Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3623


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“What the hell are you talking about?”

There was a Xeon roar.

Too terrifying is not exempt.

Following the words of Mystery Old Person, a blood-stained picture scroll appeared, and a magic coffin crossed a sea of ​​blood in the starry sky, sailing to the distant and unknown starting point, embarking on the so-called only true road.

And in that sea of ​​blood, the great world was flooded, and the bones of millions and millions of creatures floated. There were many corpses inside, even if they died, they still exuded a breath that made the world horrified. It must be nine realms, even quasi gods. The existence of, the result is all dead.

“Is this killing an era?”

Wou-ki was all horrified, feeling trembling.

“Wrong, this is from the past to the present…” Mystery Old Person added this sentence and said: “Hall Master, I know how to open Divine Road and where, but are you sure you want to do this? You It will be contaminated with great cause and effect. You should be like a lighthouse, guiding the heroes who sleep in various places and lost in the world to return.”

“Turn it on, don’t think about it, don’t ask.”

Wuji’s eyes are sharp: “Brother Lin said, the so-called gods, there is only one strongest in a period of time.”

“Okay, I have been on my watch, and Divine Road will appear in the past.”

Mystery Old Person talks utterly.

At this time, his whole person is transparent, and endless rain and rain sprinkled around the starry sky with him as the center. He stretched out his arms, as if embracing the entire world, wanting to become a feather.

“I am leaving…I am leaving.”

Mystery Old Person whispered, looking towards the bloodline descendants who were crying, and saw Wuji, and smiled bitterly: “No matter how free and easy what I said, I still don’t give up, even if I die, I can’t get great freedom. .”

“Don’t worry, what I promised will be done naturally. Your this lineage will be sheltered by Divine Court from now on. As long as the Divine Court lasts for a day, your family will enjoy glory and wealth forever, and no one dares to deceive or humiliate. Speaking very seriously and seriously.

In the brightest smile, Mystery Old Person died, and he opened his arms: “Those dear friends, the one you love most, I am here, after the soul flew away and scattered, can I find you?”

The altar collapsed, and Mystery Old Person disappeared once in the Three Thousand World of Chaos.

Wuji bowed, it was a farewell.

This is too rare.

At this time, he is not just in name only, but also in reality, the lord of the starry sky. The only person who can make him bow and bend is enshrined at the highest place in Divine Court.

Of course the god is Lin Fan.

But now, he is saying goodbye to Mystery Old Person.

“Divine Court belongs to and keeps an eye on everything in this world, but if something is a little unusual, tell me immediately.”

Wuji ordered that Divine Court belongs to every corner of the Three Thousand World like a cobweb.

It’s just because Mystery Old Person said that Divine Road will open in the ancient times, but he didn’t say the exact date or the direction. That’s all.

The years pass slowly, time passes slowly.

It has been a thousand years since Mystery Old Person spied the secrets.

During this millennium, Divine Court has added new children.

Hua Mengxue finally gave birth to a big fat boy for Wuji, who is inseparable from the name.

This millennium is absolutely extraordinary and absolutely restless.

Thousands of Space-Time Cracks have suddenly appeared, and they don’t know where they come from, but they are all connected with the Chaos Three Thousand World.

Moreover, from these Space-Time Cracks, a loud roar that makes the scalp numb is heard from time to time.

From time to time, the strong breath comes from the Space-Time Crack to suppress the world.

The most terrifying thing is a Space-Time Crack, which is directly connected to Divine Court. It is like a wild beast breathing sound, coming from the end of the crack, like thunder and drums.

This makes Hua Mengxue extremely worried.

I remembered the words of Mystery Old Person.

Wuji will be like a beacon, guiding the heroes of the past and present into this world.

Fortunately, although these Space-Time Cracks made the world panic, there was no real disaster.

Everyone knows that this is only temporary.

If every crack represents the return of a Xeon general, that would be the most terrifying disaster.

If these people who have been dormant in each epoch come to the Three Thousand World of Chaos, then-a catastrophe is coming.

“Husband, I am worried.”

Hua Mengxue lay in Promise’s arms, and in the cradle by the bed, a tender little Brat fell asleep peacefully; this is not to leave, when he was born, he directly sucked Spiritual Qi from Divine Court in the vicinity Star Domain Fuck, terrified the world.

“It’s okay.” Wuji lightly said: “Isn’t this what I want to see?”

“That is the most powerhouse that has fallen asleep in all ages, and they are all beings that are expected to become gods.” Hua Mengxue whispered: “Hundreds of birds are struggling, with endless blood, bones and sorrow, we might as well retreat, you You should know that Lin Fan is impossible to die.”

“Brother Lin does not die, but he needs help.”

Wuji was very silent. He stared at his son in the cradle and said, “You don’t understand how we met, nor how ordinary our group of people were when they met Lin Fan. In fact, they can walk. To this day, being able to live forever is a gift from Brother Lin, otherwise the impossible will meet you, the impossible will be inseparable, and the impossible will be the 8th Realm.”

“He is very strong and can push everything in the world. Maybe all he wants is the safety of you brothers.”

Hua Mengxue put forward different opinions, saying: “Perhaps Lin Fan is more pleased to have a second opinion when you go to the front line to fight and fight and wave the flag in the rear.”

Wuji’s eyes sink slightly, and he said: “The problem is, your Husband has never been a timid person. I also want to fight. In the first battle, we have been by his side since the end of the day. So in the future, I also hope I still have the qualification to accompany him to fight the world.”

“But have you ever thought, if something happens to you, what will happen to me?” Hua Mengxue wept.

Wuji held Hua Mengxue tightly: “No.”

An unpredictable place.

A mouthful of the magic coffin runs across, and the coffin lid is ajar, and the sleeping man can be seen inside.

The magic lines that crawled all over his face have been condensed, condensed into a mysterious mark between his eyebrows.

“Get out of the way, dare to block the way back today, are you looking for death?”

Someone suddenly yelled at him. This is the strongest person who has come back in time to become a god.

It just so happened that the space-time rift he tore was just freed from the coffin and blocked in the center.

How did this work?

It should be noted that he is the most powerhouse of the time.

If he was born in the right time and era, he might be God.

But at this time, he was blocked.

In the coffin.

Lin Fan is still sleeping, breathing long, he is dreaming the most beautiful dream.

But at this time, someone wants to wake him up from the dream of being surrounded by relatives and children’s knees, pulling back the cruel reality, and telling him that all relatives and close friends are dead.

“I will let you go away today, didn’t you hear?”

The Xeon, who walked back in time, was furious, and slapped directly at Demon Coffin Town. Time and Space Strength echoed. It did not belong to the skills and methods of Lin Fan’s era, but it was still extremely cruel.

Lin Fan has a slight pain between his brows.

He saw Leyao and others who were going away. He extended the hand, but couldn’t hold it. Impossible was staying for a while.

And, with a clang, this palm appeared directly in his dream, trying to strangle all his relatives.

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