Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3670

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How heart-piercing is this roar and yelling?

That is the Northern King.

The sole of this golden foot was too ruthless. It kicked him on the ground, and the toe touched its face, and then fiercely crushed it like a fire star.

Bone cracking sounded, and half of his cheeks and head were crushed.

Of course pain and pain.

But at this time, the Northern King might not feel any physical pain, only endless shame and anger.


Bei Wang exploded, and then regrouped in the distance.

In fact, this is very damaging. Even if you go to this step and abandon your fleshy body so strongly, it will still be inappropriate.

But what?

He still does this, and he does not hesitate to bury the hidden dangers and use the time to settle in the future.

Just because that posture is too shameful, how can I stay for a second?

“What is the dog barking?”

golden silhouette angry.

His state is too strange.

It was supposed to be flesh and blood, but it was too vague, like the rootless duckweed drifting in the world, but although vague, it gives people a sense of reality.

The heroes are sore!

This is the Northern King.

He is called Zun on the Beitian Road, and is known as the king of that road. He has been rampant for a long time and has never failed.

But at this time, someone stomped on his head and crushed half of his cheek.

This is too horrible, as if the god in the heart collapsed. Especially, those followers brought by the Northern King had empty eyes like faith disappeared in an instant, lost and lost in an instant, without knowing anything.

This is the king they follow, undefeated in this life.

But at this moment, I was stepped on my face.

“I promise, no matter which galaxy you come from, no matter what brilliant ancient star you came from, you will die, but everything related to you will pass away, and the ancient star that nurtures you will also be guilty. This king gave him the death penalty!”

The Northern King is too rugged. The extraordinary shame and humiliation made him forget the king’s demeanor. He cursed like a reckless man here, and he must punish everything.

“Stop this seat?”

The golden silhouette hehe smiled and fought each other. He stepped forward, banged, two simple steps, but the air condensed, and then transformed into two huge soles again, and stepped on to the North King.

Lin Fan’s eyes are slightly red.

He seemed to want to say a thousand words with this golden silhouette, but in the end he was speechless.

When only two of them looked at each other, there was a trace of sadness and pain.

This golden silhouette is of course Lin Long.

During that battle, God and Soul were extinguished. If he hadn’t been transformed by Lin Fan Martial Spirit, he might not be able to reproduce in this life.

But even now, nourished by the Lightning Martial Spirit for countless years, he still has not been able to recreate his flesh and blood.

In that battle.

Lin Long also lost his wife and children, and can never be found again.


When the two roared and looked at each other at the same time, the scenes of cruelty and sorrow rushed to their hearts, how can they forget, how can they dare to forget?

Time is useless, time is incompetent, and cannot erase the cracks and depressions hidden in the deepest part of my heart. Blood is dripping at this time.

“This king will destroy all your relatives, and will explode the stars of life where you live with a long fist. Remember, all this is because of you, because of you, even after death, you will be tortured forever , And never reincarnate.”

The Northern King is too hideous, and what he said makes people chill.

But Lin Fan and Lin Long’s eyes are blood red!

Cut off family members.

Blast the ancient stars.

The two erupted, Lin Fan swept through purgatory hell, this purgatory hell turned into a hell, square, if you condense the abyss that can swallow the starry sky in your hand, suppress it, you can swallow Three Famous Mountains and Five Sacred Mountains, can absorb the light of the universe, countless black chain crash-bangs, pouring out from that infinite prison, like the arm of a god and demon, nailed through the void, winding towards the emperor.

“What is this?”

The emperor roared.

This thing is so scary.

Although he had never been surprised by this thing, the breath made him tremble.

“Emperor Sword!”

He roared, and a five-color big sword appeared in his hands. This is the Supreme Emperor sword made of five kinds of mother gold, which is almost unique among the soldiers in this level.

It was also at this time that Lin Fan understood why he dared to take the name of the emperor and run tens of thousands of years.

Because he has a great opportunity!

Note that mother gold is too scarce, even if it is a god, it is impossible to find one if there is no predestined method.

The five kinds of mother gold are completely different. At this time, after being cut out, they will become five-colored giant swords, which are divided into five directions, like the jade pillar, to resist the gods and demons who are entwined with him. Arm.

And his deity roared, shattering the time and space of the prisoner, retreating 30,000 feet away, staring at the infernal hell that still released endless black mist.

“Emperor Artifact is gone, how do you fight me?”

Lin Fan chuckled slightly, he squinted at the emperor, nodding at his head.

The emperor’s face is slightly cold: “The sword is here, and the emperor is not dead, who can take the emperor’s sword?”

“Does the last sentence mean death by sword?” Lin Fan smiled, jokingly.


Di Zhonghe is coldly snorted.

But it does mean that.

It should be noted that he has been cultivating this sword for countless years and planted indelible marks and marks. It has long been one with him. How could it be easily destroyed? How could it be easily taken away?

“It seems you are really going to die today.” Lin Fan’s expression was a little cold and severe.

“Look at who died!” The emperor grinned.

Lin Fan didn’t make any sense, but he flicked his fingers and flicked. It was wounded towards the emperor, and the chains like gods and demons suddenly rolled back, wrapping all of them on the sword, turning it towards the Hell Pulled away.

The emperor swords contended, and billions of sword intents bloomed, but it was useless. Slash could only splash a little firework on the chain.


The emperor’s face changed suddenly. He pinched out all kinds of seals and made all kinds of tricks. He wanted to manipulate his soldiers, and used the various Dao Marks and ultimate moves engraved by Sword Soul to break free from this strange shackle.

But impossible.

no stronghold one cannot overcome, there is nothing to break.

The Emperor Sword was pulled into the Absolute Prison, wailing sounded, and a heavenly sound like the crack of the heavenly string came from the Absolute Prison.

The emperor coughed up blood, then screamed.

At this moment, he felt that his Divine Soul was cut in half by fiercely. It was too painful and unbearable, but what was more terrifying was the feeling of being suddenly cut off with his weapon. .

Yes, I can no longer feel the existence of the Emperor Sword that had been with his life!

“What did you do? Where is the Emperor’s sword? Hand it over, and the Emperor will give you a good death!”

Roaring, roaring, the emperor lost his sense.

Everyone can see that the emperor has no sense of victory anymore. If he was so hysterical during the first war, he would rush directly.

“At this step, you are not worried about your own life, but you still threaten your deity. Are you really used to aloof and remote?”

Lin Fan smiled, the bell and the halberd came out, attacking the Emperor in the most violent way!

The main defense of the clock can be blocked at any time in front of the Emperor’s attack. The main attack, one attack, one defense, too terrifying, is terrifying!

Is this Lin Fan’s full strength?

Suddenly at this time, it’s too oozing!

Perhaps the so-called emperor, from the very beginning, has not been seen directly by him.

God cry!

It was the emperor’s head that was chopped off by the halberd, and the blood in the chest rushed to the sky, and then it fell into rain.