Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3621


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“Haha…hahaha…hehehe…my brother!”

Promise roared.

He whistles sadly between Heaven and Earth!

Hate my ignorance at that time, hate myself at that time the soul flew away and scattered.

He was not there when the brothers needed him most.

“The God Lord… seems to be in a demon. Before he sank into the coffin and leaves at any time, he glanced at this World, blood and tears dripped.”

Old Li opened his mouth six times, tears in his eyes: “The Lord is sad and desolate, killing all enemies, but there are only maimed parents and children in the world, how heartbroken when he turns and sinks into the coffin.”


Wuji roared, and the big sun on the sky suddenly burst: “There is me, I’m Promise! Where are you?”

The whole Heaven and Earth is the same sentence, echoing, the starry sky is full of sadness.

“Don’t be like this.” Hua Mengxue came, comforting Wuji in a soft voice, but her eyes were red: “At least I know that Xiao Nuo and Lin Fan are all right.”

Wuji looked back suddenly: “Xiao Nuo is dying, even Brother Lin can only let him go, is this all right?”

Hua Mengxue said: “You should know that Xiao Nuo is always different, he has his own way and way.”

“Marshal, what do you want? Tell me! I won’t fall in Divine Court, my blood should last absolutely years.”

Old Li smiled six grinningly: “I’m going to find the little young god. Although my old bones are old and decayed, they can still kill the enemy.”

Wuji fiercely closed his eyes, and then gloomily said: “Dominate the starry sky!”

Old Li’s eyes are bright!

In fact, it’s not just Old Li Six, the rest of Divine Court people are the same.

These old people, have you ever thought of unifying the starry sky?

It’s just that Lin Fan never thought about it.

Even if you have defeated the enemies of Three Thousand World, you are only aloof, not at all.

“Go, plant the battle flag of Divine Court everywhere in this world.”

Wuji eyes are cold and severe and gloomy: “Anyone who dares to stop, kill without mercy! I want to level the world in the shortest time, to find the ancient way in the shortest time, to become a god, to After breaking through the cycle of reincarnation, I want to find information about my brother. I don’t believe that they really died.”

Star Riot!

Divine Court will not be out for a long time.

Everyone thought that Divine Court was showing weakness and it was dying. They saw the veterans erect the backbone of Divine Court, and no newcomers joined.

But now, Wuji is here, sweeping the world, and smoothing out many unknowable places.

in the sky.

Lin Fan is still lying in the coffin, but the gelatinous material condensed by the demon blood has become thinner, and you can see the monsters and monsters all over Lin Fan’s face.

The magic pattern is very strange, gray, like a mysterious mark.

The red track on his face is full of red, which should be ugly, but with Lin Fan’s silver hair, it has a strange beauty.

Three Thousand World of Chaos.

This is the name of Promise.

He is now the star master.

But he has only used the Divine Court part to call the current Divine Court, and he called himself the Divine Court Lord.

This is not hypocrisy, but he has always believed that the god can only be one of the pair of father and son, and the others are unworthy, and they won’t work.

At this time, he got together with Hua Mengxue in the ancient book like a mountain, all around and supreme powerhouse, which has been dormant for several epochs.

It’s just that Wuji has arrived at this step, the top of the 8th Realm, and may take any step at any time to enter the nine realms.

Not to mention that there is another Hua Mengxue who is not weaker than Promise.

So no matter how strong these people are, they still follow the orders and come to Divine Court.

Divine Court, built on the remains of Three Thousand World.

“The Divine Court Hall Master, Divine Road in ancient times, does exist.”

This is an old fart with only one or two months of life span. The most commendable thing is not his cultivation base, but his weird means of detecting heaven.

“You know?” Wuji suddenly looked back, staring at the old fart like a beacon, and said: “Mystery Old Person, you know, this matter is very important to me. If you can really help me, I will My brother Lin Fan’s reputation swears that if there is a Divine Court in this world, he will protect your descendants.”

Mystery Old Person chuckled, with an open-mindedness to see through the world: “Where is there an indelible inheritance in this world? Where are there endless fireworks? These are unnecessary, and the old man really doesn’t know how this way is. Start, where is it.”

Wuji’s eyes were slightly cold: “Then why do you dare to say that it does exist?”

Mystery Old Person said: “Of course you can know things that others don’t know when you live a long time.”

“Tianji, it is said that you have the power to spy on the world, and even in your time, you were as famous as the heavenly secret of the heavenly clan, that is, for the title of Tianji, you have been fighting for 100,000 years. Because of the title fight.”

Someone spoke, smiled, and said: “At that time, you said that if anyone can destroy the heavenly clan, your heavenly secret can fortune the heavenly secret for him once, why not…”

Wuji’s eyes narrowed.

There is this layer?

“Okay.” Tianji laughed: “I’m going to die anyway. I don’t care about the so-called taboos.”

Wuji solemnly said: “Please help me, senior.”

Tianji was silent for a moment, and said: “Actually, if you can really find Divine Road in ancient times, it’s not just you Wuji who will step in.”

“What do you mean?”

Wuji, please.

“Since ancient times, I don’t know how many people have been waiting for the opening of Divine Road.” Tianji sighed, and said: “But at the wrong time, at the wrong place, and the ancient road that cannot be traced. Easy to meet? So…”

“So, those who are expected to become gods have suppressed themselves by top-secret methods during the flourishing period. The years must not leave marks on them, just waiting for the ancient Divine Road to open.”

Another person spoke, his eyes were very dignified, and he said: “So, if Divine Road is really opened in ancient times, it may disturb the long river of time, and the monsters from ancient times to the present will appear. I am afraid that even the gods once competed with gods. The power you have passed will pop out.”

“So scary?” Hua Mengxue had concerns in her eyes, and said, “Doesn’t that mean that if Divine Road opens in the ancient times, people from the realm of quasi-gods will appear?”

“No one can tell.” Tianji shook his head, and then solemnly looked towards Wuji, and said: “You have no destiny to become a god, so you have to think about it. Because of the promise of your youth, I am willing to give up this one for you Fate, divination, whether it is possible to find the ancient Divine Road, this is unknown, but even if you find it, you will not reach the end, and you will not be able to walk on the only true way to become a god.”

“Senior, please help.”

Hua Mengxue narrowed her smile.

Wuji suddenly looked towards Hua Mengxue.

Hua Mengxue sighed and said: “I know you, I know you, if you don’t take that path, if you don’t work hard, you will be restless and unhappy for life, why not accompany you to make a breakthrough.”


There was a flash of Shenhua in Tianji’s eyes: “Your fate has been changed, chaos, and the Purple Tenuity star always covers you, maybe you can really walk through that path! Maybe I can really help a future god!”

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