Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3620


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This place is beautiful and wonderful.

It is the Holy Land of cultivation, the pure land and heaven of the hidden world.

Lin Fan once envied the chaotic great cultivator refining environment; but compared with this place, chaos is really a dregs, completely incomparable.

Here, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, all kinds of spirit plants and weird grasses form forests and mountains, as well as all the beasts that have lived here since ancient times. You can touch the Grand Dao Rule that can be seen everywhere with naked eyes. Capture the most fundamental and fundamental source of Tao in this world.

Perhaps the only downside is that this place is too lonely.

There are too few people, there are only a few people.

At this time, Xiao Wu is in cultivation, invincible and invincible, fighting against the most brutal and terrifying beasts in history in the woods, crushing the mountains and shaking Heaven and Earth.

Of course, Lin Leyao and the others are absolutely not idle, and they will miss people far away when they stop. It is better to cultivation.

“Girl, you set foot on that kid’s road, I didn’t expect anything.”

Thunder God sighed, he looked towards Qingyue, and said: “It is difficult and dangerous. Even if I am, I am a god. I will try to leave only after being guarded by your mother.”

Qingyue frowned.

Meng Shendao: “That road is not just as simple as you think, it has great risks and will face eternal calamity.”

“Indeed.” Thor solemnly nodded: “I am determined to abolish my deity’s fruit status from walking and repairing the road, but I almost die many times. In fact, even if I have the knowledge of the gods, my vision is useless, if not Your mother has sheltered many times, and I have died at least a hundred times.”

“Maybe the biggest variable in this Eternal Game is you.” Meng Shen said, with worry in his eyes, looking at Qingyue.

“No.” Thor categorically refused, saying: “Which one just gives us the general direction of the layout. At that time, he also said that as long as the general direction has not changed, it will not affect the overall situation after all, and the girl is considered to be chaotic. The game is indeed a variable, but the biggest variable is still that kid.”

Qingyue frowned, a little dissatisfied, and said: “father, that’s your son-in-law.”

Thor startedled, a bit fiercely, and said: “Ma De, let you follow him so inexplicably, I always feel panicked, and when I meet in the future, I must teach him a lesson.”

They talk, discuss, and then cultivation.

On the big bloody ship.

Lin Fan lies in the magic coffin.

The magic blood flowing out of countless huge wooden barrels covered it, gelatinized, and sealed him in the magic coffin.

The huge ship set sail and sailed to an unknown distance.

The outside world is disturbing.

In the first 3000 years, Divine Court invisibly shocked the two worlds, no one dared to move and chaos.

The fourth millennium.

A new life appears.

That’s all spirits on another planet.

Very strong, with Body Tempering cultivation base when he was born, conquering War Star empty, sweeping the invincible.

The most important thing is that on that planet, the resources are so abundant that it is horrible.

The ancient medicine field of ten thousand acres is enough to give birth to countless supreme powerhouses.

More invincible leaders.


Wou Ji is not dead.

After thousands of years of self-cultivation, his soul was waiting to reunite, but he searched the world and didn’t see any familiarity, never again.

Even the banner they once believed in has withered, and can only be found in the thick ancient history.

At this time, Wuji was holding an ancient book, looking at the red flag on it, crying heartbreakingly, crying hoarsely.

“This is the battle flag of hell.”

Wuji spoke, crying silently.

Hua Mengxue is crying too: “I remember, I remember all.”

“This is the battle flag of reincarnation. This seizing the other shore flower stuns the two worlds, but it is no longer visible…Even Brother Lin is gone.”

Wuji fell to the ground.

“You need to cheer up.” Hua Mengxue comforted: “Do you really think Lin Fan will die? Impossible, he is always creating miracles, this time is no exception.”

“Yes!” Wuji’s eyes rose.

“Moreover, the dead may not really die forever.”

Hua Mengxue obviously knows a lot more than Wuji, and seriously said: “Reincarnation, no one can prove it is true, but no one can prove it is false.”

Wuji stopped talking, and his eyes stood up: “Brother Lincheng told me that there is a Divine Road in this world.”

“Do you want to turn it on?”

Hua Mengxue’s beautiful eyes shrank sharply.

Accompanied by Wuji for thousands of years, to never leave each other, just around Wuji, Hua Mengxue has also experienced strange changes, and it is not dead, the most obvious is that the red coffin that has been following her has disappear,

“I want to turn it on.”

Wuji is affirmative and serious: “Even if there is reincarnation in this world, what if you don’t live in the gods?”

“Do you want to be a god?” Hua Mengxue’s beautiful eyes burned.

“Become a god.” Nodded with certainty.

“If there is reincarnation in this world, then after becoming a god, I will step on Samsara Road and lead them back.” After saying this, Wuji’s eyes suddenly narrowed: “If there is no reincarnation, I will reshape it as a god Reincarnation!”

“I will be with you.” Hua Mengxue smiled happily.

Actually, this is the most fundamental reason why Promise will fight the two realms and unify the two realms.

Divine Court veterans set off, under the ancient banner, carrying armor and soldiers thousands of years ago.

I have to say that Promise is very strong, and it should be called the number one in the world.

People all over the starry sky are waiting to see the final curtain of Divine Court.

No matter how immortal and brilliant inheritance and myths are, they will wither.

These hundreds of thousands of Divine Court veterans–

It can only prove that Divine Court has been there.

After they passed away, where is the Divine Court in the whole world?

Over my eyes, that’s all.

You can be that famous, but he is the coach who has never appeared in the world-Promise appears.

Just when everyone was waiting to see the divine might show, killing everyone in Divine Court in one fell swoop.

Wuji suddenly burst into tears.

“Old Li Six, you old fellow is not dead yet!”

Wuji was really crying, he stared at which side of Divine Court was in the front, holding a Trident old man.

This old man is so old, not far from death.

Actually, since he was in armor, he never thought about living.

He just thought in his heart that this is his loyalty.

The world is the world of Divine Court.

Who dares to take it?

“Are you…Wujun handsome?”

Old Li is trembling at six. He is really old and dying. If he couldn’t bear to leave the crowd of Divine Court without a leader, he would have returned to Nether Nether.

This Old Li Six is ​​a reincarnation veteran.

“My Divine Court, endless!”

Wuji roared, shaking the two worlds.

“Divine Court! Invincible!”

Old Li Six shouted out ancient slogans.

But it is no longer impossible that the Divine Court army roars and the sun sets.

What is competing for the world.

Not important anymore.

Remote place.

“This is the world of the Lord of God…” Old Li Liu was smiling: “The Lord of God long life same as heaven, how could it pass away?”

He knows the inside story, and he knows that it is Lin Fan’s Small World that nourishes the new life.

“Tell me in detail about the scene when you saw Lin Fan last. You can’t leak a bit.”

Wuji stared at Old Li Liu, staring at his every move.

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