Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3541


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This is a very sudden change.

It should be noted that in these thousands of years, not many people really saw the lonely minister left by Lin Fan in the Royal Court.

Also, in thousands of years, I have never seen this cultivation to kill the sky, nor have he heard of any record.

Therefore, everyone in the world said that he was abolished, went astray, and went farther and farther on the useless puppet. Of course, someone who knew the insider had more than once bluntly said that Lin Fan is to lead people astray.

But now, they understood.

The lone minister left by Lin Fan is outrageous and unbelievable.

The god puppets are not a trail. Just like those prehistoric legends, when you reach the highest point, you can really have one enemy, ten enemies, and thousands of enemies.

Therefore, everyone remembered the person who had disappeared for too long, so long as many people had a vague impression of that person.

“Xiaoyou, you arrange ten heavenly killers.” Rakshasa brows frowned, thought for a while: “No, arrange twenty killers, not to kill on the battlefield, just to snatch the dead! You understand me Mean?”

Little right nodded.

Everyone understands what it means.

At the same time, they all responded with envious eyes for killing Cangtian so highly regarded.

This celebration banquet only revolves around killing the sky.

It’s just that the performance of Killing Cangtian is too calm, it is really not arrogant and not discouraged, it is really humiliating and not surprised.

Three Thousand World.

Lin Fan is in front of the boundary wall at this time, and only the thin boundary wall separates him from the chaotic army.

It’s just that the main general of the Chaos side has just suffered a loss, so there is a large formation to protect the army, otherwise Lin Fan really wants to kill again across the border.

“You will die.”

This is Tianxi, as the chief commander of the Celestial Clan this time, his power is terrifying to the extreme, and this army of hundreds of millions listens to him alone.

The boundary wall is isolated, and there are two large boundary shields. No sound can be heard, but the mouth shape makes communication unimpeded.

Lin Fan didn’t respond, only rune gleamed in his eyes.

He is looking at the average strength of this army.

After a long while, sigh gently.

The gap still exists.

Actually, if it weren’t for the blue moon, if there were countless Heavenly Master-level figures in the Divine Court formation mark hall who had sacrificed their lives and worked hard to form a great formation, then the gap would be even more terrifying.

Turn around.

Simply did not take care of Tianxi.

Trifling is only seven realms, is it different from the ants in his hands?

When have you ever seen a giant dragon soaring in the sky, caressed by a maggot crawling in the dung pile?

In the handsome account.

Lin Fan’s face darkened slightly.

“How?” Chen Xuandong was slightly nervous!

The results of this time peek are completely related to the layout of the entire army and so on. It is of great importance.

“There is still a gap.” Lin Fan said with a heavy face, “Just as a soldier, we are on average one realm lower than the opponent.”

After speaking, Lin Fan’s tone became more serious, his face was ugly and said: “I mean a great realm.”

Chen Xuandong’s face turned pale suddenly: “Isn’t it okay to have a heavenly Array?”

Lin Fan said with a bitter smile: “We are stealing the sky, we stole the time, but what about the heavens? They don’t need it, inheritance counts millions and millions of years, we trifling for thousands of years, if we can catch It’s too whimsical to surpass them.”

Chen Xuandong’s eyes are cold and severe: “No matter how strong or weak, this battle will always begin, so we can only continue to kill.”

Lin Fan slightly smiled: “Have we ever fought a tailwind? That time was not strong with a weak attack? That time was not an act of courting death in the eyes of outsiders?”

Chen Xuandong sighed: “You don’t need to say this in front of me, I am not timid yet.”

Thinking about it, Chen Xuandong said: “Do you think…”

“Don’t think that if we charge head-on, the victory or defeat of our two sides should be between the two.” Lin Fan coldly smiled: “Although the heavens are strong, you have to know that they are used to chaos aloof and remote. It has been lonely at the top for too long, and there has been no large-scale battle for too long and too long……

But what about my Divine Court? Since its establishment, there have been many great battles, life and death tempering, and the divine might that they have played out is not comparable to them. “

The haze in Chen Xuandong’s eyes is slightly reduced.

Lin Fan continued: “You are the Art of War everyone, you should know that in this kind of large-scale battles of millions, sometimes it is not the strength of the realm that determines the victory or defeat, but I am I think that this kind of battle to destroy the world, unless it is one-sided, or fight to the end, the fight is to stand upright.”

Chen Xuandong’s eyes shimmered slightly: “Looking at the stars up and down, thinking about the inside and outside of the universe, if you talk about the strength of will, if you say that the strong will of Legion, there is no more than Divine Court.”

Lin Fan knew that Chen Xuandong’s scruples and worries had disappeared, so he was slightly relaxed.

You must know that Chen Xuandong is the coach of the world war. If he loses the confidence to win first, he will lose at least half before the battle.

laughed, Lin Fan said: “So…think about how to fight. It’s not about how to resist chaos, but about how to win beautiful and how to counterattack in which session. You should know that I have a lot of Planning, many foreshadowings planted thousands of years ago, etc., can only act in the chaos.”

“Understood, many thanks.” Chen Xuandong smiled wryly.

Lin Fan patted him on the shoulder: “There is a long way to go.”

Chen Xuandong hehe smiled: “Which of us brothers is not shouldering the burden? In fact, I am most worried about Li Guang.”

Speaking of this, Lin Fan’s eyes were slightly dignified: “Yin-Yang Tribulation array, his main town should not be a problem.”

Chen Xuandong did not speak.

Lin Fan was suddenly confused because of Chen Xuandong’s words. It was like ten thousand ants suddenly crawling on his heart, and he felt uncomfortable and wanted to die.

“Let him hold the Treasure Gathering Pot.” Lin Fan said, very lowly: “Anyway, with this Treasure Gathering Pot, he should be safe.”

Chen Xuandong nodded, then said: “There is no Treasure Gathering Pot, this Supreme Treasure, for your strength…”

Lin Fan shook his head, and said: “It doesn’t matter much, don’t worry.”

Chen Xuandong said with a bitter smile: “You must know that you are the pillar of Divine Court. Other brothers, including me, can die, but you can’t. If you pour Divine Court, it will be over. Prestige is not enough to provoke the burden of Divine Court.”

Lin Fan’s face is steep: “We must all be well.”

“Yes, we must all work hard.” Chen Xuandong was nodded repeatedly.

Chaos Realm.

This is already the Eighteenth Day Order!

Heaven’s Heart Order can only be issued by the patriarch.

This Tianxin Order has only one content——

Strictly order XX Divine Race, as soon as he receives the Tianxin order, he will prepare for battle and wait for the order to expedite at any time.

Sea Kuang contemptuously threw this Tian’s Heart Order into the waste basket, making the face of clansman who had received this Tian’s Heart Order suddenly cold.

“Go back, I’m understood.” The sea knight glanced lightly at Clansman this day.

This person has an ugly face and said grimly: “Dare to ask Old Patriarch, do you want to be disrespectful? It should be noted that this day’s heart order represents the dignity of my Divine Court. You have repeatedly shied away or I just ignore it, does your Hai Family really want to rebel?”

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