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Swallowed Star Latest Chapter, Volume 17 Outside Territory Battlefield Twenty-nineth Thirty-first Chapter Purple Moon The destruction of the universe, floating astronomy
    Chapter 29—Chapter 31—The Breaking of the Purple Moon Universe

    "Hey reincarnation?"Mo Luosa shakes his head, "Master, you are the life of Primordial Universe. The church is not me, although my 1st Rank is equivalent to the Void Level…But nothing forced me to go back and forth. ”

    Luo Feng sighs.

    It’s a cow.

    The status is equal to the Primordial Universe, and the original will naturally cannot be forced.

    "Go, let me go to the Purple Moon sacred land."Luo Feng Road.

    "Yes, Master."There is also a look in Mo Luosa's eyes, and of course it knows what to do.

    Luo Feng eyes did not care about it.

    Before we can solve the World Beast catastrophe, in front of the big things, everything is put down, there can be no delay. But now the catastrophe has spent…The Purple Moon sacred land crushed Humanity, trying to kill himself and aiming at himself several times. Already a dead enemy! And the last part of Shi Wu Wing is also taken back.

    "Call ~~~~~~"Stars Tower immediately became a Teleportation and disappeared into the 茫茫chaos energy stream.

    When Luo Feng took Mo Luosa to the Purple Moon sacred land universe, in the crowd of Virtual Universe.

    Humanity, other alien races of the Great Alliance, and many influences such as Monster Race, Insect Race, Space Beast Alliance, Ancestor God Religion, and so on, even Zuo Shanke and other solo Universes Strongest.

    All True God, get together!


    True God talks to each other at most sound transmissions, and there are hidden fears in their eyes and faces…Because this final battle involves the birth and death of all ethnic groups, if the nightmare news comes, it is a die.

    And the white robe Luo Feng sitting at the top is closing his eyes, no one dares to bother him.

    "Hua~"Luo Feng suddenly opened his eyes.

    At the moment, I have noticed the attention of Luo Feng's many True Gods. It seems that even a large number of Universe Lords outside the temple stand up, and they are all in the hall.

    Everyone has a look forward to waiting for Luo Feng to announce the results.

    "You are."Luo Feng overlook, the face smile suddenly bloomed.

    This laugh immediately made all the True Gods and even the outside Universes Lords below realize the answer, but they didn't listen to Luo Feng. They didn't feel at ease, they kept their eyes on Luo Feng and waited for him to talk. Church

    "The final battle, won!"Luo Feng sounds loud, "The World Beast has been spent, this Samsara era has trillions of eras, don't worry!"

    “Ha ha ha !”

    "Win, win!"



    All the True Gods below cheered all the time. They all stood in the existence of the most apex in their respective ethnic groups. At this moment, none of them care about the style! The Universe Lords outside the temple are equally excited.

    Zuo Shanke, standing at the bottom, looked at Luo Feng and laughed. He finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    "Luo Feng."Sitting on the side of Luo Feng, Primal Chaos City Lord, turned and looked at Luo Feng. "You never let me down."


    A jubilant.

    Everyone knows the whole story, and the news spreads wildly. Even the dozens of True Gods who lost the first Samsara era and the second Samsara era in the Universe Sea lost the small scale universe.

    "Did you make it?"

    three intense days at ISRI.

    Jue He True God, Rampant Demon God, etc. are all scattered throughout the Universe Sea, very lonely.

    They got the news, but they were not very happy.

    Because of their small scale universe, their ethnic groups are all extinct…They are all living alone now, just waiting for the final limit.


    Eastern Emperor sacred land in the universe.

    three intense days at ISRI.The Eastern Emperor ancestors were walking on the vast land and watching the lives of his people.

    His tribes have a weak life span of only a hundred years.

    Walking the earth to see the cycle of life and death, the Eastern Emperor ancestor is ready, but the news came at the moment, but let his heart rush out of joy.

    "Ha ha ha ……"The Eastern Emperor ancestors laughed and laughed. He was laughing for himself and laughing for his own group.

    Throughout the Eastern Emperor sacred land universe, all the True God and Universe Lords were very excited and happy to celebrate this catastrophe. The latest chapter of the church


    Purple Moon sacred land The same joy in the universe, not only those Universe Lord, True God, but even the ancestors of Purple Moon are very happy.

    "My chances are extraordinary and there are great achievements. How could it be in front of the World Beast? ”Purple Moon's ancestors were relaxed and happy, and then they passed a sigh of anger. "Luo Feng can successfully contain the World Beast catastrophe, and the potential is really terrible. He will be my biggest opponent. How can he not go with World Beast? ”

    Forget it

    "Since I can't kill him."Purple Moon's ancestors secretly shook their heads. "It seems that I can only watch the future. I see that he is powerful, or I am powerful. I will not believe that I will lose in his hands."

    Then the ancestors of Purple Moon no longer think about it, but start a celebration feast with his subordinates.

    To spend the catastrophe is a big event worth celebrating.

    Just as the top of the entire Purple Moon sacred land was celebrating, in the void outside the Purple Moon sacred land, a Stars Tower had appeared, and the side door of the Stars Tower base came out two figures, one was the silver armor man Luo Feng, One is a pair of curved horn handsome king Mo Luosa.

    “Purple Moon sacred land.”Luo Feng looks at the huge small scale universe. "It should be the same."

    Both sides are the enemy of life and death!

    Luo Feng will be soft?

    "Mo Luosa, how long does it take to swallow it?"Luo Feng asked.

    "I am different from the World Beast of 2nd Rank 3rd Rank."Mo Luosa said with a smile, "My world has been truly perfect, and the special ability to swallow is naturally reaching a new height. It should be quick, but you need to try to devour it before you know how long it will take. ”

    "Well, you start."Luo Feng commanded.

    Mo Luosa nod.

    It looked at the Purple Moon sacred land universe, and then its double horns suddenly shot countless white zigzag lights. Each corner is like a source, and the two corners are like Gemini. Influence each other…Directly forming a strange swallowing power, completely covering the distant Purple Moon sacred land universe.

    "Boom ~~~" time and space tremors are distorted.

    The dazzling ray of light followed the countless white twists of light, madly pouring into Mo Luosa internal, Mo Luosa also became extremely dazzling, like a trillion dazzling sun.

    Luo Feng looked at Mo Luosa, who was dazzling on his side and couldn't see his appearance: "How?"

    "Purple Moon ancestor should be blessing and try to resist."Mo Luosa said, "This Purple Moon sacred land is indeed very large, and the origin is also very powerful, plus his will blessing…It takes some time for me to swallow it, about a day or so. ”

    1 DayLuo Feng smiled.

    World Beast like 2nd Rank 3rd Rank takes about 100,000 years to eat.

    World Beast King, it only takes a day.

    "I am waiting for this day."Luo Feng smiled.

    Purple Moon sacred land In the universe, the original ancestor of Purple Moon was still sitting high above, and True God and Universe Lords were also eating fine food and drinking, all of them were very happy and talked loudly.

    But now…

    “World Beast swallowed?”

    "The ancestor, you said World Beast is eating our Purple Moon sacred land?"

    "How is it possible that the Primordial Universe is not coming over, is the World Beast catastrophe gone? Did the Silver River Lord not destroy World Beast? ”The chaos below.

    Purple Moon's ancestors stood above, full of anger, and yelled at the bottom: "World Beast is eating our Purple Moon sacred land Universe Source, this is my small scale universe, don't I know? Can I still make a mistake? So, give me a message to the Primordial Universe and tell them! World Beast is not extinct yet, they are attacking my small scale universe. ”

    "Yes, the ancestor."



    The True God and Universe Lords below were flustered and even began to communicate with True God in the Primordial Universe.

    Purple Moon's ancestor stood at the top, full of hostility, angry and anxious, his small scale Universe Source is being swallowed up by the source, swallowing speed is fast to make him fear! He is also angry…The Silver River Lord Luo Feng clearly said that the World Beast has passed, how can World Beast swallow his small scale universe?

    "Don't Luo Feng lose?"Purple Moon's ancestor thought to himself, "He knows that everything is going to be extinct, so before the extinction, he is crazy and wants to spread the news of his win? Anyway, if you lose, you must be extinct? So crazy, deliberately get this hand? ”

    Purple Moon's ancestors began to think about it.

    He never thought that World Beast would become a servant of Luo Feng's! In this regard, Luo Feng has never been publicized, and even the major influences in the Primordial Universe are also unknown…Luo Feng has a World Beast slave!


    Virtual Universe Tempe, the various families True God and Universe Lord gathered here to hold a grand celebration to celebrate the World Beast.

    Luo Feng and Primal Chaos City Lord are also sitting at the top.

    All laughter and laughter.

    Suddenly a voice sounded: "World Beast is not extinct! World Beast is swallowing the Purple Moon sacred land universe! ”

    This sound instantly silences the entire temple.

    "Yes, World Beast is not extinct. Purple Moon sacred land There has been news that they are now suffering from the World Beast attack, and the Purple Moon sacred land Universe Source is being swallowed. ”

    “Purple Moon sacred land is being attacked by World Beast.”

    "And World Beast!"

    The whole temple is messed up. Is the Silver River Lord lying? Everyone is uneasy.

    The ancestor of the starry sky below also worried: "Silver River Lord, isn't World Beast not killed, and remains?"

    Nine Nether Lordmaster is also worried: "Milky Way, if there is still a residue, you have to kill it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the remnant World Beast will grow up, which is also a huge threat. ”

    "You are."

    Luo Feng overlook, he opened his mouth and he calmed down.

    "Although rest assured."Luo Feng said, "The World Beast has passed, don't believe, you can ask three Ancestor God…I believe that three Ancestor God should get the message of origin will know that the World Beast has passed. ”

    All of the time in the temple looked at the three Ancestor God.

    Three Ancestor God look at each other.

    “The World Beast has really passed.”Cang Old Ancestor opens his mouth.

    "Ha ha ha ……"

    "With Annestor God, we are relieved."

    "The Purple Moon sacred land How do you say World Beast is attacking the sacred land universe?"The atmosphere inside the temple was immediately relaxed, but many True God asked.

    Luo Feng overlook Below: "That's not World Beast attack! But I am attacking! It will not take long for this Universe Sea to have no Purple Moon sacred land ever since! ”


    There is a third more!

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