Supreme Rebirth Chapter 4845


Golden Mane Pig Monster King looks at these remnants of defeated generals gathered together, the expression is very ugly.

The ability to gather so many subordinates this time has already consumed the great energy of the Golden Mane Pig Monster King. It is not easy for him to gather such a powerful group of forces again.

Although Monster King does not want to face the failure of this time, he also knows that he must rest for a while.

Monster King, a golden-bred pig, temporarily retreated, and the void cracks here restored calmness.

Although it temporarily defeated an attack by the Golden Mane Pig Monster King, all Elders in Wanlong Cave also knew that when these Monster Races launched their next attack, they would definitely be more terrifying.

Now, it is not a time to celebrate, but to take advantage of this short opportunity to continue to strengthen defenses, arrange arrays, and manage this place into an iron bucket.

Chen Lei, after killing the super genius of Demon Race, did not at all stay here, but left immediately, and then returned to the void crack guarded by Yuxiao Palace.

For the time being, this void crack is extremely stable. For at least ten years, there will be no demons attacking here.

But ten years later, the golden horn ant clan will inevitably attack here again and seek revenge on Chen Lei.

In the past ten years, what Chen Lei can do is to continuously improve his strength to meet the challenges of the golden horn ants.

For the next period of time, Chen Lei did not go anywhere, but stayed in the void city built by Yuxiao Palace. While guarding this place, he comprehend various martial arts cultivation techniques to improve his own strength in response Golden horn prepares for the revenge of the ants.

Time passes day by day.

Chen Lei’s understanding of the Pagoda of the Ten Worlds is getting deeper and deeper. The Pagoda of the Ten Worlds has become Chen Lei’s strongest killing move.

With the ten world towers, Chen Lei also created a set of the latest fist technique.

This set of fist technique, called Ten Realm Divine Fist, has ten moves.

It’s just that Chen Lei now has only three moves, and the remaining seven moves are not perfect.

These ten worlds divine fist, every fist blasted out, can show the power of some ten world towers.

This is Chen Lei’s fist technique to show the power of the ten world towers without using the ten world towers.

This kind of power made Chen Lei battle strength soar again.

Chen Lei feels that once his Ten Realm Divine Fist is cultivated to the extreme, it can be completely expert in the spiritual realm, killed in the spiritual realm.

For ten years, Chen Lei has devoted himself to comprehend the Ten Realm Divine Fist. In the end, he succeeded in creating the first five moves, and the latter five moves require a longer time for comprehend to be created and completed.

In the past ten years, there have been voids and cracks in various other areas, and from time to time extraterritorial monsters appeared, but in the end, not at all caused too much waves.

Of course, even if this is the case, the monsters outside the territory must not be underestimated. Now, Spirit Realm has some understanding of the area where the monsters live and the monster outside the territory.

Through these understandings, we can know that the overall strength of the extraterritorial monsters is stronger than that of Spirit Realm. However, nowadays, there are only a dozen large voids in the communication channels between the extraterritorial and Spirit Realm. Of course, this refers to the Human Race. Within the scope of life, other areas are beyond the scope of Human Race’s life, and Human Race cannot take care of it.

In the Human Race area, the extraterritorial area corresponding to these void cracks, especially powerful extraterritory monsters, cannot enter for the time being.

With this understanding, the major sects of Human Race, for the time being, can still take a breath.

It’s just that, in the face of the tremendous pressure brought by the monsters outside the territory, the various sect families of Human Race have set off a new cultivation frenzy. Everyone is working hard to cultivation and improve themselves to deal with the threats brought by the monsters outside the territory.

In this way, the overall strength of Human Race is actually improved.

Of course, the time is too short, and the overall strength of Human Race has improved. Now it is impossible to see and so on. If such strength can be maintained for thousands of years, over ten thousand years, or even longer, the overall strength of Human Race is absolutely Will rise a few more steps.

Ten years have passed, and the atmosphere in this area where Yuxiao Palace is located has gradually become tense.

Because everyone in Yuxiao Palace also knows the bet between Chen Lei and the monsters outside the territory ten years ago.

In the past ten years, the extraterritorial monsters have indeed abided by the gambling agreement, and have never appeared once.

But because of this, it also shows that after ten years, the monsters outside the territory will inevitably carry out the most violent revenge.

Now, ten years have passed, and many experts in Yuxiao Palace have been fully strength guarded against the revenge of monsters outside the territory.

And this period of time, there are indeed silhouettes of monsters outside the territory, appearing from time to time near the void cracks.

These extraterritorial monsters seem to be searching for information.

As the activities of the monsters outside the territory become more frequent, the methods become more and more intense.

Some extraterritorial monsters actually started hunting down the Human Race in this area, searching for souls to obtain more information and intelligence.

The friction between the two parties is getting more and more intense.

Finally, on this day, a group of extraterritorial monsters rushed out of the void.

The leader of this group of extraterrestrial monsters is the powerhouse of a group of golden horn ants.

The powerhouse of this clan, each and everyone is on the 9th Layer of the spiritual realm, with golden flames on the body, and aura force.

There are dozens of powerhouses in this family.

Compared to other Races, this number is naturally not too much, but compared to the golden horn ant family, it is already considered a huge force.

This family has amazing strength, but very few in number.

The golden horn family of ants also belongs to Ant Race, and Ant Race is known for its number. There are thousands of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of millions, or even tens of millions or even hundreds of millions.

It’s just that, the stronger the group, the smaller the number. The golden horn ant family is like this. It is completely different from other Ant Races. Each and everyone is extremely powerful, but the number is very small. .

The ability to dispatch dozens of golden horn Ant Race powerhouses at once is already a great skill for the golden horn ant family.

Although there are only dozens of golden horn Ant Race powerhouses, its arrogance permeates the entire starry skies universe, the dark and cold universe, illuminated by the golden light, the golden light spreads to the depths of the universe Place.

The many experts in Yuxiao Palace were also alarmed, and they flew out and began to gather.

Chen Lei nodded, said: “Vice Sect Master, please rest assured, I will not weaken the prestige of my sect.”

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