Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3542


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The sea madness did not move, just a terrifying imposing manner that lifted the clansman into the air, fiercely hit a pillar, and clansman’s spine suddenly broke that day, and he spurted blood.

He slid down the pillar, and when he landed, he spewed out a few more mouthfuls of dirty blood with pieces of internal organs.

“Go back and tell him, if he thinks that my Hai family is rebellious, then my Hai family will be rebellious. If you want to take action against my Hai family, come anytime, my Hai family will accompany you at any time.” Hai Kuang Senran Staring at clansman this day, he ridiculed: “Think clearly before speaking next time, do you have the qualifications to say this sentence.”

The face of the Celestial Clan’s face was deathly pale, and he was hit hard.

Actually, his cultivation base is extremely strong, and he is in the five realms of God, no matter where he is, he is already Peak’s expert.

But it was a sea mad who shot him.

The vicious color flashes in his eyes.

But he did not dare to talk too much.

The whole world knows that the sea mad is a madman.

Regardless of common sense.

He can’t guarantee that no one, if he speaks more words, the identity and background of the Celestial Clan, will he be able to save his life.

The clansman staggered away dingy, one step at a time.

“By the way, go back and tell you patriarch. At this time, it’s best for us all to live together in harmony.” The sea knight looked at the departed clansman and said quietly, “Tell him, we Divine The Race is weak, but if it is really pressed, together, it will allow the heavens to drink a pot, especially now when the heavens are opening two battlefields at the same time, it is better not to fight hard.”

Liu Yingshu also cold and severe saying at this time: “Since ancient times, there has been a saying that officials forced the people to oppose the people and have to oppose. Although this sentence can only be used in the duny world, it is used to describe both of us at this time. I understand.”

Clansman has a cold spinal cord this day!

Tianzu Lizu don’t know how many millions and millions years are.

It has never happened before.

You must know that in countless epochs, Tianxin Ling has never been rejected, and no one has the courage to refuse to accept it. Even more how directly directs this Tianxin Ling, which symbolizes the supreme authority of the heavens. Throw it out in the waste basket.

even more how, but also wounded the messenger who came with Tianxin Ling!

Furthermore, rants are threatening the heavenly clan of aloof and remote.

The clansman is gone.

The eyes of the sea mad are sharp.

Then, one after another Divine Race masters walked out, all faceless.

“Have you clarified your position like this?” Gu Shejing asked.

Hai Kuang glanced at him: “Which step will I take sooner or later, why pretend to be polite? No need.”

“Yes.” The ancestor of the Imperial Family sighed: “Sooner or later, we have to go to the opposite side. So what’s the difference between early and night?”

Liu Yingshu glanced at the ancestors of the Divine Race: “Not much to say, but we really should prepare for the war. As long as the battle starts, we will open up the third battlefield.”

“hehe…this day, I waited too long!”

Gu She Jingsen is ferocious: “To save my life, I will take away Wang Lu’s to forget favors and violate justice.”

The sea mad is slightly frowned, but didn’t say anything, indifferently said: “You shoot the Divine Race military horse, I think it’s better to mix it in my sea family.”

“many thanks!”

Gu Shejing quickly bent down and bowed.

Hai Kuang sighed, and said: “Ichiei is both honored and lost for all the comrades in the same trench. Besides, I can only say sorry for what happened to your clan.”


In the Celestial Clan.

The Celestial patriarch stood quietly in front of Tianhun.

Tianhun is feeding a group of Phoenix in captivity.

The action is very simple. Grab the shiny Holy Spirit stone from the container in the left hand and sprinkle it into the trough. It can be done in the mud of the sky. It is so harmonious and natural. Every move has Dao Rhyme. .

“Congratulations to the ancestors on the improvement of the cultivation base.” The patriarch said respectfully.

Tian Hun sighed and said: “This kind of improvement is not worth mentioning.”

Clap your hands, Tian Hun walked to the side and started to make tea, calmly, after tasting the fragrant tea, Tian Hun said: “This is the general trend, I have said many times the general trend, but you did not listen to me.” /p>

The patriarch complexion is gloomy, and then coldly snorted, and said grimly: “A bunch of chaotic courtiers and thieves, what kind of climate can it become?”

Tian Hun glanced at him and sighed: “Did you forget, Divine Race, it’s not our subjects…”

The patriarch of the heavenly race glanced over his head: “Of course, there can only be one master under the same sky. Anyone who listens to the propaganda is nonsense. Submit to me and prosper oppose me and perish is the way of the king. “

Tianhun browses frowned: “You came to me today to tell me that the world war is about to begin?”

The patriarch nodded of the heavenly race: “It’s going to fight, I’ve waited too long for this day…”

Tian Hun was silent for a long time, faintly said: “I know I can’t stop you. There must be a battle between the two worlds. I have known for a long time, but if you still listen to me, then don’t hurt Lin Fan’s close friends and relatives, otherwise…”

The Celestial patriarch cup one fist in the other hand and bowed down, but instead of answering, he left.

“I advise you, since everything in this world exists, there must be truth. Don’t underestimate the Divine Race. If you want the world to win, then you should not at least not Let them have a reason to fight with you.” Tian Chao said casually, “Opening the three battlefields at the same time, are you sure that the heavens can deal with it?”

The patriarch of the Celestial Race suddenly looked back, coldly said with a smile: “Since I took over the Celestial Race, I have spent countless years on the battlefield, and how much strength I have accumulated over the years. Only I know the trifling battlefield on three sides. Why is my Celestial Race afraid? Wouldn’t it be more powerful to take the world as the enemy with the power of one family?”

“You are crazy.” Tian waved his hand: “You go, there is no need to come later.”

“The ancestors, please wait for good news. Next time you come to this small courtyard, the ancestors will know what a great offspring you have.”

The voice of patriarch from the heavenly race came, but he himself had disappeared at the gate of the courtyard.

The muddy sky is silent, he looked towards the sky, muttered: “Is everything really doomed in the dark? The heavens should have this tribulation?”


The growing horror in the Senluo realm has had a big impact on Chaos Realm.

Only then did they know that the shameless killers who had been dubbed ground mice by them were so strong and so cruel!

The fighting has been more than three months.

Siluo World, undefeated once!

And when everyone was shocked by the terrifying power displayed by the Sun Luo world, a more terrifying major event appeared——

Ten Elders walked out of the clan in the old patriarch hall and headed straight towards the Imperial Family.


baleful qi shakes the sky.

I knew at a glance that these Elders went to the Imperial Family, which was not a good thing at all.

After that, everyone knew that the Divine Race repeatedly does not respect heaven, and they understood the severity of the matter.

A major event has happened!

The ten Elders of the Celestial Clan died at the top 30,000 miles of the Imperial Family Shenfu Gate!

This is provocation.

Desecration of the power of the heavenly clan!

Chaos knew that a more terrifying major event was about to happen.

Perhaps the most terrifying civil strife will inevitably erupt from the chaos before the real battle of the world!

Tian patriarch was always punishable.

The patriarch of the Celestial Clan once again ordered that the ancestor of the Imperial Family should go to the Celestial Clan within one hour and explain everything.

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