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Swallowed Star Latest Chapter, Volume 17 Outside Territory Battlefield Twenty-ninth Chapter 33 Releases Origin Ancestor, Astronomy
    Twenty-ninth chapter thirty-third chapter release Origin Ancestor

    Twenty-ninth chapter thirty-third chapter release Origin Ancestor

    Luo Feng looked at the endless distance of the chaos energy stream and meditated silently. (""7*

    He had long suspected that the ancestors of Purple Moon should not be in this small scale universe, otherwise they would never have come out to the end. Of course, there is also a special case…That is, the ancestor of Purple Moon is forbidden to go out in the small scale universe, then destroying the small scale universe by itself is equivalent to releasing the ancestor of Purple Moon.

    It is also early to prepare for this Luo Feng.

    Not to mention that Mo Luosa is the World Beast King equivalent to the 'Void True God' stage, it can be said to sweep all Void True God, at least the original ancestor of Purple Moon can not stop.

    And I am able to display "Yuan Arranging Technique", "Yuan Arranging Technique" is more advanced than "God Eye Secret Technique", even enough for God King to be crazy about the highest will secret technique! Even if it is a pretty opponent, if one party has "Yuan Arranging Technique", it will greatly affect the opponent's strength, and even directly coma!

    Luo Feng is now going to be holy. It can be said that as long as it has not been sanctified, it will be 100% to be defeated by Luo Feng. The Eastern Emperor, the small scale universe of the ancestors of Purple Moon…Mo Luosa tried to swallow it all the time, and confirmed that the Eastern Emperor ancestor would be stronger and the Purple Moon ancestor would be weaker.

    "In Void True God, will reach a lot of Eternal True God Level. It is almost impossible to be holy. ”Luo Feng shook his head. "Purple Moon is worse than Eastern Emperor. It is impossible to be holy."

    "Either the Eastern Emperor or the Purple Moon is overtaken."Luo Feng thought to himself, "With infinite life, where are they?"

    Universe Sea is too mysterious.

    For example, there are four major generals such as Eternal True God in World of Promotion, which makes Luo Feng understand that he is not invincible. So Luo Feng has to hide the World Truss card, the absolute trump card.


    Luo Feng took Mo Luosa and started directly back to the Primordial Universe.


    Milky Way sacred land in void. (""7

    "Go, let's go to Ancestor God Religion."Primal Chaos City Lord is very excited, Luo Feng just returned from the Universe Sea, Primal Chaos City Lord took Luo Feng to Ancestor God Religion, ready to release Origin Ancestor, he waited this day for too long.

    "Mm."Luo Feng also smiled and said.

    Their master and disciple walked side by side and soon arrived at the Ancestor God Palace in the Ancestor God mystical region.

    Stepping into the Ancestor God Palace, Ancestor God is sitting on the Ancestor God Palace.

    "Three."Primal Chaos City Lord said directly, "Our intentions, I think you know." The World Beast has been spent, and should the original will follow the original promise and release my Humanity Origin Ancestor? ”

    Below the three Ancestor God overlook, Cang Old Ancestor said: “Primal Chaos City Lord doesn't have to worry, the origin will be promised, naturally.”

    “Before the original will have told us.”Young Ancestor God also said, "This time Luo Feng solves the World Beast catastrophe, and it has a great contribution. Naturally, you can release Origin Ancestor…Presumably now the origin will should have begun to release Origin Ancestor. After a while, Origin Ancestor should appear directly at Ancestor God Palace. ”

    “Has it started to release?”Primal Chaos City Lord is excited.

    Luo Feng is also looking forward to it.

    Although he has not been taught by Origin Ancestor, the impact of Origin Ancestor on the Humanity community is enormous.

    It can be said that Origin Ancestor is the leader of the rise of Humanity, Great Axe and primal chaos are the stalkers of Humanity's prosperity, and Luo Feng is the brilliant pioneer of Humanity!

    "Please wait a little."Double Face Ancestor God also said.

    Primal Chaos City Lord and Luo Feng stood in the hall and waited quietly. Time passed slowly. Suddenly a strong wave appeared in the hall. I saw a space Wormhole in the central space of the main hall. Instantly crossed the space Wormhole and appeared in the hall.

    This scene caused the Primal Chaos City Lord to tremble, his eyes full of excitement.

    The figure is clear, it is a white robe man, where he went, as if time and space were affected by him, everything became peaceful and peaceful. ("")

    "Teacher!"Primal Chaos City Lord went straight ahead, and Teleportation went to the white robe man, and he fell down directly, tears shed.

    How long.

    How long have you been waiting?

    Origin Ancestor to him, is teacher and father, because to protect the situation created by Origin Ancestor, he primal Chaos City Lord conscientious, dare not relax in the slightest, seriously manage the whole humanity Ethnic group, for a long time, his ' selfless ' ' bent on the ethnic group ' is famous, and even disciple, training disciple, etc., are all for the purpose of ethnic prosperity. It also makes the Humanity expert admire the Primal Chaos City Lord!

    Where do they know that primal chaos just wants to guard everything left by Teacher and doesn't want Humanity to decay.

    "Don't be like a child."Origin Ancestor smiles and raises primal chaos.

    "En."Primal chaos This is standing up.

    Origin Ancestor looked at primal chaos and sighed: "Unfortunately, Great Axe is gone."

    Primal chaos also has a sad feeling: "Great Axe was killed by World Beast. Fortunately, Luo Feng solved the World Beast catastrophe and brought back the Great Axe's supreme treasure divine axe."When Luo Feng returned, he naturally brought back the divine axe. This news is known to the seniors of the Humanity community, and they all sigh.

    "He can see the situation today and he will be happy."Origin Ancestor sighed. "This kid is a squat and adventurous. I warned many times. If he can have half of your stability, it will not be…Oh, don't mention it, don't mention it. ”

    Dare to say that Great Axe is a child, I am afraid that Origin Ancestor can say this.

    The earliest follower of Origin Ancestor was Great Axe, and then the big primal chaos was collected. The three of them were together for a long time. Primal chaos is like a younger brother, Great Axe is a big brother, and Origin Ancestor is like a father. .

    “Congratulations to Origin Ancestor for being free.”The three Ancestor Gods came over and they admired the early peers of the entire Primordial Universe, Origin Ancestor.

    Then the three of them also looked at Luo Feng, who was wearing a white robe in the distance.

    White robe Origin Ancestor , white robe Luo Feng .

    The Humanity ethnic group is also an incomparably dazzling presence, and the two are also very different styles.

    Origin Ancestor is even more calm, so that any expert will feel like a spring breeze.

    Luo Feng is a rushing Blade Edge. Although it is polite to treat others, but that sharpness, who is who I am, is absolutely determined by the heart, but enough to make any one face chill.

    "Thanks."Origin Ancestor looked at three Ancestor God and smiled at nod.

    “primal chaos, Luo Feng.”Origin Ancestor also took a deep look at Luo Feng. "Let's go."

    Luo Feng nod.

    He felt that Origin Ancestor had a lot to say to him, but here is the Ancestor God Palace, not the place to talk.

    "Let's go……"Luo Feng nod, immediately disappeared into the Ancestor God Palace.

    Three Ancestor God watched the three most pinnacles of the Humanity community leave and couldn't help each other. Double Face Ancestor God couldn't help but sigh: "Origin Ancestor returns, Humanity group has Origin Ancestor with Luo Feng, will be even more Brilliant glory."

    “Origin Ancestor, provoked the origin will suppress.”Cang Old Ancestor Shinto, "Luo Feng, even the original will not want to provoke, even more terrible. They are both in the Humanity ethnic group, this Humanity ethnic group…What happened in the future? ”

    "Only the two of them, on Realm, can easily reach the Void Level. Our Universe Sea is afraid to have two more sacred land universes."The young Ancestor God also said.

    Everyone knows.

    When Luo Feng solved the World Beast catastrophe, there was no foreign enemy. The Humanity group was bound to usher in a long period of prosperity. After the trillions of eras, the Humanity group would naturally try to cultivate the newcomer and make the group stronger. The return of Origin Ancestor is even more powerful for the Humanity community.

    The power of Humanity can only make the people look up, and no one dares to give birth to a hostile heart.


    On the corridor of the Milky Way sacred land in Humanity, Origin Ancestor, Primal Chaos City Lord, and Luo Feng, they walked sideways and looked around.

    "Look at the gates of those cosmic passages."Origin Ancestor smiled and said, “The entire Primordial Universe, the door to every True God universe channel is here. Ha ha ha ……I didn't think about it today. ”

    "Luo Feng."Origin Ancestor turned to look at Luo Feng. "I have been there for a long time after being suppressed. You started to pay attention to you very long ago…I just thought that my Humanity group would have a new True God, but I didn't expect you to go to this step. Even I can come out again. If you treat me, I can't repay it, and I will pay for it. ”

    Luo Feng even reached out and stopped: "This can't be done."

    Strictly speaking, Origin Ancestor is his own Master Ancestor.

    "There is grace in grace."Origin Ancestor can't be worshipped by Luo Feng. He can only worship half a week. "You don't have to care too much about others."

    "Teacher is such a person."Primal Chaos City Lord is helpless.

    Luo Feng saw it and even opened the topic: "Right, Origin Ancestor…I have been wondering what you did in the past, and even provoked the origin will suppress you. Even when you asked for the release of the earlier, the origin will pass the message saying that it is limited by the Supreme Rule and can't let you out. Waiting for the World Beast catastrophe to solve this time, let you out. ”

    "Yeah, Teacher."Primal Chaos City Lord also said, "Teacher, you mentioned this to me at the beginning, but it was just vague. What is the situation? ”

    I only know that Origin Ancestor and origin will be enemies and even go to war.

    As for the most fundamental purpose, I don’t know.

    "Not urgent."Origin Ancestor smiled. "Luo Feng, I heard that you ruined the Purple Moon sacred land universe."

    "Yes.Luo Feng nod, this has long since spread, and the control of Virtual Universe's Origin Ancestor will not know.

    "Then I want to ask…After destroying the Purple Moon sacred land universe, what about the original ancestor of Purple Moon? ”Origin Ancestor has a glimmer of hope in his eyes. "Where is he?" He has an infinite life in the detachment of reincarnation. Even if the small scale universe is shattered, the ethnic group, Universe Lord, and True God pinned in this small scale universe will die. But the ancestor of Purple Moon should be alive, can you see it? ”

    Luo Feng shook his head: "No, I didn't see it."

    "No.Origin Ancestor.

    "Don't it be just divine power incarnation…"Origin Ancestor is standing there. "Is it, is it…I knew that I knew that I would not go on this road. ”

    Luo Feng and Primal Chaos City Lord look at each other.

    What's the matter?


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