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The spirit of the sword remains at this time, but without the last strength of the arrogant dragon, it becomes a common sword, and, of course, it is easy to kill Spirit Soul’s family expert, a rare sword.

Chen Lei waved his hand and took the sword off.

Chen Lei then waved again, all of which were taken off and taken away by Chen Lei.

These Haitians, powerhouse, are rare experts, and nearly 100 Spirit Soul, are rich in their homes, and this is enough for Chen Lei to make a big deal of money.

After all this, Chen Lei, that’s what looked for the last room.

This room, which can be said to be the deepest chamber in Cave mansion, is likely to contain supreme treasure left by the arrogant dragon.

It is clear that Treasure in this room in Chen Lei is extremely out of the ordinary.

Chen Lei misses entering the cultivation room, not at all discovering danger.

Subsequently, Chen Lei came to the cultivation room.

In the cultivation room, Chen Lei found that three Treasure pieces had been placed in this cellar, and, of course, it did not include that set of swords, which should be guarded by Treasure.

These three Treasure, respectively, are a set of treasures, a black stone and an ancient book.

This set of armaments, flash lights, is made by a dragon embedded in refining, which has a million dollars, a shining light.

The strong defense of this package, Chen Lei, can imagine that the attack on the powerhouse at firmly resist Spirit Soul’s border is totally fine.

Subsequently, Chen Lei flew to Chen Lei’s hand as soon as he did.

And this set of jewellery falls behind Chen Lei’s hand, lightly.

This package, without any traces of refining, Chen Lei left his own slice of divine soul brand, initially refining it.

After the initial refining of this package, Chen Lei’s mind moved, the package was immediately separated into a crystal dragon, which was halfway into a True Dragon general.

This True Dragon was then dispersed, and a dragon fell towards Chen Lei’s body, and an array was reorganized for Battle Armor, covering Chen Lei.

And after this Battle Armor appeared on Chen Lei, Chen Lei thoughts move, this Battle Armor, changed for a long robe, while the light was sweeping, making this robe clear.

However, this Battle Armor transformed into a robe, defending absolutely nothing, with several Spirit Soul’s powerhouse at the same time taking action, and absolutely not breaking this robe’s defense.

Chen Lei can feel very satisfied with the strong defense brought about by this robe.

Subsequently, Chen Lei picked up that black stone, which was a spirit medicine, but Chen Lei was now unaware of which spirit medicine was, but he knew absolutely out of the ordinary, because the walls were hot, mostly because of that spirit medicine.

Chen Lei took this spirit medicine first and then looked to the ancient book.

Chen Lei picked this ancient book up, looked towards this ancient book, found to be a taboo secret technique, or taboo Divine Ability.

Because of the general taboo secret technique, what you want to do is a huge burden on yourself or backlash.

But this taboo secret technique, which is very small for itself, can be ignored and can be used as a regular means of attack, but formidable power is not weak than the general taboo secret technique, so called Divine Ability.

This taboo, Divine Ability, is called the Ice Throne, is displayed, can seal the opponent’s ice in a huge ice, and such dreary cold, which can say that no Race can afford it and can be frozen directly.

Of course, the guy who holds this Divine Ability can be lifted from the ice at any time, depending on the level to which Divine Ability cultivation is capable of being taken.

This Divine Ability is capable of allowing the general powerhouse to fight.

Chen Lei is also satisfied with this taboo, Divine Ability.

Subsequently, Chen Lei hit another circle and found that there was no Treasure here, which turned around.

And when Chen Lei turned out to leave here, and came out of the cultivation room, a couple of Tiger whales powerhouse came here.

And these tiger whales powerhouse, all of them foetus expert, they showed up here, and they saw corpse, some of them Elder, one of them, became so nervous.

During the search, they saw Chen Lei coming out of the cultivation room.

Chen Lei, still incarnation, is an expert of the Lei community.

And the powerhouse of these tiger whales, when they saw Chen Lei coming out of the cell, immediately surrounded and stopped Chen Lei.

“How did these people die?”

One of the tiger whales, powerhouse, forced to ask Chen Lei.

All of these experts died here, and only Chen Lei came out of the room alone, and that was not normal, so they stopped Chen Lei.

Although it is also extremely difficult for Race to say that the Lei family is in the sea, it is equally alarming that the tiger whale has the same strength and is not afraid of the thunderbolt.

And Chen Lei looked towards these tiger whales expert stopped him and knew it wasn’t possible to stop.

“These experts died under the sword array of the proud dragon.” Chen Lei said.

“Why are you all right?” A tiger whale expert asked again.

“I’m late, not covered by sword array.” Chen Lei Road.

“so to speak, Treasure of the proud dragon, fell on your hand?” Another tiger whale expert asked again.

“Nice.” Chen Lei admitted, of course, that even if not admitted, these whales expert would never believe it.

“As such, Treasure, the proud dragon, will be handed over.” The tiger whale, one of the foremost experts, distributed tyrannical aura to Chen Lei, oppressed the past and asked Chen Lei to hand over Treasure.

“Dream.” Chen Lei is naturally a rejection.

“Kill!” And the tiger whale, the expert, even more directly, Chen Lei refused, ordered Chen Lei Killed without the slightest hesitation.

Several tiger whales’ expert, while taking action, killed Chen Lei.

The tiger whales expert carried out their own Divine Ability, with a number of horror power beams, all of which went towards Chen Lei.

Chen Lei was standing at the place of origin, completely motionless, and the robe of the dragon armor transformed into a long robe on his body was a slight flash, and one Layer’s invisible spirits spread out, and Chen Lei was masked.

These tiger whales powerhouse attacks, exploded at the invisible light, then exploded, swept the sea water, and formidable power was very terrifying.

But so terrifying’s attack is not even broken by Chen Lei’s defense, not to say, to destroy Chen Lei, and not even to his sweat.

The tiger whale, powerhouse, eyes, really strong’s defense.

However, the tiger whale expert, how could he have stopped, ordered once again full strength to take action, not to break Chen Lei’s defense.

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