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Chen Lei, in the middle of the sky, has changed his face, quickly transformed him into the foetus expert he killed.

At the same time, aura on Chen Lei’s body has evolved and aura on powerhouse has been distributed.

Chen Lei is doing it at this time, called an illusion.

This fantasy is a strange cultivation technique in the Holy Sect of the Spirit, capable of transforming the shape to do as one pleases and changing its own aura intensity.

Of course, this change in its own aura strengths and scope is based on its own cultivation base Realm, which floats two Great Realm.

Chen Lei is now a knowledgeable expert who can be delusional aura, down the spiritual vein, Spirit Body, and up there is a spiritual and spiritual environment.

As for the metaphor, it was to do as one pleases, without any weak spot.

This fantasy is an ancient book collected within the Holy Sect of Spirit, which is extremely functional, but cultivation is equally difficult.

This fantasy has been placed in the Holy Sect of the Spirit for over 100,000 years, and it has been said that only one spiritual Holy Sect disciple cultivation has been in place since the last hundred thousand years.

Chen Lei himself tried the fantasy of cultivation, but found out with no difficulty that it would be repaired.

However, Chen Lei don’t at all tell anyone about making it a fantasy.

This fantasy can also be a secret to Chen Lei, and once it is disclosed, the effect will be significantly discounted.

And this fantasy is incredibly strange, even the powerhouse where cultivation has a mystery, or Race with this innate talent, it’s hard to see the changes in the fantasy.

Chen Lei came to the Eastern Holy Spirit Sea and came to the Blood Sea Sect, naturally to be careful, and to attend the East Seas Games, so it would be a dramatic increase in security in the image of Blood Sea Sect.

Moreover, that invitation letter corresponded to the disciple Blood Sea Sect, and Chen Lei would not have been able to enter the East Seamount if he were not transformed to Blood Sea Sect.

Chen Lei transformed to Blood Sea Sect, the disciple called Jade, innate talent out of the ordinary.

And Chen Lei got all the memories of Yu Yu and transformed to the look of Yu Yu, it can be said that even if Yu’s best friend came to him, it would not have been possible to recognize the truth.

And Chen Lei, on the one hand, drove to the island where the East Seamount was located, tortured by a number of Blood Sea Sect of the Yu Yu Yuan, and, with the help of fantasy, was able to simulate the character of Cheon Town technique, which was also a mystery of fantasy.


can be said that fantasy is absolutely a rare Divine Ability Treasure Technique, but the conditions of cultivation are too harsh.

In fact, Chen Lei was able to repair this fantasy, and he had a fascinating connection to the pole technique in the middle, upper and upper circles, because it involved a variety of genetic distortions that were extremely demanding, and Chen Lei was able to meet that condition so that it could be built into fantasy.

And Chen Lei quickly tortured the cultivation technique of Yu Yu and was able to come out with fantasy.

Of course, the foundation of the Fantastic Skyscrapers Asia technique, or Chen Lei cultivation, is a very ancient lei mystery, but no one can distinguish from the appearance of Blood Sea Sect cultivation technique that was repaired by Yu.

Of course, Chen Lei transformation is a metabolism and a certain risk, as Blood Sea Sect is certainly aware of the fragmentation of Sergion divine soul jade plate at this time, and I’m afraid someone has been arranged to search for details.

However, Chen Lei, who was mixed into the East Sea Festival, would change his identity and would not happen to meet the expert of Blood Sea Sect in such a short time.

Chen Lei was able to destroy Flying Boat on his way, reaching a depth of more than 100,000 miles into the sea less than half a day.

And in this Sea Territory, there is also a sea island, which is the location of the East Seamount Games.

This island, which is also within the crossroads of millions li, is the most enthusiastic island of the sea, with the largest trade in Prefecture City, attracting powerhouse within the Springli.

Chen Lei soon arrived on this giant island called Yuen Long Island, collecting spirit boat and boarding it on the island.

Chen Lei was actually approaching this island, and was able to see other powerhouse silhouette from time to time, some flying over the sea, others flying at high altitudes, and others riding around Spirit Beast, and whales.

Chen Lei flipped over the sea by Flying Boat, which could be said to be the most common way of rushing.

And when these people and Chen Lei went wrong, they didn’t all come together, most powerhouse didn’t know each other, and after all, this Sea Territory was too big.

And this Sea Territory, which in fact belongs to the region in which human race is located, is still a region where millions of kilometres of the Eastern Holy Spirit Sea can only be counted as offshore areas, where it is agreed to be the sphere of influence of human race.

Only in depth of 10 Million Li is the prohibited area of human Race, which is the powerhouse of all ethnic groups in the sea.

As for how many Race communities in the sea are, human Race doesn’t know, because it’s too mysterious, not human race powerhouse.

Yulon Island is only more than 100,000 kilometres from the coast, and it really can only be close to the sea.

Chen Lei naturally does not deal with anyone else, and as long as no one bothers him, he doesn’t have anything to do with it now.

After Chen Lei boarded the island, it was discovered that the island was not in fact too small to be thousands of square kilometres.

And there’s a lot of ordinary people living on the island, and these ordinary people here are family members of the ASEAN.

Chen Lei received all the memories of Yu Yuen, and it was also known about this cloud island, because she had been here more than once.

At this point, two days away from the East Seamount will begin, during which Chen Lei decided to hang on the island.

The most

worthy place on the island of clone is naturally the largest Prefecture City, where supreme treasure in the extremely rare sea is occasionally found.

And Chen Lei’s family is now rich, and he killed a couple of spiritual eggs, accumulating some of them.

Chen Lei approached a city of Prefecture, the largest Prefecture city in Yuen Long Island, along the lines of his memory, and soon arrived at a city of Prefecture, which occupies hundreds of acres.

At this entrance to Prefecture City, there is a huge brand shop, which says four large words of clouds Prefecture City, which are written by flying dragons and dancing phoenixes, and will know if you see it as a famous handwriting.

In Prefecture City, it is possible to see a very well-planned street, a row of shops along the street, some of which are empty, can be rented at any time, while others are fixed industries and operate some of the marine properties.

And these fixed industries generally don’t have too good Treasure, but not too many times.

The most promising is those short-term lease stores, which sell or replace Treasure’s stores, which are often surprising, but are also likely to be deceived.

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