Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3619


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Tianhuo is dead!

Even the Tao fruit he borrowed from Peak will not work.

Facts have proved that Tian Hun has been bragging, still within the scope of the gods, and has not really reached the realm of gods.


It’s only the nine realms, but it is indeed seen as the threshold of the gods.


Tian Hun was torn into several sections by Lin Fan’s hands, and then Lin Fan captured all the pieces. The big hand fiercely grinds Tian Hun completely and died in Lin Fan’s hands. He is not even qualified for reincarnation. Not even Remnant Soul escaped.

How about killing all enemies?

Those people will never come back.

Lin Fan stands in the boundless starry sky, overlooking the dilapidated and decaying boundless universe.

Now, he can call him the strongest in this era.

But it was useless.


Lin Fan was whistling in grief, those memories, those past events, those bit by bit, it was so painful and painful.

Lin Xi, that is his daughter, who has never hugged her once since childhood.

Even after the reunion, I just gather less and leave more. I simply haven’t stayed for long.

But now, he can hold the sun and the moon and pick the stars. As a result, he can no longer find a familiar fragment of life. Nine days slaughter demons, even gods can slaughter, let alone trifling ants?

And Rakshasa ——

Thousands of years, after a short reunion, it turned out to be a farewell, and it was no longer visible. Only a ray of blood-stained clothing flew up and was strangled to pieces by the wind.

That many.

brother, Hongyan, parents, children.

Only Xiao Nuo survived and was dying.


Xiao Nuo struggled. He managed to get up from the coffin, his eyes were tearful and red.

Lin Fan is also watching him: “Am I wrong?”

Xiao Nuo is silent: “Where is right or wrong in battle, revenge?”

“Am I right?” Lin Fan said again.

He seemed to be asking Xiao Nuo, but in fact, it was more like talking to himself.

“Father, I am leaving.” Xiao Nuo said, slightly sad and unwilling.


Lin Fan was furious and yelled: “Are you going to leave me? Who dares to take you? God? I am killing heaven!”

Lin Fan was really hysterical and completely changed himself. When he was angry, the sky fell and the earth fell.

“I want to find my way, my way.”

Xiao Nuo explained that it was not that he was going to die, but that he wanted to find his own way.

Lin Fan fell silent slightly.

“I feel that I am not me.” Xiao Nuo frowned: “I seem to have a terrible past life, I want to find everything I have, or get everything I have been taken away from me. “

If Lin Fan is not in the mood.

He can understand the meaning of Xiao Nuo.

But now, he is a little dazed, his eyes are full of struggle and distortion, as if thinking hard.

“Father, the dead may not be able to reappear. Who dares to assert that the reincarnation in this world is false?”

Xiao Nuo’s pupil light flourishes: “I’m going to find reincarnation, I will go to the Nether to break through the heavens, I also want to resurrect my mother and younger brother younger sister.”

These words made the silent Lin Fan’s eyes flicker interestingly.

“Father, you have to promise.”

Xiao Nuo was very reluctant, but finally bowed and left.

Three kneels and nine knocks.

Lin Fan was still frowning, until Xiao Nuo’s back completely disappeared into the starry sky, he suddenly thought of something, that pale to no bloody hand stretched out, but it could only be grasped in the void, and finally weak Hang down.

The magic coffin flew, and Lin Fan sank into the coffin.

From this day on, the two realms have been in the shadow of Lin Fan.

The two worlds merge into one.

Thousands of years have passed.

There are many myths in the two worlds.

People of later generations know that there was an invincible son of Tianzong who swept everything in prehistoric times.

From the very end, we have been fighting to Chaos Realm.

His experience is too legendary.

Actually, if there weren’t the ruins in Divine Court, or the broken walls, etc., it could be proved that this huge monster that had unified the heavens in only half a step did exist.

It will make people doubt the existence of that Legendary.

Of course, everything about Lin Fan has also been dug up.

Divine Court is immortal.

Some members of Divine Court still survived.

These people are Legendary and myths under the stars at this time, and they are mostly admired and admired by the people of Three Thousand World.

It’s just that none of the Divine Court who survived is willing to talk more about that person.

When anyone mentions it, they will cry and bow down to the ground. That is really prostrate oneself in admiration.

Also, if anyone dares to say that the person is dead, then there will be a mess.

There were also wild ambition generations who believed that the two worlds are connected, but the world can be unified, and they have done so.

As a result, the Divine Court, which the world thought no longer existed, suddenly rose up.

That’s a million soldiers!

It’s just a cup of tea, and the starry sky is leveled. All ambitious who try to command and enslave the two worlds are dead!

This makes people know.

Divine Court is immortal.

The fire is still there.

There is indeed no Overlord level power in this world.

But these Divine Court members are still in charge of the world for Lin Fan, managing and monitoring the world in a way that is beyond the world.

Everyone also knows that these millions of soldiers are waiting for that man’s return.

On the bloody giant ship.

A desolate figure is sitting on the coffin.

He is clearly on the huge ship, but he seems to be far away from millions and millions li.

He is torturing.

“You once called me king and my wife your queen. I want to know why.”

Lin Fan was very cold. He captured the huge skeleton in the blood-colored wooden barrel. His eyes were too bloody and bloody.

This huge skeleton was also at the 8th Realm at least, but under Lin Fan’s binocular eyes, it seemed to explode.

“I was wrong. I should call you the emperor and the respect.”

The skeleton said: “When you come to this step, I can’t say more, I just know that my mission is over.”

“What do you mean?” Lin Fan frowned.

“Thirty giant ships drifting in the boundless void, just waiting for Master Demon Sovereign to come.” Skeleton said, and then chuckled, he turned into pitch-black blood in an instant.

At the same time, all the blood-colored wooden barrels on the blood-stained giant suddenly burst open. Countless dark blood is too viscous, but if there is life, it is creeping and coming towards Lin Fan, just a short moment. , Lin Fan will be covered and shrouded.


It hurts.

It hurts!

Lin Fan felt like he was being divided.


“Father, you are so cruel.”

Qingyue’s eyes are gloomy: “This kind of major event, why isn’t it your gods to take it, isn’t your gods to fight? The partial birth chose him?”

Thor is innocent and speechless: “How can you be sure that we selected him? Why not say that he selected us?”

“What do you mean?” Qingyue’s beautiful eyes wrinkled suddenly.

Mengshen came: “Girl, there are some things that I can’t tell now. If you don’t understand, everyone thinks that Lin Fan is just our flag, but in fact…Who is not a chess piece?”

Qingyue is silent, she looked towards the distance.

The whole family is here.

Everyone is here.

No one is missing.

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