Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3624


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This is a dream.

He prayed for a thousand years, the wonderful dream that he had only seen before.

I can wake up long ago, but I don’t want to wake up.

Is this an escape?

The dream is too beautiful, the reality is too bitter.

If possible, may live forever in a dream.

But now, someone has interrupted his dreams and will pull him into the abyss of pain.


Lin Fan woke up.

The great power of the soup has shocked all the world, and the impudent and publicity of the big time and space rifts are instantly low-key.

This is fierce and mighty, and the powers that suppressed the Three Thousand World of Chaos have concealed their breath, and even a few cracks disappeared directly, but various landmark mountains or rivers were selected as markers.

The powerhouse that shot to Lin Fan was horrified and horrified, and roared incredible: “You turned out to be a demon? How could it be!”

But no one answered him. Lin Fan didn’t even get out of the magic coffin. Only a big black hand suddenly protruded out of the coffin. The palm prints were first cracked, and then he moved forward.

This powerhouse roars and struggles. It uses all kinds of taboo tactics that kill an era silently. It stirs time and space, and the years collapse. This Space-Time Crack seems to be collapsing. .

Furthermore, a picture suddenly flashed from the outside world.

In the black magic coffin, a big hand suppressed time and space, like twisting a little chicken, to capture Xeon, who opened up the passage of time and space, back into the magic coffin.

At the same time, the numb chewing sound crunches and makes the scalp numb.

“Brother Lin!”

Wuji suddenly rushed out and rushed straight towards the picture, but it was useless. It was just the overlap and interaction of time and space. It was not that Lin Fan really appeared in this world. At this time, where is his true body? Maybe he didn’t know it himself.

“God Lord…”

Divine Court everyone is crying too.

Is it really a demon?

The big black hands.

And this tingling chewing sound seems to prove all this.

Unpredictable time and space.

Lin Fan is muddled. He remembers his dearest relatives and loved ones and close friends.

But who is he?

Already forgotten.

I don’t even know where I came from, and I don’t know where I will return.

To kill the Xeon who had disturbed his dreams, the coffin was closed tightly and followed the crowd again.

“Did you see? Brother Lin is still there. He is still alive and stronger. The Xeon is at least as good as me, at least the 8th Realm, which is like a plaything in his hands.” Wuji’s eyes opened. Light, staring at Hua Mengxue.

Hua Mengxue was very silent. After a while, she said: “But is he still him? He used to be so stalwart and bright, but now the demonic energy is towering, and the chewing sound is like a wild beast. Even if we meet again, will he recognize you and me?”

“Impossible!” A distorted color suddenly appeared in Wuji’s eyes: “Maybe Brother Lin is just a nightmare, just…”

Wuji can’t go on.

But I have to say that the strange appearance in the sky made Three Thousand World suddenly quiet.

Anyone who perceives the breath of Lin Fan is low-key, and dare not to be arrogant and despotic as before. As long as they are born, they must subdue the imposing manner of the Three Thousand World of Chaos.

“Brother Lin is Brother Lin. Whenever he is in this world, he can shock everything.”

Proud appeared in Wuji’s eyes: “Daughter-in-law, I have to work hard, I have been left more.”

Hua Mengxue was silent.

In the magic coffin.

Lin Fan is asleep, breathing like thunder, and the whole body is no longer as white as jade as before, but black and swarthy. Even the handsome face at this time is as black as charcoal and looks hideous and terrifying.

On the ten fingers, the nails of about one chi are growing, and the black hair is shiny, like ten sharp swords.

The magic coffin is like fuse together with him. Whenever he breathes, the black air from the coffin wall rushes into his nostrils, and when he exhales, the black qi flowing into his nostrils again Will appear, fade a bit, but will be swallowed by the magic coffin again.

This is a perfect cycle. Lin Fan is changing, but no one knows what it will look like in the end.


“Divine Road is about to start, you can try it.”

Thor looked towards Invincible and Invincible, etc., and said: “Of course, it will be very bloody, maybe it will not get through, and will die at any time, but this should be the most suitable for your current cultivation.”

Xiaotian bowed his head and said after a long while: “Will father embark on this road?”

Thunder God shook his head slightly: “I don’t know, from the moment he walked into the magic coffin, he was someone outside of fate. No one is impossible to guess that there is something about him.”

Qingyue said: “What does father mean?”

Leishen said: “He will be forgotten by this time and space.”

“How is it possible?” Leyao smiled and said: “If we remember him, how can we say that this time and space will forget him?”

“When the final layout is activated, the world and the universe are all pawns, how can you be an exception?” Thor lightly sighed, and said: “Even if it is me, I will remember him in the end Cut it off.”

“Then he is too pitiful.” Qingyue had tears flowing: “equivalent to he was abandoned by this time and space, let go.”

“Yes.” Mengshen sighed: “But maybe you can be an exception. You have embarked on a path like him. You can find him at the right time. Maybe in the end, he needs you to wake up when he finally jumps. His True Spirit.”

Thor disciple turned his head and looked towards Qingyue, with a gloomy expression in his eyes: “You can! Very difficult to deal with! Even if it comes to this day outside the Wanji, I dare to use my girl and never end with you! “

“Father, if you are looking for the madman who is plotting the end of the world, please call me.” Qingyue’s eyes are gloomy: “If you can’t say I have to ask him for an explanation, why dare to let me do this! Dare me This family bears the extreme pain of wanting to see but not not daring to see!”

Lei Divine Eyes flashed slightly, and then haha ​​laughed a long time: “Okay! The so-called tiger biological brother, when the time comes father calls you.”

Mengshen glared at Thor, and he touched his nose in a jealousy.

“We are gone.”

Undefeated, waiting to say goodbye, to leave, and to tear the passage of time and space, and finally to set foot on the Ancient Road of becoming a god.

“Dare to ask if only one person becomes a god on this road?” Xiaotian suddenly looked towards Thor.

The eldest brother is like a father.

He suddenly thought of a question.

If the final fruit position is really only one person can be achieved.

So, what do they do?

Could it be close relatives, really want to go shopping for that Supreme Dao Fruit?

“This world is different.” Thor glanced at Xiaotian, a little relieved: “Let’s put it down, the ancient Divine Road of this time is opened, maybe it can create a myth, the gods will rise together and rise to the last ascending god View.”

Leaving for a few hours.

This place is even more lonely and deserted.


Lin Fan wakes up occasionally.

But my eyes are full of confusion.

Occasionally, the coffin came out, but his eyes were gray and vast. It was an infinite void. Even with his power at this time, he couldn’t capture the breath of any ancient star, let alone where he was.

The most important thing is that he has forgotten who he is.

Just remember to become a god.

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