Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3673


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For so many years, Lin Fan almost lost time and forgot the existence of this dragon egg.

But at this time, it was buzzing, trembling, expressing an emotion of urgency and desire, which made Lin Fan feel happy for a while, and then sad.

“What are you expecting?”

Lin Fan whispered.

He didn’t understand what the dragon egg wanted to express at all, so he could only vaguely read the urgency, and if he touched away with consciousness, it would be chaos and too messy.

Occasionally I can see some pictures hidden in the dragon egg, and it is all killing. The occasional warmth is amidst flowers and in the moonlight ——

That is Snow Beauty!

is the protagonist in another screen.

Lin Fan stared at the dragon egg. After a while, he muttered: “Are you the Dragon King?”

He had this doubt more than once, but in the end he was not sure.

But now, after seeing these images, he is sure.

If it weren’t for the Dragon King, how could she be in the memory?

“Going out?” Lin Fan asked softly.

At this moment, he did feel this expectation from the dragon egg, and he wanted to go out and soak in the Dragon Transformation Pond.


The dragon egg trembled and shook, like an eager child who couldn’t express what he wanted.

“It’s very dangerous. This Dragon Transformation Pond looks calm, but in fact, murderous intention is everywhere. Are you sure you want to go out?” Lin Fan asked, very serious.

This is just a dragon egg.

But Lin Fan didn’t dare to underestimate it. After all, this was the former Dragon King. Even if he didn’t have the power and power during his lifetime, it was just a dragon egg, but it could not be judged by common sense.

“Okay.” Lin Fan seemed to be communicating with people and respected, both of his hands gently leaned forward, then let go, letting the dragon egg fall into the golden dragon pond.

The so-called like a fish back in water is basically the same. When the dragon egg falls into the water, the dragon pool is full of waves. Lin Fan’s eyes have been fixed on the dragon egg, diving into the water, and then towards the bottom After falling, I came into contact with the dragon scales, which are composed of thousands of True Dragon dragon scales.

wu wu swallow.

There was indeed this sound, as if sorrowful, like weeping.

Like a wanderer who has been away from home for 100,000 years, but only sees tombstones when he returns home.


On that dragon scales, clusters of colorful colors exploded, making the Dragon Transformation Pond illuminated by golden light suddenly gorgeous. In the exploded colorful colors, thousands of True Dragons roared .

Dragon Transformation Pond suddenly turned on!

No reaction time was given at all.

Under the white jade throne, one after another surging Dragon Qi suddenly rushed out, and it poured into the human body above the throne.

“pu 呲……”

Lin Fan spouted blood.

It was too sudden.

When Dragon Qi rushed into the body, he felt that he had been delayed countless times, and his entire skeleton was completely shattered. Even Divine Soul was peeled off many times, and the soul garment was peeling like an old tree.



“Damn it! Why didn’t you have any hints! How weird this time!”

All the entrants are yelling and vent their pain in this way.

Even if it is Lin Long, even if he does not have a real flesh and blood body, but at this time, he has a hideous expression and a low growl scares people to death, if the wild beast is seriously injured.

But it feels too strange. The skeleton and the body are being delayed, but they will heal only in an instant, and there is a very mysterious force, ironing everything about him, the scars left over so many years of fighting, those The deepest wounds hidden in my heart, the hostility that has been suppressed in deep in one’s heart, etc…

Too much.

But now, everything is fading.

The hatred seems to be forgotten, flattened by some kind of power, and faded away.

Gradually, Lin Fan feels detached. He has left the turbid world. His soul and body are slowly floating. He wants to live in Divine Kingdom, become a member of it, and overlook the world of red dust.

The same is true for other people. The pain that covered their faces is gone, but they seem very intoxicated, as if they are having their best dreams.

This feeling is so intoxicating. After the ultimate pain, the ultimate pleasure, soaked in the soul and body, makes people float, and feel that feathers are just this.

But soon, Lin Fan frowned, with doubts in his eyes.


It’s just that the Dragon Qi that surging forward has faded. It’s not enough for him to continue to feel the joy of being far away from the world and crossing the Divine Kingdom. The most important thing is that he feels that it heals his pain and The hostile mighty force is gone.

Suddenly, Lin Fan felt it.

The Dragon Qi, who was swarming towards him, was dragged strangely and moved towards the other side.


Lin Fan’s tongue is spring thunder, and the murderous intention in his eyes is hehe!

At this step, how dare someone break ground on Tai Sui?

“Is it you?”

Lin Fan baleful qi thirty thousand zhang!

He sees who it is!

Suddenly it was the treacherous man who wanted to lead him to the last seat.

At this time, this person took out a bowl, and muttered a weird incantation in his mouth. The bowl is very incomplete, but it has Buddha’s radiance. When it is chanting, there will be many illusory of gods and Buddhas. The shadow flashed, and then poured into the mouth.

A black hole that is not too big is formed, facing Lin Fan.

This is the root cause. Lin Fan felt that Dragon Qi was deprived and led to another place.

“Tsk tusk, the biggest opportunity in it is mine after all, and no one can take it away.”

The man grinned.

The sudden change here is surprising, and all looked towards both parties.

This Lin Fan is too tragic. He has been targeted many times. This time it is even more ruthless. It turned out to be taken away from all Dragon Qi and all the opportunities that originally belonged to him.

Lin Fan stared at this person in this way, and asked softly: “Who are you? Could it be that my dearest relative who killed you by accident?”

It seems that only this reason can make sense, otherwise, why does this person need to?

“Oh, you are worthy to fight against my dearest relatives?” The man grinned: “I just can’t understand you, it’s feasible? I think you can be deceived, it’s feasible? I want to take your chance, it’s feasible?”

Lin Fan didn’t want to say anything.

Everyone else has perfectly cleared, so when it comes to this clearly, what else can I ask?

Hehe smiled, and Lin Fan said: “Originally, I only took the opportunity I should have, but if you are so, then don’t blame me for being ruthless. I’m sorry, you have the opportunity.

A group of people have weird eyes.

Lin Fan is really strong.

But just battle strength.

Be aware that Long Chi has already started at this time, and the seats under him are firmly imprisoned and are not allowed to leave.

Battle strength is useless here.

And this guy named Sanshi Seng; he is holding a Buddha artifact, and this Buddha artifact has a big background. It has shocked more than one era, and claims that when it is fully activated, it can completely accommodate a piece of Star Sea.

At this time, the third monk was only used to extract the trifling Dragon Qi.

But Lin Fan dared to brag about it, trying to plunder the chance of the third monk.