Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 3733


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There was laughter in the coffin, and he said: “Everyone has walked to this step, and your bad words hurt people, but it seems that you are more sinister.”

“Indeed, since you have the ability to pass the palace without damage, why not turn around? Why not come to guide all the others?” In the crowd, some people ridiculed and smiled sinisterly: “After all, your golden footprints are Lie, mislead me to wait on Yellow Springs Road.”

“jié jié!” Poison Heaven’s Chosen grinned: “Brother Lin has the obligation to guide you?”

He was so angry!

How can there be such a person in this world?

Despicable and shameless.

It’s not a big deal to bring the crowd with the vicious eyes, but to provoke the anger here, and to dig pits for Lin Fan here!

What is the purpose?

It is nothing more than to isolate Lin Fan and push Lin Fan to the opposite of everyone inside.

“Well, there is indeed no such obligation.”

An old man smiled. He disguised himself very well, but Lin Fan could tell at a glance that this was a member of a loose alliance and in which hall he had seen him. He thought that the hiding and disguising were perfect. But he didn’t know that Lin Fan had rune eyes, which could see through all the falsehoods in the world. In Lin Fan’s eyes, this was a clown.

He continued to speak: “It’s just that if Lin Fan breaks into the palace without any damage while carrying a treasure, it’s an offense. Is it to win the treasure and the treasure alone? Huh hmph! If you have such a mentality, it is From the road of courting death, you can ask everyone if they agree.”

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

He felt endless killing intent and anger against him. ,

Those who enter are too strong, even his body feels tingling.


Lin Fan smiled: “Your goal has been achieved. I will return to take everyone with me into this palace which is known as the most luxurious palace in history.”

“Hehe, this is right, this is good…” The disguised Elder smiled: “Hurry up, in fact, there is no good temper on Divine Road. If you are too late, you are not afraid of being caught by everyone. A group attack?”

“Hehe, rest assured, our well-known Lin Fan, Lin Daneng, knows good or bad well.”

The group laughed in the coffin!

The so-called so-called good or bad, too derogatory, made Lin Long’s cheeks bite the killing intent and suddenly rose, causing the entire tomb to bang.

Actually, if it weren’t for the tomb of the gods, when the Lin Long killing intent rises, there will be a gorgeous rune rising, which proves that the tomb of the gods is guarded by the terror. Overturned!

This sudden killing intent made everyone on the scene look disillusioned!

Even those coffins fell into a short silence!

I never thought that Lin Fan would have this kind of Peak powerhouse around him. Of course, this is even more resolute for harboring malicious intentions to instigate everyone’s determination with Lin Fan. Lin Fan and the others must fall into the opposite of everyone!

Lin Fan walked back, very casual, completely undefended.

This makes people who stare at him secretly, who can hit the strongest at any time, have no bottom!

Lin Fan hasn’t had too many battles since he set foot on the Ancient Road, but every battle is too scary!

The killers were all famous, Megatron became the strongest of Divine Road.

Everyone is afraid that they will be the first to do it and will be killed by Lin Fan with all their strength to kill the chicken to warn the monkey.

“Let’s go, see my footsteps.” Lin Fan turned his back to everyone, stretched his waist, and said: “This place is difficult and dangerous, and murderous intention is endless. Even a small mistake will die without a burial site.”

“hmph! What do you say about this? You go first!”

A mouthful of vermilion coffin flew over and reached Lin Fan’s heart!

This is a very dangerous distance, leaving Lin Fan on his back.

“Okay, then you follow along.” A killing intent appeared in Lin Fan’s eyes.

“Very nonsense, you are moving forward. Could it be that the deity has been rampant for three or two times, and still can’t keep up with your footsteps?” The people in the coffin sneered, very conceited.

Actually, it was not his intention to follow Lin Fan.

Instead, the creatures in a few mouthfuls of the vermilion coffin made a unified decision to make him stand in the forefront.

“By the way, this place is mysterious, in my opinion, you are passing through the coffin like this, I am afraid that there will be a big mess.” Lin Fan ‘good advice. ’

“A big mess?” The creatures in the coffin ridiculed: “I’m here, it’s the biggest mess!”

“Okay.” Lin Fan smiled: “Then follow me.”

Lin Fan took a step forward, and the golden light was dazzling.

The coffin behind him was confident and arrogant, but he could see that he was extremely cautious and cautious. He waited for Lin Fan to take three steps before he took one step forward, and when Lin Fan walked ten After a step, he stopped, red’s rules were condensed into his hands, and he twisted a cultivator behind him forward, yelling and commanding: “You follow in front of Lin Fan.”

The cultivator complexion ashen, who was screwed forward, had murderous intention in his eyes, but he dared not say anything.

Lin Fan sneered, but ignored it.

A group of people followed Lin Fan and walked forward, safe, because these people are amazing and follow Lin Fan’s footsteps. The most important thing is the strength of Lin Fan’s feet, etc. They all imitate exactly the same, without the slightest difference.

“hong long! “

Suddenly, things happen suddenly!

It was a black thunder, as thick as a mountain, and its length was ten thousand li. The dome of the tomb of the gods was split apart, and it was one after another!

Just like this, everyone roared and screamed in horror!

This is Heavenly Might!

It’s totally unstoppable, is this going to kill everyone?

Everyone was screaming, but most of them were screaming at Lin Fan, bluntly saying that Lin Fan’s intentions are too poisonous, this is preparing to kill everyone in one fell swoop, and Lin Fan absolutely irreconcilable and so on!

But soon, they were shocked!

Just because, this black thunder blasted down, it was not aimed at everyone, but the vermilion coffin!

“no! “

Inside the vermilion coffin, there was a loud roar, he tried his best, and the coffin lid flew up, turning into a vermilion heavenly blade, cutting to the sky, to cut off the black thunder that was enough to kill him to scum!

But it doesn’t work.

This coffin lid became a powder in an instant.

You know, this coffin is terrific, and the materials used are too sophisticated. It seems to have used some unknown ultimate gold, but at this time, under this black thunder, it is not enough to look at.

“bang! “

Inside the coffin, a dry silhouette came out!

When he was alive, he was a handsome man, majestic and strong.

But now it’s like a dead corpse.

“Old Nine!”

“Old Nine!”


The coffins that hung far away in the last made a distressing sound, and they assisted the coffin to cross over, helping the old nine to get through the Calamity Tribulation.

But it doesn’t work.

Thunder is ruthless, and only a moment later swallowed the old nine, and in the end only one place was left.

“having only oneself to blame.” Lin Fan sneered, very cold.

“Boy, what did you say?” There was a roar inside the vermilion coffin, killing intent surging and boundless.

“Where?” Lin Fan squinted, also killing intent Ling Ran,

He doesn’t recommend killing a game here at all. With the help of rune’s eyes, he can avoid all dangers and so on. He has a great advantage.