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Swallowed Star Latest Chapter, Volume 17 Outside Territory Battlefield Chapter 29, Chapter 30, The Birth of World Beast King, Astronomy
    Chapter 29, Chapter 30, The Birth of World Beast King

    Victory, this battle itself evenly won. The latest chapter of the church

    At this moment, it is the most exciting moment of the trillion era to Luo Feng.

    ReceiveLuo Feng is far away.


    The Stars Tower hung high, the base black hole swallowed directly, and the bodies of the two World Beast Mo He in the distance, as well as the World Beast Mo Luosa on the side of Luo Feng, were swallowed directly! Mo Luosa is a servant of Luo Feng's, naturally unable to resist.

    "No matter how."Luo Feng is excited and mad, but also has a calm, "I can't always make a big deal, and it will lead to a catastrophe!"

    "To be a World Beast King, let's break through in my Stars Tower."

    Mo He died.

    Mo Luosa is the last World Beast and will soon evolve into the final king.

    World Beast King is truly the most precious and perfect, representing the life of Destruction Origin. It is noble and comparable to the Primordial Universe. Such a presence…Whether or not to allow slavery, Luo Feng did not dare to say that he was 100% sure. If Mo Luosa becomes a king, he suddenly gets rid of Luo Feng's slavery, and in turn destroys all ethnic groups and kills Luo Feng…That Luo Feng is too late to cry.

    So even if there is no excitement at the moment, Luo Feng will give Mo Luosa income to Stars Tower!

    Stars Tower is the God King weapon!

    Once trapped in it, don't say the World Beast King just born! Even World Beast, which reaches pinnacle in the long run, can destroy the World Beast of the ancient civilization and powerful Kingdom…It's just better than God King, trapped in the Stars Tower, I'm afraid I can't break it. Not to mention the World Beast King kid who was born at the moment.

    "If you are still enslaved by me, it is natural."Luo Feng thought to himself, "If you have never been enslaved by me, then shut it down in Stars Tower and never let it out. Until I kill it. ”

    Although there are concerns.

    Luo Feng also believes…

    You should be able to enslave the last king.

    Since he had enslaved Mo Luosa, there was a possibility of 'slavery World Beast King'. ""And this final battle…It is also to kill the enslaved party and the free party, World Beast. If the last king is not allowed to be enslaved, why bother to kill it?

    "Everything has a chance."Luo Feng thought to himself, "To enslave World Beast, you must have a life of 100,000 times to turn divine power into World Beast. Next will be extremely high! Only finally enslaved into a World Beast…To enslave the king, you have to destroy the entire World Beast community. ”

    Ten thousand times the level of life!

    Will is extremely high!

    Kill the World Beast community again!

    Three conditions, indispensable, can finally enslave the king.

    The difficulty is high, you can imagine.

    Luo Feng is doing it all now…If this is the case, the Supreme Rule will make Mo Luosa get rid of slavery, which is unfair. Luo Feng thinks so!

    A suppression of Stars Tower within the space.

    The bodies of the two World Beast Mo He are lying there, while World Beast Mo Luosa is standing by.

"World Beast Mo Luosa has both heads up.

    A supreme pressure came, covering Mo Luosa.

    Luo Feng, who is suppressing the edge of the space, is looking at this direction, seeing it to himself: "Supreme Rule? World Beast King is worthy of being equal to the Primordial Universe Ah!


    The bodies of the original two World Beast Mo He were instantly ablated and then vanished, and the clones of millions of Mo He scattered throughout the Universe Sea were instantly annihilated. This surprised Luo Feng, who thought that Mo Luosa was going to swallow the body.

    "Booming ~~~"

    A strong breath suddenly emerged, and the madness began to fill Mo Luosa's internal.

    Every breath is faintly showing the appearance of World Beast. World Beast looks like a similar appearance. In fact is different. Luo Feng even recognizes Zia, Brady and other heads of World Beast at a glance. At the moment, countless World Beast breaths into Mo Luosa internal, causing Mo Luosa to soar.

    “吼~~” Mo Luosa couldn’t help but scream. Church

    Its body is fast in rapid change, and its blood color pattern is more complicated, as if an invisible hand is drawn on its body, and its two heads have a single horn on the forehead, single horn The top also produces white light.

    A stock of breath continues to blend.

    All the dead World Beast, the atmosphere of the moment is gathered together, melted into it. It also made Mo Luosa climb to 6th Rank apex very quickly, and countless breaths, but it stayed at 6th Rank apex.

    Until the last breath of the atmosphere, that is the atmosphere of World Beast Mo He!


    Fill in!

    All the dead World Beast, all the power is poured into its internal, Mo Luosa can not help but squint, its body immediately emerges a white light, surrounded by countless dazzling white text, completely wrapped Mo Luosa Luo Feng has no eyes to see Mo Luosa.

    Only the strength that feels terrible is in a violent reaction.

    Who would have thought.Luo Feng trembled, "All the power of World Beast is gathered together, and one billion World Beast will eventually be born! One of the World Beasts in the World Beast is considered True God, and one billion True God is a hit, which is more terrible than Eternal True God. So much energy is just a birth of a World Beast King that has just entered the growth stage. ”

    A powerful pressure is bursting.

    The numerous dazzling white words that surround them appear and sometimes dissipate. Countless new words appear…It seems to be telling the secrets of the old. The terrible destruction of a stock is also lingering, it is the same high Destruction Origin!

    World Beast King represents the complete Destruction Origin.

    for a long time–

    Supreme Rule pressure back.

    The white light text surrounded by trillion is instantly integrated into Mo Luosa internal. At this time, Luo Feng can see the appearance of Mo Luosa.

    "This this……"Luo Feng looked at the birth of World Beast King, his face full of horror.

    I saw a tall, white-skinned life standing there, its body is perfect, it has a pair of hands and feet, a head, a mouth, a nose, two eyes, no ears. On its forehead is a two-white sharp horn with a curved thorn.

    At first glance, it is extremely holy and beautiful.

    Even the most beautiful races in the Humanity community, even some of the most beautiful Insect Race Queen Mother, are ashamed of it.

    Its beauty, ingenious work, contains the supreme mystery.

    Without the two sharp horns, it would be like a child who is soloving, but the two sharp horns…But there is a kingship that makes it supreme.

    "World Beast King ?"Luo Feng murmured, "The ugly black skin, the two skulls of the skull, the last king, even more beautiful than any life I have ever seen. Even the Insect Race Queen Mother is as ugly as it is. ”

    Perfect to peak.

    Beautiful to peak.

    "Master."Its body surface condenses into a set of battle armor, and then bows to Luo Feng, "Thank you for making me Lu Luosa the last king."

    Luo Feng looks at Mo Luosa, Sense.


    Your own soul control is deeply embedded in this World Beast King soul, and you can make World Beast King soul destroyed as long as you have a thought. As you guessed…Obviously, I have gone through a series of tests and I am qualified to enslave ultimate King.

    "Mo Luosa."Luo Feng sings with a smile, "You are more beautiful than any other life."

    "I can change into anything, and I can change my breath."Mo Luosa said respectfully, when he saw his body illusion, he became the God Eye Lordmaster, and immediately became Rampant Demon God, became Hong, and became the Primal Chaos City Lord, even the breath was exactly the same.

    Luo Feng smiled.


    World Beast King also has the special ability of Invisible Phaseless.

    "What special ability do you have now?"Luo Feng asked.

    Mo Luosa humbly said: "The previous special skills such as clone ten million, I still have it all. And I have mastered the complete Destruction Origin, I can continue to comprehend Destruction Origin, the more I comprehend, the stronger the strength will be. And my internal world is really perfect, I can nurturing a powerful Warrior, much more Warrior than 6th Rank World Beast stronger. ”

Luo Feng listened to the shock.


    I won, if Mo He became World Beast King, it was really a chance to make a comeback. There are still clone ten million special ability, and you can nurturing a lot of Warrior…It’s just too bad.

    "Of course World Beast King is not omnipotent."Mo Luosa said modestly, “I also need to devour a lot of energy and swallow countless treasures to provide a source of nurturing Warrior.”

    “Ha!There is now a Purple Moon sacred land waiting for you to eat. ”Luo Feng smiled.

    -The pleasure was all mine.Mo Luosa smiles.

    Luo Feng Looked at Mo Luosa carefully. The former crazy Mo Luosa, but now it has become very 'quiet', it seems that having the entire Destruction Origin does have a great impact on it.

    “Are you now equivalent to our Universe Lord, True God, Void Level and even higher?”Luo Feng curiously asked.

    "I am just entering the growth period."Mo Luosa said, “Equivalent to the Void Level in the Master's cultivation system.”

    Void True God ?

    Luo Feng nod, it's about the same.

    "I am different from Master."Mo Luosa said, "I don't have any bottlenecks in my ascension. As long as I continue to swallow, I will continue to feel…Because I control Destruction Origin, even if I comprehend it slowly, I will eventually reach the most pinnacle stage. At that time, I was the same as the most Pinnacle's Primordial Universe. One hit, there is also the powerful energy of the Primordial Universe. Only the Primordial Universe comes to nurturing countless lives, it can't actively attack. ”

    Luo Feng is amazed.

    Primordial Universe is unable to attack, if it can attack, the Primordial Universe is endlessly large, one hit…It is absolutely possible to reach the God King level.

    No wonder the World Beast is a catastrophe in the ancient civilization!

    A group of Kingdoms must join forces to resist, and obviously three or five God Kings can't stop the World Beast army.

    "Our Primordial Universe life, as long as it becomes a Void Level, you have to go back and forth."Luo Feng asked, “Mo Luosa, you are now equivalent to the void level, do you need a reincarnation?”


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