Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3618


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The magic coffin is small and not huge, but it gives people an intuition that it is full of the sky and space.

Lin Fan frowned, he was looking at Xiao Nuo lying in the coffin.

There seemed to be a ray of sadness in his eyes, but then he became extremely indifferent.

It seems to be thinking about who is sleeping in the coffin and why is it occupying his own habitat.

“I’m sorry.” Tian Hun said, with fear in his eyes. At this time, Lin Fan’s state was too wrong.


Lin Fan looked towards Tian Hun, then frowned: “Who are you? Why do I want to kill when I see you?”

“Father…mother, they are gone, the whole world is vast. Except for you and my father and son, there will never be any dear relatives.”

Xiao Nuo said.

The imprint of the other shore flower between his eyebrows is red like blood, emitting a slight red light.

Lin Fan roared suddenly, holding his head in both hands.

He has been enchanted, and he should have been desperate, but at this time, there is endless sorrow that drowns him, painful and desperate, and the whole person is about to be suffocated by pain and die.


It’s angry roar again, the whole world is shaking.

Hundreds of millions of Calamity Tribulation fell sharply!

That is thunderbolt, that is karma, and that is the long road.

This is the robbery of the broken mirror!

The boundless karmic fire envelops Lin Fan, and the towering demonic energy billows. At this time, even the magic mist that overflowed from Lin Fan’s pores was ignited, glowing red like flames.

The thunderbolt turned into a big dragon, turned into a glutton, turned into a Golden Crow, etc., pecking and restraining Lin Fan’s Supreme demon body.

too terrifying, this is the worst calamity and Calamity Tribulation in the world, unseen in dozens of epochs.

Even the Tianhuo who claimed to have fallen from the realm of the gods was terrified. After a strange cry, he quickly moved away and did not dare to come near here.

This is enough to make any 8th Realm, even the Nine Realms, shudder and tremble, just like this, hiding the sky and covering the earth, not leaving Lin Fan a way to survive, but directly obliterating him !

Also, a huge face suddenly appeared on the sky, if crystal clear, but those eyes were too ruthless. It is true that everything is a dog, and all souls in the world are indifferent to ants.

“Devil, sin!”

The huge face came out, Heaven and Earth trembled, and this voice echoed everywhere in the world.

“Devil, sin!”

Unbelievable, the entire Heaven and Earth are echoes of these two words, shaking the earth.

“Go away.”

Lin Fan shouted.

This reverberating voice, like a magic sound, is about to tear his Demon Soul and body, and directly obliterate him. The headache was splitting, so he roared.

Lin Fan stretched out his big hand, and moved towards the sky in this way, unexpectedly he was about to directly attack the source.

“courting death!”

Tian Hun’s eyes were cold and mocking.

No one has dared to offend Heavenly Might in this way.

The most important thing is that he is the ancestor of the Celestial Clan, and of course he can better understand and understand what the huge face emerging from the sky represents and what existence it is.



The indifferent eyes were sharpened, and the whole world was falling bloody blood, all things withered, all souls rustled!

This is the season of June and July, but everyone is chilly.

“Peel off.”

The huge face became angry, and spit out the coldest and most ruthless syllables, directly depriving Lin Fan of his original principles.

The result is not good!

The huge face was miscalculated, and the big hand held high by Lin Fan brushed his cheek, pulling out the gully of hundred zhang.

The ravine is too conspicuous, and it cuts across this majestic and solemn face.


The muddy sky sucks in a cold breath, and at the same time I feel cold all over my body, and the whole body is cold: “It’s about to have a major event, can this great world survive?”

He was frightened, thinking that this huge face had the power to destroy all of this world, and he was certain that if this huge face was angry, Heaven and Earth would be buried.

“Grant sin!”

God will give guilt.

The ants committed Heavenly Might.

The magic is so powerful that it shook the ground and crushed the past and the present. Lin Fan went mad. After a light whistle, he stepped on the Nether Nether, but his hands were already inserted into the nine heavens above. He tore the huge face directly!

Then, the magic coffin suddenly flew up and swallowed the fragments of the huge face in one bite. At the same time, the imprint of the strange and strange flowers between Xiao Nuo’s eyebrows grew countless vines, entwining those struggles and roars The fragments of, bound it into the imprint.

Tian Hun looked dumbfounded and frightened. He felt that even the most secretive and most overlooked body cells were shaking!

What did he see?

“The sky is muddy.”

Lin Fan said, he is still able to support both heaven and earth: “You missed your appointment.”

“Lin Fan?”

The sky is terrifying, he looked towards Lin Fan: “Are you still you?”

Lin Fan was silent. He was looking around himself, looking at the strand of silver hair floating on his forehead. After a long while, laughed: “I don’t know.”

The sky trembled, and his body surrounded countless time and space rune. It was obvious that he had to flee at any time.

“I spared the ten people you named. As a result…my dearest relatives are gone.”

Lin Fan seemed to be awake for a short time. He finally shed tears and looked at Xiao Nuo in the coffin.

“This has nothing to do with me.”

Tian Hun roared: “The culprit has been dead. You should pay attention to revenge and resentment.”

“How innocent my relatives are, who pays attention to them?”

Lin Fan hehe laughed miserably. He shed blood and tears, but the tears did not fall into the dust. Moreover, it was just a drop of tears, which made Great World cry out, as if Lin Fan’s tears were the source of sin, and were Heaven and Earth.

“Lin Fan.”

Tian Hun roared and roared: “Your close relatives died, but why didn’t my Celestial Clan survive only two or three kittens and puppies? Can’t it be written off by grievances?”

The Zhenshen Clock appeared, shook slightly, countless creatures fell out, Lin Fan’s hand grabbed down, those creatures that had the blood of the Celestial Clan flowing on them among the souls saved by Lin Fan regardless of the enemy and me Was filmed.

He was crushed to death by him, leaving none.

Lin Fan’s movements are very slow.

“I said that if something happens to my dearest family, even chicken and dog doesn’t remain.”

Lin Fan hehe has a weird smile, very crazy, and very unstable.

It should be noted that even if he tore the huge face in the sky, the catastrophe has not stopped, he is still staring at the sky and killing.

“Lin Fan, you are not afraid of being condemned by God if you make such a killing and abuse?”

The sky is turbulent and the canthus is about to split, and also have one’s hair stand on end.

Looking at the death of clansman one by one, he wanted to rush to the great decisive battle with Lin Fan and kill Lin Fan.

But it’s not realistic at all, where is it possible?

He didn’t dare.

Has been disqualified to fight Lin Fan.

“I’m a demon…Have you ever seen a demon afraid of God’s condemnation?”

Lin Fan is always smiling.

But with his blood-colored pupils and long silver hair, it looks hideous and scary.

Tian Hun screamed in sadness and anger, and he fled back.

Now, he really regrets why not he cut Lin Fan when he first climbed into Chaos. As a result, he doesn’t even have the qualification to fight Lin Fan.

I can only watch the clansman being killed one by one.

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