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Several violet disciple had no idea that they would be attacked suddenly, and Blade Technique of Chen Lei was too harsh to be killed instantly, blood mist was bridged and the body was cut apart.

When blade light went away, Chen Lei’s silhouette was slowly showing up.

Ninth Prince felt a slight drop in pressure, and then saw several violet disciple chasing his own, sighed in relief.

Then Ninth Prince came looking at Chen Lei.

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Ninth Prince Holly said that he was very grateful to those who saved their lives.

“Meet Ninth Prince, in the lower flames, that’s all.”

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Of course, this flame is really human, but it’s in the hands of Blade Sect, the faraway people of September, and only the people of the land know it.

This flame, which was inheritance of Blade Sect. Blade Sect was a rather Cold Sect section in the ancient days, and sect inheritance had long been cut off.

However, the extinction of Blade Sect’s inheritance was not this inheritance, but too strong, too demanding for aptitude cultivation, basically unable to find the right disciple, which resulted in fewer disciple doors and, finally, inheritance.

And after Chan’s inheritance, his innate talent is still quite a match for Blade Sect, and cultivation is small.

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Of course, after Chen Lei killed the people of the land, this flame Blade Sect inheritance naturally fell into Chen Lei’s hands.

And with Chen Lei’s comprehension, it’s easy to fix this blade.

Of course, it blade and the day before Dragon-Tiger had formidable power, but it was a rare knife, formidable power at Chen Lei’s hands.

Just now, Chen Lei cut off these violet disciple and saved Ninth Prince Holly, the blade Technique used


Ninth Prince thought that he had never heard of Chen Flame before, but it was normal, and Ninth Prince said, “Brother Chen, you killed four violet disciple to save me.”

Chen Lei said, “Ninth Prince, on this point, please be assured that I have carefully observed that most of the experts are now on their way to the Holy Land of Purple, and that we will certainly be able to find a large number of experts near the Holy Land of Purple, and that Ninth Prince will come to Ninth Prince as soon as he shows up, believing that a lot of powerhouse will gather around Ninth Prince.”

Now, these experts in the sacred land of Purple, naturally, know what the Purple Clan thinks about their kill to the last one.

These experts are not foolish enough to know that if they were to hide in the depths of the Holy Place, they would have been taken out by the Purple Jade.

The only chance they have is to run out of the sacred land of Utah, and only to flee the sacred land of Utah can they pick a life


So, these experts, while avoiding the Purple Jade chase, are also approaching their exports to the Holy Land of Purple


Of course, at the exit point of the Holy Land of Purple, the Jade clan is bound to be cloudy expert, and by one or two powerhouse alone, it will be hard to break out.

However, if we all move together, we may still have a chance to induce chaos and to flee while they are chaos.

It’s just that these experts are waiting for this opportunity, and no one wants to be a head bird.

In such cases, Chen Lei and Ninth Prince also appeared in this area.

Chen Lei, at this point, began to liaise in the dark with a number of experts, bringing them together to Ninth Prince, and then to hit the exit of the Holy Jade.

And these experts, some of them, ignored Chen Lei’s invitation and didn’t mean to join at all.

But there are some experts, but there is a spirit of mind that promises to come down and promises to help Chen Lei bring together other powerhouse.

After a few days, it was promised to hit the powerhouse with Ninth Prince to export the Holy Land of Purple, reaching a hundred people, which is already a very tyrannical force.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Ninth Prince was able to mobilize so many horses at this time, and also had the power to shock the export of the sacred land and begin to plan carefully


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