Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3627


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There was anger and hatred for a few children. The killing intent is like boiling water in a furnace. I really want to kill the planner hiding in the end.

Too hateful and kill.

They have no intention of being in this world, let alone worry about the eternal layout; what does it have to do with his family?

I never thought about it that way. I just want to avenge my grievances and then idle cloud wild crane. Finding a place with great scenery to live simply and purely will not work, and I will be involved in the greatest chaos of the ages.

At this time, their uncle, nephew, and brother are waiting to be parted, and they set foot on this Divine Road.

Go here, wind, frost, snow and rain add to the body, ten thousand zhang blood blocks the road, endless corpses, life and death unknown, and the risk is unpredictable.

After years, I may not see it forever, so sad.

“Take care.” Lin Tian sighed: “I hope we are all well, in the future… Father needs us.”

“Brother, don’t worry, I will be famous on Divine Road, and I will be famous in time and space. Maybe my father can find it.”

Undefeated speaks, eyes are full of dazzling brilliance.

He is high-spirited, different from Lin Tian and others. He is full of anticipation. He is eager to see everything on Divine Road in the ancient city, and he wants to fight the enemies.

The dragon has nine sons are all different, and so are Lin Fan’s heirs.

For example, Xiaoxi.

Dream God and Thor are bluntly speaking, just talking about becoming a god, Xiaoxi is the most promising person.

But she doesn’t like it. She only likes to be company with flowers and plants, and friends with birds and animals. She sniffed the fragrance of refreshing medicine in the ancient medicine field.


The Three Thousand World is in chaos.

The fight is endless, the fight is endless.

In order to compete for the divine light that emerged from the ancient Divine Road.

This is actually very cruel. In just a few years, many powerful clans have withered because of competing for these divine lights.

Divine light can help people break the mirror, and even have the miraculous effect of life and death, but it is also the most deadly trap.

So far, Divine Court has not been coveted by the heroes, and the only one who can collect this divine light in the bag is Divine Court.

The rest of the ethnic groups are not good enough, and they don’t have enough deterrent power to convince them.

Actually, at the beginning, Wuji ordered to stop fighting.

But it’s useless, it’s crazy.

Later, Wuji just left it alone, leaving it alone or watching it would make the world more chaotic.

The battle is endless, and the fight is endless. Blood and chaos have become the main theme of Chaos Three Thousand World.

Partial life at this time, the most terrifying major event appears——

Just around all around in the Three Thousand World of Chaos, one after another giant life star projections appeared.

It was just a projection, but it was scary enough to find the most suitable orbit for one’s arrival, shattering one after another broad and vast expanse.

The most intriguing thing is that on these projections, there are all spirits multiplying, and the picture of powerhouse fighting the sky appears from time to time.

This all proves that these ancient star projections really exist and are not a mirage.

It does exist in this time and space, or somewhere in the starry sky, but it is too far away from here, so far away that it is not reasonable.

But, at a long distance, as long as he comes, or you go to him, one day you can meet.

In Divine Court.

Wuji’s eyes are stern and solemn: “Is this what the dead Mystery Old Person said?”

Hua Mengxue also looked solemn and worried: “I don’t know what the realm of these great realms are. Court .”

The killing intent flashed in Wuji’s eyes, and he said abruptly: “Divine Court is immortal, not falling. As long as I Wuji is there, who can cut the flag of Divine Court?”

“hong long!”

Just now.

The brightest and dazzling projection suddenly solidified, the chaotic Three Thousand World earthquake, many big stars were shaken off their orbits, shaking the sky, and becoming a reality.

This kind of impact cannot be described, but where the big star is solid, a mushroom cloud sweeping across the entire universe rises, and the blazing light shines everywhere, the light is too strong, and the temperature is too high.


Chaos Three Thousand World all around, countless large formations suddenly activated, propping up a majestic array of light.

This is the method that Wuji laid out early, starting from the time I saw those projections.

Now I see results.

Without these big formations, the Three Thousand World of Chaos would have caused a great cleansing. In such a shocking event, I am afraid that only the cultivator at Ruler Level can survive.

“The ridiculous world, petty gains, killing inextricably, as everyone knows, after the integration of this kind of big world, all Supreme Treasure, etc., may be your reminder.”

Hua Mengxue laughed ridiculously.

Wujidao: “Divine Court prepares for battle, only prepares for battle.”

“Yes, only preparations.” Hua Mengxue said solemnly, and then said with a bitter smile: “Divine Court seems to have never seen such a situation where no one is available…”

Wuji gave a sorrowful laugh.


Look around then.

Divine Court has invincible generals.

There is Legion who dominates the starry sky. Who dares to be the one who has hell and reincarnation in the world?

There are also planning strategies ten thousand li beyond invincible military divisions.

But now?

He is the only two left.

This ancient star suddenly descended into the Three Thousand World of Chaos, which indeed caused those fighting and fighting warlords to temporarily stop.

At the same time, there was great trepidation in my heart.

How long has the world war just stopped?

It hasn’t faded from people’s memory yet, is it going to come again?

And, if you look carefully, you can see that after each projection, there is a vast space-time channel connected, which proves that those who will return in time and become the most respected on Divine Road, They all come from these ancient stars of life, and they all have their own origins and roots.

The arrival of the first big star naturally means that a supreme powerhouse will return.

After half a month.

In Divine Court.

“My Patriarch is kind and can’t bear the bloodshed in this world, so he came to Zhao’an.”

This person who speaks aloof and remote, eyes high above the top, looks at the Promise couple with the tip of his nose, unspeakable contempt.

Wuji smiled.

Savage and cruel!

His Divine Court has stood for ten thousand years.

This is the first time anyone dared to come to his Divine Court so impudent.

“Go away, don’t kill you today, go and tell your family master, Divine Court does not cause trouble, and is willing to make friends with each other, but if he starts the battle, take responsibility for the consequences.”

Wou Ji is very ice forest.

But in the end, this man was not killed.

Two handles don’t cut to fight, this is one.

The second point is that Wuji never knows who the master of this person is, and how capable it is.

This person left, only a trace of exhaustion appeared in Wuji’s eyes.

Said with a smile: “Maybe I really can’t protect the banner of Divine Court.”

Hua Mengxue smiled: “At worst, we used the blood of the two of us to finally color the battle flag, which does not mean that the power of Divine Court is damaged.”

Wuji rubbed Hua Mengxue’s long hair and smiled.

“Don’t try to deal with me the way Lin Fan deals with his women.”

Hua Mengxue glanced at Wuji and sighed.

In time and space, dozens of people returned with time, and returned with time.

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