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Swallowed Star Latest Chapter, Volume 17 Outside Territory Battlefield Twenty-nineth thirty-second chapter of the depths of the Universe Sea, floating astronomy
    Chapter 29—Chapter 32—The depths of the Universe Sea

    Purple Moon sacred land universe, will disappear from Universe Sea?

    The lower races of True God are looking at each other and in his heart understands. ""Since Ancestor God, who can communicate with the 'Original Universe Source will', admits that the World Beast has passed, attacking Purple Moon sacred land seems to be Luo Feng.

    Because, in addition to World Beast, I am afraid that Luo Feng will destroy the strength of Purple Moon sacred land!

    How strong is Luo Feng?

    True God don't know all the people, only know that it is strong! Not to mention that Luo Feng once said that he killed eight million World Beasts, and that the family did not see it with their own eyes…However, 900,000 World Beast killed the Universe Sea, ruining the small scale universe of the first Samsara era and the second Samsara era, and the True Gods of the two Samsara eras were all seen.

    The densely populated World Beast can easily sweep the various races.

    What can be the result?

    It was solved by Luo Feng!

    World Beast is so terrible, how strong is Luo Feng that solves the World Beast catastrophe? Think about it, chilling, Luo Feng's many stories, which one is not scary?

    Like World of Promotion, hundreds of Universe Lords are instantly extinct.

    Universe Lord, but the first expert of Universe Sea! At that time, God Eye Lordmaster and the others were all mechanically remnant, still admit defeat in the face of Luo Feng.

    When the breakthrough, the trillion group including True God are worshipping!


    Both illustrate the strength of the Silver River Lord!

    Purple Moon sacred land within the universe.

    "Maybe Luo Feng didn't lie, he really killed a lot of World Beast, just didn't kill it, World Beast has a remnant…"Purple Moon's ancestors brightened and immediately shouted down. "Tell the Primordial Universe, World Beast and the remnants, let the Silver River Lord Luo Feng hurry to kill World Beast!"

    The bottom is quiet, and many Universe Lords are looking up at the ancestor of Purple Moon.

    "What happened?"Purple Moon's ancestors frowned.

    "The ancestor."One of the Universe Lords below shouted anxiously. "There was news from the Primordial Universe, and the Silver River Lord had admitted that he was attacking our Purple Moon sacred land. That Luo Feng is going to ruin our Purple Moon sacred land. ”

    "What?The ancestors of Purple Moon were shocked. ("")

    "No way?"Purple Moon's ancestors snarled and snarled. "This is not Luo Feng, it must be World Beast. This is obviously World Beast is swallowing my small scale Universe Source ! ”

    "The ancestor, the original Universe Source will told the three Ancestor God that the World Beast catastrophe was indeed gone."Standing in front of a three-headed and eight-armed old man crying, "The Luo Feng strength against the sky, really destroyed the World Beast catastrophe. He is more terrible than the World Beast Holocaust! He must have used special measures to deal with our sacred land universe. ”

    A cry of crying.


    If the sacred land is destroyed, then the entire ethnic group will be annihilated. Few of them are afraid of death, but how can they be willing to think that the entire ethnic group will be annihilated?

    But to stop Luo Feng? All of them, I am afraid I can't stop Luo Feng's move.

    "How, how is it possible!"Purple Moon's ancestor was frightened. "Is the original Universe Source will recognized?"

    "Luo Feng, he, is he attacking my small scale universe?"

    "He's a True God, how could it ruin my small scale universe?"

    The purple ancestor could not believe it.

    Even if the Luo Feng realm is extremely high, this is after all, Void True God's small scale universe, how could it be destroyed? At the beginning, the original ancestor of Purple Moon dealt with Luo Feng, not afraid of Luo Feng turning his face…It is because he determined that Luo Feng could not help him at all.

    It is true that Luo Feng itself does not have the small scale universe of Void True God, but 'World Beast King' can.

    World Beast King, even the original Universe Source can be swallowed, not to mention the Purple Moon sacred land.

    "Go, go see Luo Feng, this is his coordinates!"Purple Moon's ancestors gnawed their teeth. "Ask him, can you let me go through my Purgon Moon sacred land? Any condition, our Purple Moon sacred land can promise. ”

    "Yes, the ancestor."

    Immediately there were more than ten figures rushing out.

    At this time, begging for mercy may be a shame, but the temporary shame is better than the ethnic group, hope to cut off Ah!

    "How come, how come this step?"Purple Moon's ancestors looked up and closed their eyes.


    Fifteen experts flew out, and the Purple Moon ancestor was able to Sense to the source of engulfing. Following the coordinates, fifteen Purple Moon sacred land experts quickly approached the past. The latest chapter of the church

    "Booming ~~~" Endless golden waves filled the air.

    "Silver River Lord, as long as you are willing to put my Purple Moon sacred land trillion life, we have any conditions…"Fifteen experts flew into the golden waves and moved on.


    A wave of slaps came, and fifteen experts were instantly smashed and annihilated.

    In the depths of the entire domain.

    Luo Feng and Mo Luosa are standing there, Mo Luosa is naturally capable of engulfing, and Luo Feng is sneer: "When I tried to destroy my Humanity family, why didn't I want to spare my family trillion life? Not my family, not against me. There is a heart that destroys our people. If we die, we will be strange. ”

    Luo Feng didn't even bother to negotiate with the negotiations, to kill one, to kill two.

    He will never let the people of Purple Moon sacred land come to the front, otherwise the Purple Moon sacred land expert will be able to see Mo Luosa. Maybe they can't recognize Mo Luosa as World Beast…But to prevent accidents, Luo Feng didn't want to see Mo Luosa from Purple Moon sacred land expert.

    In the presence of Mo Luosa, Luo Feng would not even tell anyone in the Primordial Universe.

    Because, this matter is too big!

    The Universe Sea is still full of unknowns. Just looking at the body of the suspected 'Jin God King' floating from the depths of the Universe Sea, Luo Feng understands that there may be other secrets in the depths of the Universe Sea. And World Beast King grew up to pinnacle, and the ancient civilization is called the existence of catastrophe. It is easy to kill countries like Jin Kingdom…Can you leak?

    As long as you don't say it, Mo Luosa has the same 'Invisible Phaseless 'special ability as himself, so no one can recognize it.

    This will be your most important killing trick.

    Naturally hidden deep.


    "The ancestor, our clone just rushed into the domain and was killed. I can't even see Luo Feng's face. ”

    "Go to the second batch."Purple Moon ancestors gnawed their teeth.

    Another batch of Purple Moon sacred land expert wants to sum.

    Still being destroyed!

    Even through some friends in the Primordial Universe to send a message to Luo Feng, Luo Feng still refused.

    "Ha ha ha ……"The purple ancestor suddenly raised his head and laughed. The Universe Lord and True God below were panicked and confused.

    "I didn't expect that I was proud and I was finally planted in the hands of the Silver River Lord."Purple Moon ancestors mad with a smile.

    "Go, go."

    Purple Moon's ancestors waved down, "Go and gather with your friends and relatives, and for half a day, everything will be extinct."

    The many Universe Lords and True Gods who stood under the Highness also couldn’t control their emotions.

    "Without eternal glory, everything has a reincarnation. We are destroyed today, and Luo Feng will die one day. ”

    “Our Purple Moon sacred land has been around for so long, and I don’t know how much better than those who lived with three Samsara eras.”


    "The Humanity community also has a day of destruction."

    Have a look at life and death, have resentment Luo Feng's, have cursed Humanity…There are more experts flying directly out of the hall, going to the last thing before the die, to see their hometown, to see their own discipline, Enron and so on.

    Rime table

    Purple Moon's ancestor also walked out of the hall and entered the Universe Source. Within the origin, his gaze could fall into any space in the sacred land universe.

    That’s over!Purple Moon ancestors whispered, "My ethnic group will also be destroyed, but…My Purple Moon, will not admit defeat, will not admit defeat! ”

    Luo Feng Looks far away, the huge universe in the distance begins to crack and collapse, and the crash speed is extremely fast. Like Great Axe, his original scale is still intact in the universe, so the crash resolution will be slow…However, this kind of being swallowed, the origin was swallowed, and the membrane wall naturally collapsed and annihilated.

    ComingLuo Feng behind the five pairs of wings trembled, a stream of light in the ruined Purple Moon sacred land universe is flying at an amazing speed.


    Luo Feng succeeded in teleportation and quickly approached.

    "The last pair of wings."The five pairs of wings behind Luo Feng also flew directly, and quickly joined the pair of silver wings that came flying.

    “Primal Chaos Golden Wings.”

    Luo Feng looked at the dazzling six pairs of wings suspended in midair and couldn't help laughing. This is the complete Primal Chaos Golden Wings.

    Of course, today's realm is high, reaching the Void True God Top Level level, but it is not qualified to promote the Shi Wu Wing fifth stage. That fifth stage is for the general Eternal True God to rush! Just because I got it and I didn't want to move it, and it took 100,000 years to swallow Purple Moon sacred land, Luo Feng waited until now to start with Purple Moon sacred land.

    "Haha!"The six pairs of wings behind Luo Feng are open, "complete, but this fifth pair of wing interior is somewhat damaged."

    The other five pairs of wings of Shi Wu Wing are all restored by the energy in the source.

    Only this last pair of wings was not fixed.

    "My current divine power burns to peak, but it can be repaired."Luo Feng tried it. "It's just a quick fix for speed. If it's Eternal True God, I'm afraid it will be fixed soon."

    "Not urgent!"

    "I have more time now."

    Luo Feng direct Teleportation, flying towards the broken Purple Moon sacred land universe, this is a sacred land universe. After a long time, perhaps Archileeological Ruin of the ancient civilization was found in Three Great Desperate Land, and Luo Feng naturally swept away. Once again, it can only be regarded as a small gain.

Luo Feng stands in the void, surrounded by broken continents, Space Fragments, and so on.

    The location of his station is the location of the previously sacred land Universe Source space.

    Luo Feng frowns and looks around: "Sacred land The universe is shattered, what about the ancestors of Purple Moon?"

    Small scale The universe is shattered, but it means that expert cannot improve, but it does not kill expert.

    Purple Moon sacred land, the ancestors of Purple Moon should still be alive.

    "Whether it is the ancestor of Purple Moon, or the ancestor of Eastern Emperor. Even in the face of the threat of World Beast, they can only bear it. ”Luo Feng thought to himself, "Even if I wanted to kill me again, I was killed by hundreds of Universe Lords…Purple Moon's first ancestor has never stepped out of the sacred land universe. Now the sacred land has not seen him. ”

    “Don't he say that he is not in the sacred land universe?”Luo Feng muttered, "In the sacred land universe, is it just his divine power incarnation? Just because incarnation has no combat power, it never comes out. ”


    Luo Feng turned his head and looked at the endless distance that filled the chaos energy stream. That direction was the location of the suspected Jin God King's behemoth.

    “Is there any other secret in the Universe Sea?”Luo Feng thought to himself, "The secret of ancient civilization, and the ancestor of Purple Moon is there too?"


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