Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3625


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Become a god!

This seems to be a kind of magical thought, it is rooted in Lin Fan Soul Sea in this way.

To become a god, to reshape this chaos, to regenerate everything that has passed away in this world.

The Divine Road opened.

In the Three Thousand World of Chaos, there are clusters of fairy lights and mists, and there are dots of silver. The world is very splendid, and it is rendered very beautiful by these wonders.

The world is quiet.

The inner creatures are all trembling.

These wonders, in the eyes of many people, are just the drums of war before the catastrophe, just the first chapter of God’s tears and blood weeping.

Of course, this is far from the universal sorrow. At the very least, many people are looking forward to the biggest change in eternity to begin and truly come.

Even the gatekeepers of the Sunluo world roared from time to time, screaming about God, and torturing the gods who have disappeared in the world.


Several years have passed, and now it is.

They paid too much and wasted too much.

If there was no opportunity to become a god before, then that’s all, but in this world, the greatest changes in the ages will be opened, how can we not fight day and night?

I don’t know how many people are passionate; becoming a god is the eternal theme and pursuit of the cultivator’s society, and the desire of every cultivator.

If you push forward from this era, at least tens or hundreds of years, there will be no chance to become a god.

Who can not get excited?

Who can’t be enthusiastic?

Any cultivator who is expected to compete for the path of the gods is gearing up, even those old farts that are old and about to be forgotten by the world have jumped out of the coffin.

Everlasting personalities compete for a lifetime. This is terrifying and thrilling. At least it makes this chaotic Three Thousand World as thin as paper.

Everyone knows that even if this big world is strong, it can’t stand the Peak battle like the current Xeon stand in great numbers.

If the 8th Realm or the cultivator of the Nine Realms enjoys a battle, this World will die.


Suddenly, on the ruins of the original Celestial Clan, a terrible big crack appeared, and divine light and Xiahui overflowed from it from time to time.

That divine light is not false, but it really makes people feel the ultimate power of one after another, which is shocking and endless yearning in my heart.

Wuji is here.

Walk here with Hua Mengxue.

Those onlookers kept away.

This is not just in name only, but also in reality.

“Is this the Divine Road?” Hua Mengxue said, with a slight trembling sound.

Even if it was her, she had already reached the 8th Realm, but when she felt the ultimate power, she was already shocked.

Wuji’s eyes burned, and then coldly said: “Heh! Very good! The heavenly race should be destroyed!”

“It should be destroyed! This tribe has great ambitions.” Hua Mengxue’s words also became gloomy: “This crack is all around, there are many traces of man-made excavation, and there are floating white bones. Obviously, this family had thought of digging this Divine Road alone.”

“This is the eternal enslavement of the world!” Wuji said, “I wish I could pull out the stray pieces of the heavenly clan and kill them once.”

“hong long!”

A huge thunder appeared, smashing across the entrance of Divine Road.

Suddenly, the rift really exploded. It lasted several thousand zhangs, bright and intimidating, as if a flash of lightning flashed across the dark and haze in the sky, it was particularly eye-catching and dazzling.

Open into Divine Road!

This time really appeared. The few Space-Time Cracks that had been taken away by Lin Fan suddenly reappeared, and directly connected to this place, with a few chilling gazes passing through the Space- Time Crack, which has come after eternal years, is carved on this Space-Time Crack like a golden lamp.

“Hehe, the time has come, the deity will come to this world.”

Continuously running through the time and space channel on the side of Wuji, a grinning smile came, like an evil beast that had been trapped for 100,000 years was about to leave the gate.

“Heh… the deity? In front of me, who dares to call himself like this?”

This is just the beginning, and I’m already fighting for each other, half-step unsparing.

This is the case with Divine Road.

This is an uneven road, a journey of fighting.

“Everyone, we have been far away from the Great World for a long time. Let’s catch the starry sky master first to ask about this world.”

Someone suggested.

And, Shu Dao’s stern gaze stared at Wuji.

Wuji coldly smiled: “You come out, you can come to Divine Court to fight with me.”


“hehe…look up to yourself, the 8th Realm is nothing more than a snap.”

“It seems that the secret of my era was right. After as time goes by, the avenue is withered, and the cultivator’s society is gradually desolate. It turns out that the contemporary trifling 8th Realm can be the star master.”

“So weak, the whole world is too weak, two or three kittens and puppies.”

These Xeons are still in the space-time channel, but they all comment on the Three Thousand World.

“You nonsense!”

Some enthusiasts screamed and retorted: “That’s because all the supreme powerhouses of our era were killed in battle, and there was a natural disaster that buried the 9-Layer nine’s Xeon, otherwise, where would you dare to be so arrogant?”


“Heh…the little scum in the four realms of the gods, dare to confront the deity?”

In the space-time passage that showed the black brilliance, there was a cold laughter, and the latter big hand covered with dragon scales suddenly appeared and patted the blood cultivator of the four realms.

Time and space are distorted and chaotic. As soon as this hand appears, there is a peculiar demeanor that will conquer the world.


Wuji raised his eyebrows, shook his hand at the dragon scales, said with a smile coldly: “Divine Court is still there, who can hurt anyone in this world?”

“Divine Court! Very familiar, suspected to have heard of it in the eternal time.”

Someone even uttered such a whisper.

This sentence, few people can hear it.

With a bang, the big hand exploded, but the fingers that Wuji went out also exploded.

“Interesting.” The person who shot the shot sneered: “But if you only have this ability, please kneel and welcome us back as soon as possible.”

Wuji didn’t speak, but felt the pressure of boundless, and he was fully burdened by his shoulders.

He seems to understand a little bit why Lin Fan is always a high-spirited fighter, and he doesn’t dare to stop at all.

Just because the burden is too heavy and heavy.

Sighed and said: “If Brother Lin is still there, you don’t even have the courage to cross the passage of time and space.”

“Heh… a joke, just a dead person. If he is really strong, how can he die? If he is dead, he will prove not strong enough and be eliminated.”

“Really?” Wuji stared coldly at the space-time passage where the sound was heard, and ridiculed: “It seems that when the magic coffin was shown in the world, you were the first person to disperse the passage? Are you sure if he Now, do you dare to speak wildly?”

The person who had just spoken was silent slightly, and then jié jié smiled: “What if he is here? If the deity’s true body is not available, it is naturally not suitable to fight with him, but when the deity’s true body arrives, what kind of monsters, ghosts and snakes will be destroyed with a sword. “

“Well, I really hope you can meet one day, when the time comes, I see how you die.”

Wuji’s words are cold, and then looked towards all around: “They are all scattered, they are all far away, even if there are weird methods that can take one step at a time, but at least it will take a hundred days to truly come out.” /p>

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