat grinder.

Furthermore, on the side of the Celestial Clan, the casualties were really heavy.

Because all of the world of Sun Luo is a killer.

Can you expect the killer to fight you head-on?

How is this possible.

So this battlefield is very weird. Most of the time, the soldiers of the Celestial Clan use swords and slashes.

But if the laymen are here.

Maybe you may think that these people are mad, or they are being ghostly.

Because, 90% of the swordsmen they wielded fell in the open.

But sometimes when the time explodes, there will be bloodbaths.

Every bloody blossom exploded, accompanied by the death of a Celestial soldier.

Of course, gradually, the Celestial Soldiers also mastered certain rules of these assassins, so as to take advantage of them, the two sides gradually began to defensively and offensively.

In the Imperial Palace.

Rakshasa’s eyes were gloomy, and said: “Kill the sky, use your ashamed soldier to reach for three days, I need three days.”

Kill Cangtian frowned, and then said: “I only have 30,000 soldiers ashamed. This has been all the results of my practice for thousands of years, day and night.”

Rakshasa gloomily said: “That many people are dead outside, are you still afraid of lack of materials? Even more how, world wars will break out. I promise you, when the time comes, I will send you at least ten corpses of the strongest in the seven realms. “

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