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Swallowed Star Latest Chapter, Volume 17 Outside Territory Battlefield Twenty-nineth Chapter 34—The disappearance of World of Promotion, Astronomy
    Origin Ancestor has a complex expression: "Don't you want to know why I was crushed by the town?

    Both Luo Feng and Primal Chaos City Lord listened carefully.

    "I grew up quickly."Origin Ancestor slowly said, "No one in the first Samsara era or the second Samsara era is my opponent. The Universe Sea, I was already invincible. ”

    "But I have been watching out for Two Great Sacred Land. Although I said it is invincible, I am not arrogant enough to say that I am the opponent of the ancestor of Two Great Sacred Land."Origin Ancestor said, "I wonder why the ancestors of Two Great Sacred Land have not come out, even if they are detached from the reincarnation, they are really invincible and lonely, and they will not be trapped in the sacred land universe. unless……They can't come out! ”

    Origin Ancestor said: "I suspected at the time that the reincarnation was a conspiracy!"

    Conspiracy theoryLuo Feng, Primal Chaos City Lord was surprised.

    "At the time I guessed that everything was a conspiracy of origin will."Origin Ancestor said, "When I was crushed by the town, I came into contact with the Supreme Rule. I realized then that I was wrong, and I was too wrong. The entire Universe Sea runs with Supreme Rule! Origin will also just control everything in the Primordial Universe, it can't force anyone to ask for a reincarnation. It does not have this power…·····

    Primal Chaos City Lord frowned: "But Teacher, once you reach the Void Level, don't you have to go back in a very short time?"

    ‘Yes!Origin Ancestor said, “This is a limitation of the Supreme Rule.”

    “Only Supreme Rule can make some forced orders for True God and even higher level.”Origin Ancestor said, "I have been suppressed by the town for so long. Origin will it is impossible to forcibly force someone to go somewhere. If so, it forcibly forces Mysterious Wall Lord and Shock King to go to some places in Three Great Desperate Land to die, there is no need to use so many means. ”

    Luo Feng listened to nod.

    I also talked to Zuo Shanke Teacher myself that obviously origin will not be worthy of fear, it can't help True God. As long as you don't violate some Supreme Rule.

    "I was crushed by the town."Origin Ancestor said "in fact, it is against Supreme Rule, so origin will be able to suppress me." Otherwise it will not be able to suppress me. ”

    "How come against it?"Luo Feng and primal chaos are curious.

    Origin Ancestor said with a smile : "I was alert to origin will, I suspect that origin will be the black hand behind…So try to find a way to find clues. Gradually, I found that the wisdom of origin will not be high. Only the most basic wisdom, it should be the fragile will of nurturing in the original Universe Source. ”

    FragileLuo Feng, primal chaos a trip.

    ‘Yes!Origin Ancestor nod, "origin will itself is very fragile, it only has the endless power of the original Universe Source."

    "I didn't want to reincarnate at the time, worried that I would be restrained forever."Origin Ancestor said, "So I thought of a way…To destroy original will , my will become the original Universe Source will . ”


    Luo Feng and primal chaos were taken aback.

    Seize the body ?

    Isn't this the seize the body?

    In fact, Luo Feng also found in the past contact that the origin will not have powerful energy. Even killing a Mysterious Wall Lord has to rely on his men. Many actions are carried out with the help of Ancestor God Religion. Luo Feng has even captured the Primordial Universe control. The idea of ​​power. But just thinking about it, after all, Luo Feng did not expect a good way.

    “I created the 'Virtual Universe, this trick.'”Origin Ancestor said with a smile, "My Virtual Universe, and the real universe. It’s like two sides…Completely fit. ”

    “I am the life of the Primordial Universe in the Primordial Universe. It doesn’t contradict me.”

    “When my will use 'Virtual Universe, secret skill, all over the entire Primordial Universe…·…So, I started the final collision with origin will. ”Origin Ancestor Road.

    Luo Feng, primal chaos is completely dumbfounded.

    Virtual Universe was created, the earliest purpose, actually to seize the body!

    "But I was wrong."Origin Ancestor sighed. "At the time, I was sitting on the ground and looking at something based on my own guess." Actually wrong but outrageous…I have to seize the Primordial Universe control right, which is against the Supreme Rule! So Supreme Rule punishes me, and I lost the battle for this battle, and I was crushed by the town. ”

    “Supreme Rule punishes me and brings me to the Supreme Rule, and I understand a lot.”

    The Luo Feng next to them is completely quiet.

    Really cow.

    This Origin Ancestor is really on the edge of the original will. It is suspected that the original will is the last black hand. It is to see the origin will be weak, and to make 'Virtual Universe', and then compete for the Primordial Universe control, and even almost succeeded.

    "No wonder the original will refuse to let it go."Primal Chaos City 瘟 sighs, "I want to order Luo Feng to solve the World Beast catastrophe. With great credit, Supreme Rule will allow it to be released."

    Luo Feng is in his heart.

    On the side of the World Beast and the Primordial Universe, one represents destruction and one represents life. They are absolutely opposite.

    Anyone who wins seems to be treated with Supreme Rule.

    Obviously the Supreme Rule treats both parties equally, and if World Beast wins, it will naturally destroy everything. The Primordial Universe won, and Luo Feng was also judged to have made a big contribution.

    "But it's still unfair."Luo Feng thought to himself, "World Beast King is equivalent to Void Level, but it is not forced to reincarnate. But when we are at the vain level, we have to reincarnate. ”


    “The World Beast King is the equivalent of the Primordial Universe and is the highest ranked first echelon.”

    “The life of our Primordial Universe nurturing is relatively low in status and the magnitude of the strains.”

    In this Universe Sea, the highest rankings are the Primordial Universe and the World Beast King.

    As for the trillion life of nurturing, even Luo Feng, a monster of 100,000 times of life level, is slightly lower than the Primordial Universe and World Beast King. This also makes Luo Feng in his heart very happy, because he has enslaved World Beast King.

    After the World Beast catastrophe, the entire Universe Sea has returned to calm.

    The small scale universe of the first Samsara era and the second Samsara era was completely destroyed. Although the Bone Lord was on the World Beast side and Mo Luosa was not dead, it is reasonable to say that the Bone Lord's small scale universe should still be there. However, in order to prevent the news of World Beast King from being leaked, Mo Luosa was ordered to attack the Purple Moon sacred land after Mo Luosa became king. The Bone Lord died and the small scale universe was shattered. .

    The time passed in the quiet years.

    In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of eras have passed.

    “Every era, the wall of World of Promotion will turn white once.”A Monster Race's new Universe Lord 'Star Lord, driving a palace, is flying towards World of Promotion.

    Usually for a long time, there will be an expert to go to World of Promotion once.

"The Lord of Stars is horrified at the distant void."

    “Don't I go wrong?”

    The owner of the star doubts whether he is in the wrong place, carefully corresponding to the Universe Sea chart and then find the reference objects around.

    "Yes, here is the 'World of Promotion, the place." The behemoth disappeared? World of Promotion disappeared? ”The owner of the star was shocked.


    Like a storm, the news spread quickly throughout the Primordial Universe. The experts of all ethnic groups knew that the news of the disappearance of World of Promotion had not arrived for a long time. Luo Feng was the first to arrive after the Lord of the Stars.

    "Why not?"Luo Feng, a silver armor, looked at the distance in the chaos energy stream. A long time ago, the huge body suspected of Jin God King was suspended there.


    Luo Feng immediately started Teleportation search, not only Luo Feng, all the experts are searching, but they can't find World of Promotion if they search. Apparently in the past tens of thousands of eras, World of Promotion has quietly left, because there is no expert for a long time, naturally no one found out, until the Lord of the Stars is ready to go and sway to hone themselves.

    "My divine power incarnation is still in World of Promotion."Standing in the void, Luo Feng frowned.

    Universe Sea is far from the depths of a behemoth flying at a terrible speed.

    In its body, on the island of the Lake of the Python River Army in the East Army barracks of the World of Promotion, Luo Feng's divine power incarnation is here, as early as near an era, the true body knows that World of Promotion has disappeared. This divine power incarnation knows that it is no longer the universe of the universe, but is in a strange place.

    “Where did World of Promotion go?”Waiting for nearly one era, eventually wait until the moment when the cosmic membrane wall turns white.

    Driving a ship, Luo Feng divine power incarnation instantly rushed out of the cosmic wall. He was very curious about the depths of the Universe Sea. He wanted World of Promotion and went out to see the behemoth. where.


    Directly rushed to the World of Promotion small scale outside the universe.

    “Here is—” Luo Feng divine power incarnation looks out into the ship, but an endless flame sweeps through. The True God Level mechanical ship is instantly annihilated, and Luo Feng's divine power incarnation is also annihilated.

    Primordial Universe's Milky Way sacred land.

    Luo Feng is training his son Luo Hai: "I told you, I can't help you. If you don't experience it yourself, no one can help you! Yes, your understanding is worse, but there is no absolute thing in this Universe Sea. There is always a chance to live…Oh

    FATHERLuo Hai is careful.

    Luo Feng is frowning and turning to look at the endless void, as if to penetrate the endless distance, muttering: "Instant annihilation? Fortunately, the last time I dealt with World Beast, I almost exchanged the military contribution. ”

    Although I don't know where World of Promotion went, it is clear that World of Promotion is still good, and countless lives are still living in peace.

    “In response to the World Beast catastrophe, World of Promotion is coming.”Luo Feng thought to himself, "World Beast, the source of catastrophe…These are the first lines of life on the Primordial Universe side. Now that the World Beast has passed, this World of Promotion has quietly left. ”

    Luo Feng can also understand.

    World of Promotion, which contains some of the ancient civilization, after all, the life of the ancient civilization is the descendant of the ancient civilization. If World of Promotion has been left behind, the future Samsara era life will easily get the ancient civilization inheritance, obviously no such good thing.

    “I don’t know when I will see World of Promotion again.”Luo Feng silently said.

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