Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3540


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Kill Cang Heavenly Eye, the eyes are bright!

You know, he has the gift of Lin Fan to share all the methods that he was ashamed of.

Many legendary shame, made him greedy.

But those shameful materials are too terrifying, others are easy to say, but corpses are hard to find.

In the past thousands of years, he was only lucky to find the remains of a seven-level cultivator in a tomb that was collapsed by a flood, and tried his best to make it into a shame.

After thinking for a while, Kill Cangtian looked towards Rakshasa: “Mistress, if you really have something to give, you will definitely live up to it.”

Waving a hand, a Spiritual God puppet made from the corpses of the Seven Realms appears, like an Iron Pagoda, with a deep golden light shining all over.

Even Rakshasa’s pupils shrank sharply: “A terrifying puppet.”

Kill Cangtian said with a bitter smile: “I have never sacrificed Perfection, otherwise it should be stronger.”

Rakshasa narrowed his eyes slightly, looked towards Xiao Zuo, Xiao Zuo took a step, roared, and slashed directly.

The door-sized broad knife fiercely slashed to the top of the Spiritual God puppet——

This blade, even a mountain can be split into powder.

this blade, even the strongest of the Sixth Realm of God can only evade and dare not insist on it.


Such as metal collision!

The head of the Spiritual God puppet was cut in half, but that’s it. The broad knife stopped at the neck of the Spiritual God puppet, and could no longer move down even half an inch!


At the Jinluan Temple, a group of suck in a cold breath sounds, and everyone here is terrified and shocked.

It should be noted that those who can have a place in this golden temple are all the outstanding people of the cream of the crop in the forest world, experienced and knowledgeable, and excellent methods, but even so, they are still shocked by the strength of this Spiritual God puppet.

That’s Xiao Zuo’s knife. In the entire Golden Temple, no matter who it is, the only way to end it is to be slashed, blood and blood flowing on the ground.

But this Spiritual God puppet took a cut; only the head was cut open.

Looking at everyone’s horrified eyes, there was a hint of arrogance in the Heavenly Eye.

For so many years, he has been underestimated by everyone, ignored by everyone, etc. How can he really not care at all?

But, is this the full power of the Spiritual God puppet?

If only so.

How dare he let him take a stab at Xiao Zuo?

Killing Cangtian’s finger points forward, there are thousands of phantoms, one after another, the most mysterious runes blooming with monsters and colors, very dreamy.

“How is it possible!”

Xiao Zuo horrified: “Is this an immortal body?”

The Spiritual God puppet head that had been split in half by him and drooped on his shoulders actually stood up in an instant, and then a repulsive force smashed away the knife embedded in the Spiritual God puppet bone.

The Spiritual God puppet is restored as before, except for a deep white mark, no abnormalities can be seen.

“It’s amazing.” King Rakshasa’s eyes lit up: “If there are tens of thousands of Spiritual God puppets, what kind of heavenly clan, push them horizontally.”

This is not a joke!

Be aware that this Spiritual God puppet is almost indestructible, and knows no pain and fear, and will only follow the master’s command to attack and kill.

If there is a Legion formed by a Spiritual God puppet, any Legion in this world will be unable to withstand a single blow in front of it, which is not worth a blow.

Kill the sky complexion stiffened, said with a bitter smile: “Your Majesty, this Level 3 Spiritual God puppet can only be refined by the corpse before crossing the border, but how many powerhouses are there in the entire starry sky? So , Your Majesty wants to form this ashamed army, I am afraid…”

Rakshasa smiled awkwardly, knowing her Meng Lang, and understood her own whimsical imagination.

Xiao Zuo saw the embarrassment of Rakshasa, coldly snorted, and said: “This is very simple, isn’t it just a predicament? When the war starts, more kills are needed.”

Kill Cangtian glanced at Xiao Zuo, laughed: “I can kill people too.”

Little left eyes narrowed: “In this battle, you and I will compete again?”

Killing Cangtian has become accustomed to docile for thousands of years, but at this time, his eyebrows are raised, revealing the true face of the past, gloomily said: “Are there more people killed?”

“Of course.” Xiao Zuo haha ​​smiled, and said: “Only a person who at least has to be in the realm of God is worthy of being a human head. The remaining cultivator is a dirty hand.”

“Okay.” Killing Cangtian haha ​​smiled: “I haven’t done anything for thousands of years, it hurt me.”

Only at this moment.

Everyone will suddenly remember that Killing Cangtian is as famous as Xiao Zuo.

Looking at this imposing manner, for so many years, he didn’t at all spend any day in vain, still being able to keep pace with Xiao Zuo.

“Go.” Rakshasa looked towards Killing Cangtian: “You are going to start the second battle, I will set a celebration feast for you, you should know that over the past thousands of years, some people have disdained you, some people have been because of you Quiet and disrespect your Lord, doubt and so on…”

Kill Cang Heavenly Eye has gloomy eyes: “For thousands of years, I was just preparing for today’s battle, so it is normal for them to look down upon me.”

Abandoning this sentence, Kill Cangtian and head out of the temple.

First Step stepped on.

There are two more guilt behind killing Cangtian.

Second Step stepped down.

Four more puppets appeared behind Killing Cangtian.

From the place where he just erected to the gate of the temple, it was no more than 100 meters. The shame behind him was already countless, densely packed.

At this time, these people have underestimated Killing Heaven.

I even ridiculed the sky and took the prestige. After all, it was just a waste of bully people by flaunting one’s powerful connections. When Lin Fan left, he became a coward and other people who talked about it. His face was pale.

Not to mention other things, just killing the group of Legion behind Cangtian who has become a system of shame is enough to be worthy of the hundreds of thousands!

Great hard work!

The only way to comment.

Rakshasa quietly closed everyone’s expressions in his eyes, and then looked towards Kill Cangtian, which has turned into black dots, smiled at the corners of his mouth, muttered: “You are so accurate, although I don’t want to praise you. , Although you can’t hear it, you still have to say, you’re amazing.”


The battle to kill Cangtian was extremely quick and simple.

Stepping out of the passage, facing the Wuyangyang army of the Celestial Clan, without any words or words, Killing Cangtian roared and slammed into the Celestial Army with 30,000 gods.

After one hour, Killing Cangtian was covered in blood, leaving behind the eight thousand ashamed troops, and calmly retreating to Senluo realm.

In the Imperial Palace.

The banquet was never prepared.

Kill Cangtian came back so quickly, which really shocked everyone.

Could it be…

Kill Cangtian looked towards Rakshasa sitting high on the throne, one-knee kneels: “The slave beheads the enemy’s head of ninety-three thousand and one.”

Rakshasa’s eyes brightened: “How much is your loss?”

A painful color appears in Heavenly Eye: “Eight thousand one hundred and thirty-five.”


The sound of suck in a cold breath appeared again.

This is a big victory, a complete victory!

The most important thing is that only puppets die.

“Xiaoyou, remember the first merit of killing the heavens. After the victory of this war, he will reward the starry sky and the world. The ministers and ministers will be the Star Domain. Lord.”

Rakshasa spoke boldly, and the ministers below immediately knelt down on the mountain and called for my emperor to live with the sky.


At this time everyone has an idea in their hearts.

When the war begins, you must collect the remains of the high realm cultivator in good condition.

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