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Damn it!

This person is too sinister attentive, good at illusion, and even used it at this time to guide him to the most second seat; let him miss the greatest fate.

Any grudges?

Not at all, how come this person has never seen hatred?

Lin Fan’s eyes are sharp and sharp. This is Divine Road. He really can’t stop half a step, half a step can’t be careless, he needs to be cautious and serious at any time, and must concentrate attention completely, otherwise there will be big troubles.

The golden lightning glow under the feet is intertwined, condensed into the Great Dao Mark, and continue to move forward. The powerhouse that used intrigue to send Lin Fan into the last seat looked back and smiled.

“What kind of thing, even the deity’s illusion is not able to see through.” This person ridiculed, and then continued to stride forward to the puppet group, his eyes are bright, with expectation and excitement.

This is the best seat. He has half the great opportunity of Dragon Transformation Pond, which can help him with the foundation. These foundations will be transformed into the capital for growth on Divine Road.

“hahaha…Lin Fan, you were fooled and acted as an opener, but in the end you got the lowest seat!”

This person laughed, hahaha, and the sound was like a thunderbolt, shaking the golden ripples in the Dragon Transformation Pond, and made all the powerhouses that entered it stare at the Lin Fan walking towards the seat.


A group of people laughed.

“hehe ……hahaha ……”

I don’t know how many people are laughing and mocking.

“Lin Fan, do you know that when the seat of this Dragon Transformation Pond is seated, is it impossible to change it? Well, thank you for giving yourself up and taking the most garbage seat first.”

This person speaks again, frigid irony and scorching satire.

“It’s time to kill!!”

Lin Long roars, he wants to do it.

Kill another person in this Dragon Transformation Pond.

No way.

This Dragon Transformation Pond is so weird, it turned out that at the moment when his killing intent was raised, there was a mysterious and strange aura flowing in, purging his heart, letting him calm down in an instant; killing intent, then It can’t raise a strand.

“In the Dragon Transformation Pond, murderous intention is not good, don’t you understand? It is indeed surprising and inexperienced!”

Someone laughed again and pointed Lin Long mocking.


Suddenly, Lin Fan chuckled: “There are thousands of illusions in the world, and all kinds of methods are useless to me.”

“Heh…but you…”

This person was originally prepared to sneer, and pointed to Lin Fan not to see the Yellow River, and the heart is not dead, Won’t shed tears till you have seen your coffin!

But it suddenly screamed, exclaimed, and then shuddered all over.

Because he can see clearly, the seat in front of him is not the highest throne, but the one with the lowest seat!

“How come!”

This person roars and roars, unbelievable, why is this?

He saw Lin Fan, like the Supreme Sovereign in the world ascended to the throne, slowly and resolutely took the first seat, his majestic eyes moved, with joking and majesty.

“no! The deity wants to get the Great Heaven Fate, why is it so!”

This person is roaring and mocking.

He thought he had succeeded in his strategy, but he could hide it from the sky until Lin Fan sat ignorantly on the most trash seat at the end, and he was the best place to monopolize. He had half the chance of this Dragon Transformation Pond and became The biggest winner this time.

But the result is…

“You don’t deserve to sit in that seat, roll down the deity!”

The man grinned, he suddenly bounced up, bowed like a tight bowstring, shooting himself as an arrow, and pulling Lin Fan down from the highest seat, preferably directly Beheaded.

crash-bang ……

As a result, as soon as he left the seat, on the white jade seat, several chains entangled him!

This too terrifying, several chains, are all but cold, like a merciless lance, orienting this person’s limbs, making him yell in horror, not daring to mess around, and the tortoise shrinks into the throne.

Lin Fan’s eyes are getting colder!

This man really deserves to die.

It is conceivable that if he is really hit by that weird method, is fascinated by the illusion, and sits on the seat of the second time, he can only resign himself to his fate, watching the greatest opportunity be taken away by others, and he is powerless.

Of course, because of this change, everyone is more cautious and careful, and at the same time they looked towards a face gloomy with joking eyes, but they can only passively accept the person who can only occupy the last place.

Actually, this person is very strong. In terms of real strength, he can at least be ranked in the top five of the Dragon Transformation Pond this time.

If he is following the steps, he can get a good position, but now…

Those who are not like this, one by one eyes golden light!

This is really good news.

The weakest people are far away from the second seat, making them all happy.


Emperor Dongque smiled contemptuously and walked straight to the northeast seat, but when he was halfway, he saw Lin Long’s sharp eyes, after a little thought, he turned around and walked to the other side.

In fact, for the ten seats, very few people were able to frighten the audience and make others afraid to fight, so there was a short-term battle, but everyone might be afraid of the weird Dragon Transformation Pond, so there were no casualties.

Soon, ten seats have been set, and they all sit up.

Lin Fan looked towards Yijian Xilai over there——

“Lord, although we have already entered the Dragon Transformation Pond, when Dragon Qi will swarm you, it is not certain that you and me will be washed away. Maybe the next moment, maybe the next month.” A sword came to the west. Knowing Lin Fan’s eyes, he wanted to know something, so he opened his mouth and said: “It is recommended that the lord closed-door cultivation. There are ancient rumors. In this Dragon Transformation Pond, I feel and closed-door cultivation. .”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly.

But I didn’t say much. As expected, the others had already closed their eyes and closed-door cultivation to kill the boredom in this Dragon Transformation Pond.

Lin Fan was immersed in his mind, swimming in the road, and Lin Fan gradually lost himself.

But at this time, the dragon egg that has been in his Soul Sea for how many years trembles slightly, and it seems that a dragon roar rises gently…

Just nobody knows.

Including the current Lin Fan, all are immersed in the Supreme cultivation realm brought by this Dragon Transformation Pond.

Golden ripples, the glow that shines like dragon scales, and; the pool water is surging, like a big dragon lurking deep in the bottom of the water, looking towards these ten people through the waves.

At this moment, the expressions of the ten people sitting on the seats were slightly unnatural. If they were stared at by a big object, they would secretly watch for their weaknesses, and they would strike at any time.

Lin Fan’s eyebrows were tightened, and then his eyes suddenly opened. Two sharp pupil lights cut through the surface of the water and looked towards the depths of the water.

What is that?

dragon scales?

How can it be so big?

It is like the entire Dragon Transformation Pond, which is carried by this dragon scales. It is too vast, a piece of dragon scales, like an ancient star.

But if you look closely, it doesn’t seem to be a single piece of dragon scales. It’s more like countless pieces of similar colors. Dao has the same origin of the accumulation of dragon scales, so people mistakenly think that this is just one piece.


There is an uneasy tremor in Divine Soul.

Lin Fan was surprised, then stunned, and finally showed a surprised expression.

He held out the dragon egg, his eyes were very distant.

This dragon egg has followed him for too long. At that time, he was very young. It should be the first time I met Qingcheng.