Chen Lei left the Emperor’s Star Field and went to the star field where the Emperor Cave Mansion was located.

Today, in addition to the Emperor’s Star Field, the other areas of the Human Race all fall into the control of the Emperor.

However, Yuan Shuai’s manpower is not too much. It is impossible to control such a large area. Only some key stars and stars will arrange powerhouse guards. Other areas, after searching for valuable things, All gave up.

In the past, these stars could be said to be extremely prosperous, but nowadays it is extremely desolate, and almost no living beings exist.

Chen Lei rushed to the road according to the star map that Emperor Sui gave him.

Chen Lei’s speed is extremely fast, crossing a piece of the star field, almost effortless.

The piece of the star field was left behind by Chen Lei. Soon, Chen Lei approached the star field where the man cave mansion was located.

However, when he had not arrived in this star field, Chen Lei was stopped.

It is the more than a dozen experts of the Emperor of Heaven to stop Chen Lei.

These dozens of experts are a patrol squad of the Emperor.

This patrol squad is responsible for inspecting the road. As soon as the Human Race appears, it immediately reports and attacks the Human Race.

This area, almost completely blocked by the Emperor’s expert, is to block the power of Human Race as much as possible.

Chen Lei was discovered by this patrol team under such circumstances.

Of course, Chen Lei also discovered this patrol squad in advance, but did not evade it. Otherwise, it is impossible for this patrol team to discover the trace of Chen Lei.

In this patrol squad, an expert headed by is the powerhouse of the 9th Layer of the Holy Land. The rest are all 5th to 8th layers of the Holy Land. The strength is not weak, at least For a patrol squad, the strength is already good.

After the Chen Lei was surrounded by these powerhouses in this patrol squad, they stared at Chen Lei.

Originally, the task of this patrol squad was to inquire about the news. As soon as the Human Race powerhouse appeared, it was necessary to report the message immediately. This patrol team was not required to take action to deal with the emerging Human Race expert.

This time, this patrol squad found that Chen Lei had only one person, and he was alone. Their team could eat it. The responsible Captain made a decision directly to destroy Chen Lei. It is also one of their powers.

Of course, the reason why this patrol squad is so active, mainly because of killing a Human Race powerhouse, will also be credited. The more credit, the greater the reward.

“Kids, met us, you are unlucky, take the initiative to surrender, don’t let us do it, you can still have a good time, otherwise, you can’t live, you can’t live for it, you will regret coming to this world.” A powerhouse in a patrol squad looked at Chen Lei and said coldly.

“Less nonsense, you take action, otherwise you have no chance.” Chen Lei looked at the patrol squad and said coldly.

“The kid is really crazy enough. It seems that you don’t know what we are. Let you know today…”

An expert of the Emperor of Heaven, after listening to Chen Lei’s words, gave a cold drink and took the action directly to Chen Lei.

The Heavenly Emperor expert, who is taking the action of Chen Lei, is actually an expert of the 7th Layer of the Holy Land.

These powerhouses in the Emperor of Heaven are self-proclaimed genius, and they all believe that they have the strength to fight.

The powerhouse of the 7th Layer of the Emperor of Heaven is no exception. His talent is also very strong. He is really capable of killing the 8th Layer expert.

On Chen Lei, this powerhouse of the 7th Layer of the Holy Land is also such a state of mind.

The 7th Layer powerhouse of this holy kingdom took a palm shot, and the huge palm prints brought a horrible wind and a shrill whistling sound, which smashed toward Chen Lei.

Chen Lei faced this palm of the 7th Layer powerhouse, but did not put it in the eye.

Chen Lei Today’s strength, these powerhouses can’t perceive, the power gap between the two sides is really too big.

Chen Lei faced this palm, but it was a light punch.

A punch, shining purple light, thunder and lightning shine, directly greet this palm of this 7th Layer powerhouse.

And Chen Lei’s fist, after hitting this palm, easily crushed this palm.

Chen Lei’s fistprint crushed the power of the palm print, and as a lightning bolt, slammed into the powerhouse that took action on him.

This punch, the speed is reaching the limit, the powerhouse of the Emperor of Heaven has no reaction, and it has been exploded on the body.

The protective mask of the Emperor’s powerhouse was pierced in an instant, and then the Tiandi Zong powerhouse made a scream, then blasted it into a smoky blue smoke, even Divine Capital It was destroyed at a time.

The powerhouse of the Emperor of Heaven, in fact, did not even take Chen Lei’s fist, and was killed by Chen Lei.

And the other few Tiandi Zong expert, after seeing this scene, could not help but worry.

They did not think that their companions would be so fast, so miserable.

“court death!”

An expert of the Emperor of Heaven, also the Captain of this patrol squad, the only powerhouse of the 9th Layer of the Holy Land, with a killing intent on his face and a scream of his teeth.

Subsequently, the 9th Layer expert of the sacred king of the Emperor of Heaven, directly took the action to Chen Lei, and killed Chen Lei.

The little patrol team’s Little Captain, at the moment of Chen Lei’s take action, was in a tight heart, knowing that he had looked away and kicked the iron board.

Chen Lei’s relaxed and arrogant power of the boxing made the patrol team’s Captain feel threatened.

Captain of the patrol team did not dare to have any intentions. He decided to take the action himself and eliminate the threat of Chen Lei.

The this fist of Captain, the patrol team, also appeared in front of Chen Lei.

The patrol team Captain is a powerhouse of the 9th Layer of the Holy Land. Under the full strength, the power is still terrible and spectacular.

And this boxing, containing endless runes, like a star flow, emitting a huge pressure, appeared in front of Chen Lei, to crush Chen Lei.

In the face of this terrible punch, Chen Lei is still a fluttering punch.

After Chen Lei’s fistshot blasted, he slammed into the patrol squad Captain’s fist, and easily knocked out the patrol team Captain’s punches. Then, the punches were also fast as lightning. Killed on the patrol team Captain.

The Emperor’s expert of the 9th Layer of the Holy Land was only able to make a scream, and then blasted it. In the blazing light, it turned into a smoke, and then disappeared, and the gods no longer exist.

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