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Dragon Prefecture City, an industry belonging to the Eastern Sea Holy Alliance, has developed its own rules for over 100,000 years, the most important of which is the purchase of separation, the denial of repentance and the non-recoverance of accounts.

Neither the buyer nor the seller, as long as the transaction is completed, can no longer regret it, whether the seller’s heart deceived or the buyer picked up a cheap price, and if anyone dares to undermine this rule, the ASEAN will take action intervention.

At the same time, there is no fight on the island of clouds, and after all, there are only thousands of miles of clouds across the island. For some powerhouse, it is possible to crush the island as a whole, so it is absolutely prohibited on the island of clouds.

Of course, the island of clouds is not as fragile as the ordinary island today, and the ASEAN has, over the years, been steadily intensifying its resistance to the island of clouds, which today has almost become a treasure island and cannot be destroyed.

But even so, the rules on clouds remain unchanged.

Chen Lei came to the City of Prefecture and slowly turned around a street on the street.

In this shop, it can be said that there is a great deal and that every shop is flowing.

At this juncture, on the eve of the ASEAN East Seas Games, the crowd of millions li qualified powerhouse was brought together almost all of them and made the city of Prefecture even more exciting.

Previously, clouds Prefecture City used to rent stores, at least three to 40 per cent of which were empty, and today they are not only rented, but also simply unable to meet the powerhouse needs that Treasure wants to sell.

In this context, Prefecture City Management Committee has temporarily opened a large amount of space to allow those powerhouse in need to be traded directly.

This transaction, each of which requires a 1 per cent procedural fee for Prefecture City Regulatory Committee, can be said to be full of the Prefecture City Council during these days.

Chen Lei each and everyone shops slowly turn around and find out that, while there are some good Treasure, it’s not urgent for him.

So Chen Lei’s been hanging, and hasn’t really got to action yet.

And Chen Lei stopped suddenly in a store and saw a broken ancient book.

“Boss, how does this ancient book sell?”

Chen Lei sat on a rocky chair, covered his face with a Palm Leaf Fan, and hu hu was asleep Boss.

The Boss heard voices, and that was why he woke up and took Palm Leaf Fan away, sleepy eyes, looking at Chen Lei.

“This young master, you look like this ancient book, which I occasionally got from a large site, selling $30,000 for spirit stone.”

The Boss with all smiles said to Chen Lei that there was a brilliant light in his eyes.

“30,000 spirit stone, I bought it.” Chen Lei answered it after hearing Boss’ offer.

“Uh-huh?” After this Boss listened, you didn’t think Chen Lei was buying it directly, and some doubts were that it wasn’t too low.

This ancient book, which really was picked up by the Boss near a miracle, unfortunately for so many years he had not known what the ancient book was, had been sold, and many customers had seen it as too high and had never been sold.

And now Chen Lei is not paying back the price, and then buying it directly, naturally makes Boss some scepticism.

And at this point Chen Lei has made contact with Boss, directly putting 30,000 spirit stone stones in a storage bag, to Boss.

“Boss, this is 30,000 spirit stone, and this storage bag is given to you.” After all, Chen Lei will get this ancient book on the assessment.

“This young master, can you tell old man what this ancient book has recorded?” Boss asked Chen Lei to leave.

“Priceless baby.” Chen Lei said that it had come out of this store.

And after hearing Chen Lei, Boss was more depressed about what the priceless treasure was, wasn’t Chen Lei lying to himself, and for a while, Boss was starting to feel bad.

Chen Lei didn’t take care of the Boss’ feelings, but he was in a very good mood at this moment.

The text on this ancient book, which Boss does not know, is well known to Chen Lei.

The text of this ancient book is in Gure.

And this ancient book has documented a minefield secret technique, or forbidden technique, as a very powerful martial magic.

Chen Lei is still very researched about Gouven, so it can be recognized at first sight.

And this mineway secret technique, for Chen Lei, is worth nothing.

As for that Boss, it was true that he had seen the eye, and this ancient book, when it could really be used as a fax.

As for what this minefield secret technique is, Chen Lei has now been completely understood.

The name of this radar secret technique, called a thunderbolt knife.

Once implemented, condense could have a knife made up of thunder and lightning, cut the earth, terrifying all the same.

After Chen Lei comprehend, the spiritual skills of the Crazy Thunderbolt knife were found to be more powerful than his most powerful radar seal sky fingers, and formidable power has to be manipulated.

With such an accident, Chen Lei can be said to be very satisfied, and with such a magic, Chen Lei, this cloud Prefecture City, is not white.

Chen Lei, at this point, continues to search for this ancient book within Prefecture City, which says that it is not certain that Treasure can really find anything.

Chen Lei went into a shop until all the stores were stored, and no second ancient book, like a thunderbolt knife, was found, and some other Treasure.

Next, Chen Lei came to the area where the sales were being sold.

It’s even more exciting here, and, likewise, things are more mixed, and it’s possible to find supreme treasure here, and it’s possible to get a bunch of garbage, what you can get, look at your own eyes and luck.

Chen Lei came back on the floor and didn’t all find too special.

Of course, Chen Lei flew Spirit Sector too short to see, and some Treasure, even in the face, did not recognize Chen Lei.

For that, Chen Lei himself knew, so he wouldn’t be easy to take action without being sure.

And in front of an assessment, suddenly, the grown-ups in Chen Lei’s know-how suddenly moved.

Chen Lei immediately stopped his step and looked at it carefully, and finally found a thing in this assessment, which led to fluctuations in the breeding of young trees.

This Treasure, definitely out of the ordinary, can trigger the fluctuation of the grocery.

Chen Lei got down, looking at Treasure on the table, and chatting with this bloke.

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