Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3674


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That’s a Buddhist artifact!

One of the treasures left by Buddhist Sect, and it has been activated, how can I stop it?

At this time, all those who know the power of this thing are worried.

I’m afraid that this third-generation monk will suddenly attack him and deprive himself of the opportunity.

If this is true, how to fight against it?

You must know that these three generations of monks are already extremely strong, and after receiving the baptism of the Dragon Transformation Pond, they will definitely go further.

When the time comes, I’m afraid that even if I want to get out of the Dragon Transformation Pond and go to liquidation, I can’t do it.

“You can rest assured, you won’t do anything to you, bite off more than one can chew, I still understand this truth.”

The third monk smiled, proud and happy, and then he pointed to Lin Fan: “If you initially gave up the seat of the East to this Monarch, you can still occupy a good seat with your ability, but Now, you have no chance. In the Dragon Transformation Pond, all the opportunities have nothing to do with you.”

Lin Fan sneered, the god bell of Chaos Town flew up, and then the mouth of the bell was pointed at the side of the third monk.

But soon, the mocking smile on Lin Fan’s face disappeared.

It’s just that the unfavorable Chaos Town God Clock has no effect or effect. Even if it has been activated to the extreme by him, it still can’t absorb even a trace of Dragon Qi.

“It’s useless. In front of my Buddhist artifact, all treasures will be like waste.”

The third monk smiled too impudent, full of aloof and remote.

Lin Fan took out the divine clock, solemnly, but it turned out to be like a joke, which attracted countless people’s laughed heartily, with contempt and unbridled ridicule.

“Lin Fan, you are like a clown at this time, doing those useless tasks and laughing out loud.”

“Why don’t you accept it calmly? You can’t resist, the Buddha’s artifacts can control all the artifacts. This is not just talking…”

“hahaha… Laughing to death, this deity, is this a turtle walking out of that corner, have you not even heard of this Buddhist artifact?”


Too much mockery, one sentence per person, everyone talking at once.

“jié jié…I don’t think you need to be ugly, why bother to consume the prestige you have earned in exchange for your life?” Emperor Dongque smiled: “The Buddha artifact was born, the fault is not equal to it, or even better Device, otherwise it’s useless.”

Lin Fan glanced at Emperor Dongque with cross-brows.

Thinking for a moment, took out Purgatory, and then pointed finger towards Buddha artifact.

“What is this again? Do you think that the big clock made of mother gold in your hand is useless. It looks like a pile of junk can compete with the Buddhist artifact in my hand?” The eyes are too weird, looking at the Purgatory Hell floating above Lin Fan’s head, it’s too ridiculous…

Yes, but anyone who has witnessed the power of this thing will change color at this time!


Lin Fan didn’t respond, but Purgatory buzzed.

Although he is dead, he has a remnant spirit.

It seems to have sensed the humiliation, etc., so he flew directly, traversed things, and suppressed the third monk!

“What the hell is that!”

There was a little panic in the eyes of the third monk.

Even if it is this heavy treasure in his hand, Buddhist Sect is one of the few heavy weapons left, and it cannot come and go freely in the Dragon Transformation Pond. It is limited to three feet above this seat.

But what he didn’t look right at, thought that something only this, traversed things, and pressed deep grooves in the golden pool water.


Shi Fang Jue Prison trembles sharply, four huge black chains stick out, causing the crowd to exclaim!

How can we forget that Huang Xiong’s treasure was so destroyed?

The same means.

But this time it was even more fierce and absolute, that kind of monstrous imposing manner, so that everyone could not breathe.



The Buddha artifact seemed to feel a crisis. In the bowl, a huge Buddha statue rose up and lifted away from the sky with one hand. The huge swastika was shining, facing the infernal hell that was falling.

The four huge chains protruding out of Purgatory suddenly condensed into a black lance, nailing the bergamot that came to the sky, puci, the bergamot was nailed, and then the black long spear One is divided into four, respectively wrapped around the Buddha statue, and the bowl underneath it is like a climbing vine.

Lin Fan was surprised and curious.

It was the first time he saw this purgatory’s autonomous counterattack since he took this purgatory in his hands. It was too terrifying, many times more powerful than he tried to urge him.


The Buddha statue was strangled by the black vines, and the bowl was also trapped. Purgatory turned around and flew towards Lin Fan.

“no! ”

The third monk’s eyes widened, full of horror!

Lose one’s head out of fear, he struggled fiercely and wanted to fly away to recapture the Supreme Treasure, but how could it be possible?

The more he struggled, the deeper the seat under him was bound to him. The shackles around him grew spikes, pierced his undefeated battle body, and blood flowed.

Lin Fan is very curious.

Thinking, is this purgatory really that simple?

Maybe not at all.

At least from now on, this purgatory far exceeds the many Divine Items he said he has seen.

I’m afraid that only Heavenspan Ding can match.

Of course, the Dream God’s Mansion and Thor’s sword on that day may also be able to do it, but after all, he did not personally hold it in his hand.

Purgatory hell rolls back, dragging the struggling Buddhist Sect bowl, turning into black light and flashing into his Soul Sea.

“Now…what else do you have?”

Lin Fan faint smiled at the third monk, the pupil light little by little became fierce, the town god bell was showing, and the mouth of the bell was still far away at the third monk.

“You ridicule this device as useless… Then now, you try again, it is useful or not.”

Broken a drink, the Chaos Town God’s bell hummed, and there seemed to be a whirlpool that could swallow the entire Star Sea at the mouth of the bell. Fortunately, it was only aimed at the third monk and did not affect others. Otherwise, it would be for everyone who entered the Dragon Transformation Pond this time. For people, it may be a disaster.

“No…this is all my chance!”

The third monk roared fiercely, hysterically, with scarlet eyes, staring at the Dragon Qi who was swallowed into a thin tornado and flowed back towards Lin Fan, furious.

But who will have mercy?


All this is having only oneself to blame.

Also, at this time, everyone smiled flatteringly at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan indifferent expression smiled, but suddenly, Lin Fan looked strange.

Only because the Dragon Qi that was rolling towards him, although it seemed to fall under his seat, was actually being swallowed by dragon eggs.

“Do you need this thing?”

Lin Fan is asking questions at Soul Sea, but what he can reach is still the confusion of consciousness, from which he can only understand some urgency and expectations.

“Well, except for Lin Long, you can swallow the rest of Dragon Qi, including mine.”

Lin Fan is generous and big belly.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Lin Long who didn’t have a real flesh and blood body at this time, he would discuss with Lin Long and give the dragon egg the share that originally belonged to Lin Long.

How can I forget that on the top of the mountain, the Dragon Emperor sighed, and his back body turned into withered bones, rushed into his Soul Sea and became an unconscious Martial Spirit.