Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3617


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The big world disappeared behind him, and in the end, the vast Chaos Realm turned into a black spot.

But it’s so strange that the rapid speed of Heaven and Earth can’t catch up with the patriarch who is wrapped in the nine-day slaughter.

“The heavens! If one of my relatives dies, your entire clan will be buried with you!”

In the pursuit, Lin Fan panicked and hurried, shouting here.

“Stop!” The heavens came.

Although his face was ugly and gloomy, he had to act.

He knew what Lin Fan said was not a threat, but the most straightforward statement.

Also, Lin Fan has done everything in the agreement.

The ten people did not die in the end.

“Ancestor, don’t you want the new heavenly clan to reborn from the ashes? You have achieved your goal, but now-with your old dog that succumbed to the so-called Heavenly Dao, you are also trying to stop me?”

The patriarch, who has become a dead soul in the Demon Slayer Array, grinned, his eyes looking towards Tianhun turned out to be more hated than when he looked towards Lin Fan.

This makes Tianhun more uncomfortable.

Is he wrong?

From the very beginning, when he knew Lin Fan’s identity, he would directly kill him, would he really continue the lifespan of the Celestial Clan?

“Stop it!”

Lin Fan’s canthus is cracking.

When he first started, he was still trying to get a chance.

He didn’t notice when the boundary wall cracked, but all the unknowable places in this universe suddenly appeared.

But he felt that it was just 0.1% of a second of time. The world was impossible to detect except for him, Tianhun and the gatekeepers, and even if the other Xeons could detect it, they would capture what he had hidden away. Unknowable place, but there is no hatred in itself, and it is impossible to do it.

So I ignored it for the time being.

But now he was proven wrong.

The Celestial Clan has a secret mirror to see all secrets in the world.

Now the patriarch of the celestial race is heading straight towards the unknown place.

“Stop it!”

Lin Fan yelled again and thumped his fists. Zhu Tian nailed billions of halberds in an instant, and the starry sky was smashed.

There are tens of billions of large stars in this endless starry sky.

But now, no more.

Looking around, I can’t find a complete ancient star even with my eyesight.

All were killed by Lin Fan.

This kind of assault and killing with all its strength has indeed affected the patriarch of the Celestial Clan, who is carrying the nine-day slaughter of demons.

But except for nothing else, the speed is still surprisingly fast.

If Lin Fan and Tianhu are still in this time and space, Heavenly Dao allows the rapid speed, then at this time, the patriarch of the heavenly race, who is enveloping the nine-day slaughter of demons forward, surpasses Heaven and Earth speed .


Lin Fan screamed, Lin Long screamed, Li Guang yelled, Wu Jian was spraying blood——

hong long long!

The unknowable place exploded.

Just as the blood-red glow hits an ancient star of life, the entire starry sky is filled with this kind of ruthless and cold red light, and there is no other color.

Blood was in front of me.

Lin Fan’s eyes are empty at once.

This should be the loud noise of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

But at this time, Lin Fan couldn’t hear any sound from the outside world, and his whole person was numb, like a walking corpse, standing on the Star Sea like this.

Originally, against the wishes of Qingcheng and the others, trapped them in an unknown place, just simply trying to protect them.

The result is the worst and cruelest result.

At this time, the unknowable place turned into dust between Heaven and Earth. Even the most heavenly Divine Eyes could not find a familiar one from the gusts and waves that rapidly spread to the endless starry sky A wisp of dust, a piece of soil.

As for those who are familiar with the vital energy that is deep in the bone marrow, I can’t find any more—

“pu .”

Lin Fan only spit out blood.

With countless Divine Soul fragments, the starry sky is soaked with golden.

“What’s the matter!”

He fell back in a daze, and his vitality was quickly dissipating.

“Brother Lin.”

Wu Jian rushed, but only saw Lin Fan’s eyes slowly closing, and the eyes that were like Divine Lantern turned pale.

“What’s the matter? Who is it?”

But at this moment, the voice of the patriarch flustered and exasperated of the Celestial race was too sharp in this atmosphere of sadness and loneliness.

The divine light suddenly reunited in the eyes of Lin Fan, who had lost his spirit and was about to die.

He stared at the patriarch.

“Who is it?”

The patriarch roars fiercely, he seems crazy.

Lin Fan jié jié grinned, and he put out his hand to capture the patriarch of the Celestial Clan before him and tortured him to death with the most cruel and bloody means.


But at this moment, the Nine Heavens Demon Slayer Array, which should have been collided with the Unknowable Land, resurfaced again, still firmly enclosing the patriarch of the Celestial Clan, except that several bases were destroyed. Up.

“Lin Fan, if you can’t kill your family, can you still kill your brother!”

The patriarch of the heavenly race smiled grimly. He ordered all the spirits of the Seven Gods in the Demon Slayer Array to rush towards the big hand covered by Lin Fan, but he did carry the Demon Slayer Array towards Li Guang. and the others culled.

“One yuan!”

Lin Fan roared, the river of years appeared, and the third world stepped onto the bank, intercepted Li Guang and the others, and sheltered them.

But no, the Nine Heavens Slayer Demon Formation is too weird. Lin Fan’s third life body was directly wrapped in the formation, and the massacre began.

After the final battle, Li Guang bleeds blood, Wu Jian crosses the dead…

Only Xiao Nuocan survived, but it seemed that he was not far from death. Lin Long turned into a dim Divine Dragon again, flew back to Lin Fan’s eyebrows, and fell asleep.


After loudly roared.

Lin Fan stood in the starry sky like this.

I want to cry without tears.

Want to call silent.

The whole world has no relatives.


“Father, we are like this, can Husband bear it? He will be crazy.”

“This is what he should bear.”

“Child, we don’t want it either. In fact, God should have made you really die and enter the cycle of reincarnation, but I can’t bear it.”

“What about Li Guang and them? Are they really dead?”

“No, they enter the reincarnation, they will get the innate talent of the cream of the crop, and they will be needed in the future.”

“What on earth are you plotting? The gods aloof and remote, why do you embarrass the Husband? He is too bitter…”



Lin Fan seems to be crazy. His black hair is white instantly, and the eyes are full of blood. The blood is so red that it is so red that it never fades away—

“Is this what you want to see?” Lin Fan smiled, but sternly: “Is this the ending you arranged for me? Because you need a demon, do you want to force me to become a demon? Right… You succeeded, isn’t it—the devil!”



Three roars in a row.

Shake the eternal time and space.

The wisp of Demon Soul sleeping deep in the thunder pond awakens and merges with Lin Fan’s main soul.

Rolling demonic energy, overflowing from every pore of Lin Fan.

He has changed.

Silver hair, blood-colored eyes, and misty fog.

Another coffin came quickly, and then it hung at the feet of Lin Fan, and refused to leave again.

Lin Fan seems to have lost all human emotions, even when looking towards Xiao Nuo, who fell in the starry sky and survived, there doesn’t seem to be much warmth in his eyes, just mechanically put Xiao Nuo behind him. Inside the magic coffin.

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