Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3697


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“If I have the chance, please also ask Fellow Daoists to help me.” Venerable Heavenly Dragon said, very serious and serious, and said: “Of course, the four of us will say yes first, no matter who the final refreshment belongs to. , Don’t jealous, don’t fight for it, otherwise…”

Du Tianjiao narrowed his eyes and said: “The four of us are among them first, and we would be regarded as thorns in the eyes by outsiders. We would like to get rid of us and hurry up. If the four of us are not working together, I am afraid they will be defeated separately.”

Lin Fan glanced at the two of them: “Your worries are unnecessary.”

At first I could hear the noise of the outside world, and the voices were full of chattering.

“A bunch of idiots, this is chaotic, can it be broken with brute force?”

A sound of scolding came through the Chaos Screen, with mocking and underestimation, which made Lin Fan raise his eyebrows slightly.

Because, all the Xeons who are madly attacking Chaos are a group of Xeons, but after hearing this ridiculous and contemptuous voice, there is no rebuttal, very quiet, this can only prove that the voice can shock the crowd and let it The heroes dare not speak.

“Shooting the sky.”

Venerable Heavenly Dragon saw fierce murderous intention, blood-red eyeballs, and hideous faces in the eyes.

“What? The enemy?” Lin Fan asked.

“The reason for sinking for thousands of years and being enslaved by others is the credit of this person.” Venerable Heavenly Dragon’s words were as cold as ice.

Du Tianjiao was silent, and said: “You have thought that now you are no longer his opponent. Before being enslaved, it would be difficult for you and him to distinguish between you and him, but the years passed by. You are making progress, but you are standing still or even going backwards slightly.”

“jié jié…what about it? The hatred of killing the wife and the hate of the child…how can we not report it.” A big drop of blood and tears flowed in the eyes of Venerable Heavenly Dragon: “Even if you lay down this life, you have to take it. To get him on the road.”

Du Tianjiao sighed: “But if you lay down your life, you still can’t drag him on the road?”

Venerable Heavenly Dragon is not speaking, but the tears in his eyes are getting denser, and they keep falling, and there is already a desire to die.

“Li Xiaotian? On Divine Tablet, I haven’t paid attention to it. Is it strong?” Lin Fan glanced at Dutianjiao.

“Very strong. Thousands of years ago, it was the same name as Heavenly Dragon. It was a moment of brilliance.” Du Tianjiao said, “The most important thing is that this person is good at hiding clumsiness. He is not too prominent on the Divine Tablet. It’s also because this person doesn’t have a significant record, but it doesn’t mean that he is not strong.”

Lin Fan slightly nodded, looked towards Venerable Heavenly Dragon, said with a smile: “If he is obediently and honestly, then that’s all, if… I will kill him for you.”

The outside world was silent, but soon there was a hustle and bustle. It was obvious that someone no weaker than Li Xiaotian came here and was discussing how to enter the chaos.

“I have heard that if you want to enter this chaotic land, you need to cut Divine Beast to worship the sky, and you must use blood as a guide.”

The strongest group of people were discussing spiritedly, and they talked about all kinds of secret major events. All kinds of chaos were turned out, which attracted Lin Fan to listen carefully. Among them, what attracted his attention was nothing more than chaos. First Heavenly Spiritual Root, Innate was born, and contains great power.

The most mysterious thing is that if the so-called Heavenly Spiritual Root has nothing to do with you, even if you are half an inch away from him, you are also impossible to discover that there are many of the most incredible medicine ingredients, which are mostly hidden in the chaos.


Suddenly, Li Xiaotian made a move and cut off his fingers. A female cultivator who was being attracted by Xeon’s words and listening carefully had a good head flies up, and the blood in her chest splashed three thousand feet!

The blood charged into the sky, but was absorbed by Li Xiaotian with a single finger. He was removing the dross and condensing the blood essence like fist sized. Coldly said: “I don’t know if it’s useful, but since someone asked for it cultivator blood, then do it, you know, there are people in it for a long time.”

“pu! ”

Someone has shot again, vicious and merciless, just for one thing, I don’t know if it is true, it is possible to open up the hope of Chaos Sect, and they will slaughter the same fellows on a large scale without leaving any hands!

Xeon is reaping the lives wantonly, condensing the blood beads, making the cultivator scream desperately, and then running away.

The crowd is rioting, the cultivator flees to all directions.

“It’s almost there, ten cultivator blood and heart blood bead.” Li Xiaotian whispered, and then shook his head slightly: “Forget it, it’s better to be prepared.”

After speaking, he stretched out his big hand, but a cultivator that had been thousands of miles away suddenly exploded. He was caught back with a blood essence, and everyone else was like that, without any mercy.

In chaos.

Lin Fan’s eyes were Bingsen: “Chaos, ignorance, unawareness, and, as the predecessor of Heaven and Earth, how could there be such a bloodthirsty request.”

“This is normal.” Du Tianjiao hehe laughed: “weak are prey to the strong, the weak are dominated by the powerhouse at will, including life, etc…”

“Huangxiong is here.” Lin Long said suddenly, his eyes flashing with killing intent!

Lin Fan is slightly nodded, the rune in his eyes has turned into two long knives, cut through the chaos, searched out, and gathered on a majestic silhouette!

This is Huang Xiong.

“Lin Fan!” Huangxiong gnashing teeth.

It is hard to forget the shame of that day.

But after just taking a look, Lin Fan withdrew his gaze and stopped paying attention.

No need, there is no qualification to be a threat to him.

“How?” Lin Long asked lightly.

Lin Fan frowned, thought for a while, and said: “When within ten moves, cut him to death.”

“Lin Fan! I will kill you!” Huang Xiong roared fiercely.

“hehe…Last time you seem to have lost once.”

Someone came from behind with a playful smile.

“The defeat in the battle does not mean that I am defeated!” Huang Xiong looked back, his eyes looking like eating people.

“Oh? Really? But that’s not Lin Fan either.” The person who spoke shrugged, and loudly said: “Lin Fan, we are very concerned about this battle, but we have put a heavy bet on you. Don’t let me down.”

Lin Fan in Chaos is speechless!

It’s just killing.

It turned out to be someone else’s bet.

“Take me as a bet. The gambling will cost me half.” Lin Fan chuckled lightly, and the laughter was loud, spreading across the stars.


War knife hong long!

It was the one after the battle against the golden that day.

It roared, flew straight out, cut through the huge void and fissure, and did not know where it flew. When it returned, it brought back a huge dragon head!

“Those who want to go in will shoot.” Huangxiong urged, impatient, his face was full of crazy killing intent and murderous intention.

“Hehe, I have been prepared.”

Someone laughed, and what he took out was a huge Golden Crow leg, bigger than a star.

In Chaos.

Venerable Heavenly Dragon has a serious expression: “Maybe they can really open the chaos in this way, of course, the premise is that someone sets up a large array and uses blood as a guide:”

Lin Fan raised his eyebrows slightly, said with a smile: “The only thing I’m afraid is that they can’t get in and we can’t get out. That would be embarrassing.”