Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3622


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The words Tianji made a group of people horrified.

looked towards Wuji’s expressions all is wrong.

The future god!

These three words are too simple, but too intriguing if you think carefully.

It should be noted that Tianji never talks nonsense, he can really understand the secrets, even when he is sitting in meditation, he can catch and listen to the secrets.

At this time, he said that Wuji is sheltered by Purple Tenuity star, and the future fate is chaotic and magnificent.

Judging from various historical records and legends, this is an opportunity to become a god, and the fate will be revealed.

“What are you talking about?” Wuji looked towards Tianji, his eyes were slightly unkind, and he smiled coldly: “I Divine Court does not believe in fate, does not respect heaven, who can set the future for me?”

“Husband.” Hua Mengxue is frowned.

Wuji earnestly said: “This is Brother Lin’s cultivating philosophy. I only believe that the deity is invincible, and everything else is false. Naturally, we also feel very reasonable.”

“Okay.” Mystery Old Person sighed, and said: “I have a glimpse of the secrets of heaven. Naturally, there is a heaven in my heart. I have different ideas and don’t argue.”

Everyone in this room was very calm, afraid to speak out.

“Excuse me, Senior, when will I be able to…” Hua Mengxue said, but at the end, her tone faded, almost blown away by the wind.

In fact, if it weren’t for everyone here, they were very out of the ordinary, very refined, and could not hear or understand what Hua Mengxue was about to say.

But in fact, this does not blame Hua Mengxue.

It is too difficult to ask this sentence.

The main reason is.

Mystery Old Person has clearly stated that this time to glimpse into Heavenly Dao and explore Heavenly Dao, he needs to exhaust all his life.

As long as he does that, he will die if he doesn’t know whether he will succeed or not.

Then Hua Mengxue’s question at this time, in other words, is asking about the death date of Mystery Old Person.


But Mystery Old Person is very open-minded, smiling freely, and then said: “Of course, I need to take a look at my descendants, my family, and my pure land.”


laughed, he said: “My death is different from others. I was watching Heavenly Dao’s death by the backlash. It was a complete and eternal silence. Even if the world reincarnated, it was destined to be without me. I would always say goodbye.”

A group of people are solemn.

There is a big horror between life and death. There are few people who can face it with optimism like Mystery Old Person.

Mystery Old Person is gone, but the other Xeons are still left in Divine Court by Wu Jiqiang.

Wuji is afraid that Mystery Old Person will not be able to find the secret, and will not find the bits and pieces of the ancient Divine Road. When the time comes, these strong ones will be useful.

Only by the endless years of their lives, they can know many secret histories, which is a living ancient book.

The entire Divine Court is preparing for this.

According to Mystery Old Person’s instructions before leaving, he needed to collect blood and blood, the essence of the sun and the moon, the fire of the three plagues, and the soul of the five beasts.

No matter which one it is, it is very difficult to find. If it weren’t for Promise to unify the starry sky and establish a highly centralized country, these are also the things that are not available for thousands of years.

Yin and Yang two blood.

What is that?

Heaven and Earth opened for the first time, the moment when Heaven and Earth separated, the bloody breath left behind when Heaven and Earth separated.

Some people call it Primordial Chaos Purple Energy. Of course, it is more called the blood of yin and yang.

There is also the soul of the five beasts.

Dragon Phoenix Qilin Kunpeng Chaos.

Dragon Phoenix two races still exist in this world, it’s very simple.

But the other three have disappeared several epochs. If it weren’t for Wu Jiqiang that left the Xeons behind, how could this Supreme Treasure be squeezed from them?

This day has finally come, attracting worldwide attention.

Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the altar that is built as if to pass through the nine heavens above.

The altar does not know how high it is. The higher it goes, the bigger it becomes, and it becomes a funnel. The souls of the five beasts are tied in the five directions, the blood of yin hangs on the head of Mystery Old Person, and the blood of yang is in his heart beat.

Heavenly Might began to descend.

The existence that seems to be in the dark knows that someone wants to spy on the big fascination he is covering, and becomes angry, and wants to drop the Calamity Tribulation to the world.


The brown thunder of ten thousand zhang long moved towards the altar straightly, and straightly moved towards Mystery Old Person slashed.

This made the wait-and-see screams unconsciously.

This ten thousand zhang thunder is too daunting and terrifying, like a thunder snake with its big mouth open and swallowing down towards Mystery Old Person, and the closer it is to the current world, the bustling thunder snake becomes bigger.

When the distance to the altar is no more than thousand zhang, the rugged and terrifying Shekou is already boundless, as if to swallow all the Chaos Three Thousand World.

Even Wuji is horrified, the sword is already pointing at the sky, and he can make the strongest blow at any time.

But at this moment, the Kunpeng among the souls of the five beasts smashed out, and the sharp claw easily captured the thunder snake and swallowed him.

“Sure enough, there are some means.”

Wuji said with a slight peace of mind, “No wonder he can compete with the heavenly secret of the heavenly clan.”

Mystery Old Person is a weird robe, like a wizard in the countryside, dressing up as God, playing the devil, various bells and so on ring with his beating ding ding dong dong.

There are gods and demons roaring, and ghosts roaring, but they all revolve around Mystery Old Person, and they get close to his auricle from time to time, as if whispering something.

“hong long!”

The Great Earthquake, hundreds of thousands of strands of lightning fell, but it did not involve Mystery Old Person, but the illusory shadows that were close to his auricle were all dead and became fly ash under the lightning.

pu’ sound, Mystery Old Person coughs up blood.

Moreover, he directly hit the chest ribs with a fist, letting himself cough up more blood.

Blood spurted out and turned into a formation that outsiders didn’t understand, slowly flying towards the sky.

“Husband, can he do it?” Hua Mengxue questioned, always feeling that this Mystery Old Person is dressing up as God, playing the devil.

“I don’t know.” Wuji sighed: “But I can only try.”

Mystery Old Person is coughing up blood and getting older. After spitting out the last three mouthfuls of red blood essence, he seems to be in an instant and is hundreds of years old.

“Hall Master Wuji, I heard some heavenly sounds and understood some true meanings.”

Mystery Old Person was talking, but weak, and said: “One of the sentences is…Divine Road in the past is now, and the people of the past and present are outstanding, and the world will collapse.”


Wuji’s eyes were blank.

For the first half of the sentence, he had been prepared, and when he discussed that day, he was already prepared and prepared to deal with it.

But the next sentence-the world will collapse, what does it mean?

“I don’t understand either.” Mystery Old Person hehe laughed: “So, do you want to continue, Hallmaster?”

“Continue.” Wuji’s eyes stood up: “If you can’t become a god, it will be ants and maggots.”

The Tianyu Big Bang.

The whole world seems to be really going to collapse and can’t bear the truth that Mystery Old Person is listening at this time.

“I saw…”

With a loud roar, Mystery Old Person’s eyes burst open, his eye sockets sunken, and his eyeballs were so messed up that they could no longer be found.

“The future is too cruel. The heavens will bleed. There is only a magic coffin that crosses the sea of ​​blood and sails to the unknown distance, and walks on the only true path for the heroes of the past and present.”

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