The powerhouse of the 9th Layer of the Holy Land can’t stop Chen Lei’s punch.

Seeing this scene, the remaining experts in the Emperor of the Heavenly Emperor, one by one.

Their patrol squad, the most powerful is Captain, repaired in the 9th Layer of the Holy King, but can not stop Chen Lei, they are even more difficult, tied together, I am afraid it is not Chen Lei Opponent.

The powerhouses of these patrol squads did not hesitate to flee.

They belong to the patrol squad, mainly responsible for inquiring about the news, facing the powerful enemy, do not have to fight hard, as long as the message is passed back, it is completed.

At this point, the powerhouses of these patrol squads have even begun to use the mind to pass back the news.

However, in the twinkling of an eye, the powerhouses of these patrol squads are turned into nothingness and are swallowed up by endless darkness.

It is impossible for Chen Lei to let go of these experts of the Emperor Sect. After killing the Captain in the patrol squad, he directly popped up a few lightnings and killed them.

And these lights, in an instant, will kill these several Emperor sects, let these few Emperor sects explode.

And these days, Emperor Xian, in front of Chen Lei, there is no room for rescuing, even Chen Lei killing their speed, faster than they are, these killed Tiandi Zong expert, even It is impossible to pass back the message.

After Chen killed these celestial expeditions, Chen Lei took the storage ring of these Emperor’s expert and then continued to rush in the direction of the man, cave mansion.

This time, Chen Lei did not encounter any blocking, but in the first time, arrived at the cave mansion near the emperor.

After appearing near the cave mansion, it has been blocked by the amazing number of Emperor.

In this area, it can be said that the blocked weather is impassable, and no mosquito can fly in.

Chen Lei appeared here and was quickly discovered by the experts of these Emperor.

These Emperor Xian, after discovering Chen Lei, flew over Chen Lei and killed Chen Lei.

Chen Lei greeted these Emperor’s expert, and now there is no way. If he wants to enter the man’s cave mansion, he must make a way. Otherwise, he will not be able to enter the cave mansion.

Since it is necessary to kill a way anyway, Chen Lei will naturally not think of another way, and will welcome it.

Soon, the five expeditions of Emperor Xianzong appeared in front of Chen Lei.

The five expeditions of the Emperor of Heaven are five powerhouses of the 8th Layer.

These 8th Layer Experts of the Holy Land are responsible for blocking the outer area of ​​the Queen’s cave mansion.

Although these experts of the Emperor of Heaven have been repaired to reach the 8th Layer of the Holy King, but here, still can not enter the core area, it is even less likely to enter the cave mansion, can only wait at the periphery.

After the encounter between the five Emperor of Heaven and Chen Lei, there was no hesitation, and there was no saying in one sentence. Towards Chen Lei killed the killer.

These Experts of the Emperor of Heaven have already received orders. They have encountered the Human Race powerhouse near here. They don’t need to ask any information.

These experts of the Emperor of Heaven have not put Chen Lei in their eyes. Although they are the same as Chen Lei, they are all experts of the 8th Layer of the Holy Land. However, these Emperor’s experts have a sense of superiority. I can’t look down on the other Race or sect’s expert, I believe I have the ability to fight more.

Chen Lei is such a powerhouse in the 8th Layer of the Holy Land. In their eyes, it really is nothing.

These days, these Heavenly Emperor’s expert, not the Human Race expert who has not been killed in the 8th Layer of the Holy King, even the expert of the 9th Layer of the Human Race, they have been killed a lot.

And these five Emperor Zong expert, a take action is absolute kill, five people take action at the same time.

Although I look down on Chen Lei, when I take the action, these few Emperor’s experts will never be soft, and will not be merciless.

Under the five expedition full strength take action, five blazing sacred light pillars appeared in the void, and the smashing rushed to Chen Lei.

And these five radiant light beams appeared in front of Chen Lei in the blink of an eye.

Five Tian Emperor’s experts teamed up, power was terrible, where the light column passed, a few small stars, silently turned into dust.

After the five beams of light appeared in front of Chen Lei, Chen Lei did not care, and directly punched and rushed to the five pillars of light.

After rushing to the five pillars of light, these five pillars of light that could easily destroy the stars were silently extinguished by Chen Lei.

After Chen Lei destroyed these light beams, he directly punched and blasted the experts of the five Emperors.

The punch of Chen Lei is turned into a huge thunderball. The lightning glow is blazing. I don’t know how many thunder and lightning runes are contained.

This huge punches directly enveloped the expedition of the five Emperor.

And these five Emperor Xian expert, suddenly felt the danger of despair and endless, can fall at any time.

Subsequently, the five heavenly emperors’ expert, full strength take action, smashed their magic weapons to defend, and wanted to block Chen Lei’s horrible punches.

And this terrible punch, 狠狠 狠狠 exploded at the top of the five heavenly Emperor expert sacrifices, the magic weapon of these five Emperor sects, like a paper paste, instantly turned into a fly ash, disappeared without a shadow No trace.

The punch of Chen Lei was power, but after the five magic weapons were shattered, they were crushed on the five expeditions.

Five Emperor Tianzong expert, even the screams are too late to make a sound, they will fly away directly, together with the Yuanshen, together to smoky.

The five expeditions of the Emperor of Heaven, and even Chen Lei can not get a move.

And these five Emperor Zong expert, after being bombed by Chen Lei, Chen Lei collected the spoils of war and continued to rush in the direction of the emperor cave mansion.

Chen Lei killed the five Emperor’s expert, which naturally caught the attention of other Emperor.

In fact, Chen Lei appeared here, which has already attracted the attention of many Emperor.

However, these Emperor of the Emperor, did not put Chen Lei in the eyes, trifling a king of the 8th Layer expert, appeared here, completely looking for their own death, just a few days of Emperor Xian expert, you can be Chen Lei Killed.

However, these Emperor Zong expert did not think that Chen Lei’s strength was so tyrannical, and he would kill five companions in one punch.

This kind of strength, the 8th Layer’s expert of the Holy King, can’t be the opponent of Chen Lei. The powerhouse of the 9th Layer of the Holy Land, exuding the aura of incomparable tyrannical, flew in the direction of Chen Lei. The powerful aura, Chen Lei is firmly locked by a great distance.

Almost for a moment, the powerhouse of the 9th Layer of the Holy Land was killed by Chen Lei.

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