The powerhouses of the 9th Layer of the Holy Kings, after Chen Lei’s recent death, did not say a word, and they killed the killer.

Nowadays, between these Emperor Yuan and the Human Race, there is already a lot of fire between the two kings. After the meeting between the two sides, there is nothing to say, they are direct killers.

The 9th Layer powerhouse full strength take action, power heaven-shaking, this star field, covered and endless by the endless rays of light and runes, will completely destroy Chen Lei.

One and the other terrible attack appeared in front of Chen Lei.

However, at this time, the attack of the 9th Layer powerhouse of the Holy Land, basically no pressure for Chen Lei.

After the confrontation with the Fire King and the attack of the Fire King, the attack of the 9th Layer Powerhouse of the General Saints was really too child’s play for Chen Lei.

The attack of the 9th Layer powerhouse of the Holy Land was easily solved by Chen Lei waves palm.

Chen Lei waved between the palm prints, countless thunder and lightning runes emerged, with endless Heaven and Earth.

Chen Lei Now, after finding the right way to practice, his cultivation and combat power have exceeded the recognition of ordinary people.

After the attack of the 9th Layer powerhouse of the Holy Land, Chen Lei thoughts move, Chen Lei thoughts move, a few shining fingerprints of purple lightning appeared in the void.

These fingerprints are the innate Divine Ability, but they contain the Thunder Law, which is the new Divine Ability that Chen Lei has completely integrated with Zijin Tiantian and his own exercises.

This Divine Ability is more powerful than the innate Divine Ability.

As soon as these terrible fingerprints appeared, they took an endless power and killed them with the experts of the Emperor.

The horrible power directly penetrates the starry skies and locks the gods of these Emperor.

These terrible fingerprints, after locking the gods of these Emperor’s expert, let these days of Emperor’s expert feel the danger of corruption in the first time.

Several experts of the Emperor of Heaven, suddenly changed their face.

They can feel the terrible power contained in these fingerprints, and the intuition tells them that they can’t stop it.

These few Emperor’s experts believe that their intuition is incomparable. Over the years, their intuition has never made any mistakes.

These experts of the Emperor of Heaven, in this critical moment, all sacrificed their own life-saving magic, to rely on the power of magic weapon to resist these terrible fingerprints.

One piece of magic weapon, blooming Wan Dao Baoguang, exudes magnificent power, emerges in the starry skies, its incomparable, like a star.

Several Heavenly Emperor’s 9th Layer powerhouse is the magic weapon at the bottom of the pressure box. The last is also the top level of the magic weapon, and even a powerhouse has a magic weapon level magic weapon.


Chen Lei’s fingerprints were smashed down, and the exploded at the top of the magic weapon that was destroyed by these Emperor.

A few huge magic weapons such as stars, under the purple gold, the fragile, endless runes and fragments, collapsing, and then the magic body is crushed, turned into countless pieces of light rain, flew in all directions, immersed To the depths of the starry skies universe.

The fingerprints that Chen Lei smashed, after crushing these huge magic weapons like stars, the power was not reduced, and they were killed by several expeditions.

The experts of these Emperor Tianzong felt deep despair, because they could feel it in the mind, the horrible power contained in the a path of fingerprints made them feel terrified and tremble, they simply Can not stop this terrible fingerprint.

This one after another fingerprints, eventually smashed down and landed on these heavenly powerhouses.

Several Tiandi Zong powerhouses were not willing to be killed and ruined all the repairs.

Unfortunately, their resistance, under the purple gold drop, is extremely fragile, Zijin fell to the town and fell down, easily dispel the resistance of these Tiandi Zong powerhouse, and will be these several Emperor Zong powerhouse The town became a blood fog.

Chen Lei between the two tricks, killed a number of Kings of the 9th Layer of the Emperor of the Emperor, only one of them, with the defense of Lingbao, blocked the attack of Chen Lei.

However, Chen Lei took action again, and all four fingerprints fell from the sky, all of which were exploded at the surviving powerhouse.

The three purple gold in front of the sky, exploded at the powerhouse’s Lingbao, directly smashed the spirit of the Emperor’s expert.

Although this powerhouse has a Lingbao, but this Lingbao’s grade is not too high, can not stop Chen Lei’s innate Divine Ability.

The fourth fingerprint of Chen Lei’s destruction, it is easy to kill the expedition of the Emperor of the Emperor, to make it into a bloody fog.

Chen Lei continued to rush to the emperor cave mansion after killing the Emperor.

At this time, more than a dozen Tiandi Zong experts, all rushed toward Chen Lei crazy.

Chen Lei killed These days, Emperor Xian, were made by many of the Emperor’s experts.

Therefore, after killing these several Emperor Zong experts, the remaining dozens of Emperor Xian expert, naturally can not stand on the sidelines, all smashed toward Chen Lei.

In the face of the encircling to kill of the dozens of Emperor’s expert, Chen Lei is still fearless, with a confident and cold smile on his face, welcoming the experts of the dozens of Emperor.


These dozens of Emperor Zong’s expert, full strength attack, took the action to Chen Lei.

Countless attacks on the rays of light, overwhelming, smothered toward Chen Lei.

On the top of Chen Lei, there is a huge Thunder Pond. Within the Thunder Pond, the Tribulation Thunder is shaking, and the lotus leaves are very large and layered, covering the sky.

Whether it’s Thunder Pond or Tribulation Thunder, it’s all made by Chen Lei.

More than a dozen attacks by the Emperor of the Emperor, all of them were exploded at the Lotus Leaf and Thunder Pond, but they were unable to break through the defenses of Thunder Pond and Tribulation Thunder, disappearing without a trace.

And on the top of the dozens of Emperor’s expert, there have been horror fingerprints entwined with purple lightning.

“Oh…” Suddenly, the whole piece of starry skies was a trembling, more than a dozen terrible fingerprints, falling towards the dozens of Emperor’s expert towns below.

These dozens of terrible fingerprints contain the supreme power of the gods, and the dozens of heavenly emperors are firmly locked and will be hollowed out.

And, more than a dozen terrible fingerprints, connected to each other, formed a whole, just like a Killing Array.

Although Chen Lei did not use the innate Killing Array, the increase in the inductance between these fingerprints was extremely amazing.

More than a dozen fingerprint towns fell, more than a dozen Tiandi Zong expert, blasted at the same time, in the starry skies into more than a dozen bloom blossom, incomparable Yan Yan.

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