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The latest chapter of Swallowed Star, Volume 17 Outside Territory Battlefield The twenty-ninth chapter of the thirty-sixth chapter of the detached reincarnation (the finale), floating astronomy
    The twenty-ninth chapter of the thirty-sixth chapter of the detachment of reincarnation (the finale)

    A Stars Tower and a boat are quickly reaching into Collapsing Peak World. (""7*

    One of them is Eternal True God, and the other is Void True God. Naturally, it is easy to get through many obstacles. They have long known the approximate position of 'reincarnation'.

    "Origin Ancestor, do you feel summoned?"Luo Feng sound transmission.

    "It feels right, just ahead."Origin Ancestor also responded with sound transmission. "According to the past experts, I went back to some of the maps left by the reincarnation, and the reincarnation was in front."

    One moment

    Stars Tower was in front and the boat was behind, and it flew to a vast area.

    "That is?"Luo Feng looked at the distance, and he stood on the side of Mo Luosa.

    "That should be reincarnation."Mo Luosa also said.

    Luo Feng looked closely, in the vast space of a void, only the front has a huge surface with a colored energy flow channel entrance, the entrance to the passage, there is a vague figure, as if it is Humanity, and it seems to be a beast. At first glance, the trillion figure passed at the entrance of the passage.

    "It's reincarnation."Luo Feng also Sense to the super call, while the Supreme Rule also sent waves of volatility, apparently guiding Luo Feng, Origin Ancestor into the cycle, and the map passed down from generation to generation of Samsara era, pointing to this.

    "Explore first."Origin Ancestor sound transmission.

    "Mm."Luo Feng agrees.

    The two of them began to detect the reincarnation, but they could not know the interior of the investigation.

    “Luo Feng, are you advanced, or am I advanced?”Origin Ancestor sound transmission.

    "I will first."Luo Feng is confident, his Stars Tower is the God King weapon, and he is Eternal True God. And he and Origin Ancestor must have an advanced one, and you can't let Origin Ancestor go first.


    Stars Tower flew slowly, and gradually the part began to sneak into the surface of the Samsara Channel, and then it went in completely.

    "Luo Feng, Luo Feng, Luo Feng."Origin Ancestor is Sense less than Luo Feng, and immediately pull out a token, this is a messaging token.

    In the Luo Feng's small scale universe, there is Luo Feng's divine power incarnation, and naturally there is a messaging token.

    "Luo Feng."

    "Origin Ancestor."Luo Feng divine power incarnation responded.

    "how about it?"Origin Ancestor asked.

    "Come in, nothing."Luo Feng replied.


    Luo Feng is in the midst of shock, he does not encounter any danger, and feels very comfortable as soon as he enters Samsara Channel.

    "This Samsara Channel."Luo Feng stood in the Stars Tower and looked outside. I saw a stream of light in the Samsara Channel. Numerous blurred shadows disappeared from time to time. Some were Humanity, some were variant beast, some were botanical, and some were strange. Countless shadows are flying fast.

    So what's that about?Luo Feng arranged Mo Luosa in another cabin, then turned his hand and the golden crystal appeared in his hand.

    This is Zuo Shanke's golden crystal.


    I saw a figure on top of the golden crystal. It was Zuo Shanke and Zuo Shanke smiling and looking outside: "Oh, have you entered the cycle?"

    "Teacher."Luo Feng Looking at Zuo Shanke, he has too many doubts. "Teacher, what do you want me to do? Now I can say it. And Teacher, how do you have Nine Tribulations Tome? And Stars Tower, this should be the God King weapon. ”

    "Ha ha ha, take your time and come slowly. We are not in a hurry. ”Zuo Shanke laughed.

    Luo Feng took a deep breath: "Teacher, you said."

    "I know a lot, more than you think."Zuo Shanke said, "Stars Tower is indeed a God King weapon, and it is indeed my refining."

    "What?Luo Feng is stunned.

    Zuo Shanke refining the God King weapon?

    Is Zuo Shanke God King?

    But Zuo Shanke has a small scale universe, this is the truth!

    “I can refine Stars Tower, naturally God King, and God King who is good at refining supreme treasure.”Zuo Shanke looked at Luo Feng and had a smile and smug in his eyes. "I am Jin God King."

    "Jin God King?"Luo Feng is blind.

    How could Zuo Shanke be Jin God King?

    I once identified Stars Tower in World of Promotion, but the 'Jin God King's illusory consciousness' in World of Promotion is simply unrecognizable.

    “But I have identified Stars Tower in World of Promotion.”Luo Feng couldn't help it.

    "Don't worry, and listen to me slowly."Zuo Shanke has a complex color in the eyelids.

    Luo Feng 乖乖nod Listen carefully.

    He has a feeling that Zuo Shanke is afraid of the Jin God King.

    “First, let’s talk about the division of strength. The next story is easier to understand.”Zuo Shanke said, “Starting with True God, True God, Void True God, Eternal True God, Primal Chaos Sovereign (Saint existence), God King.”

    “True God to Eternal True God, you must know it.”

    Luo Feng 乖乖nod.

    "Eternal True God, a thought can form a small scale universe, they have realized some of the origin of the universe."Zuo Shanke said, “For example, to realize the source of water and fire, to realize the source of time and space, to realize the source of light and dark…As long as you realize any kind, you can become Eternal True God. ”

    Luo Feng realized the source of birth and death.

    The source of birth and death is just the beginning of the Luo Feng Way of Destruction.

    "Go further, you have to control primal chaos !"

    "All kinds of law, everything comes from primal chaos, this is the ultimate law. ("")Control primal chaos is Primal Chaos Sovereign. Enough Saint! This step is also very difficult, I do not know how much Eternal True God can not break. When I was the most brilliant in Jin Kingdom, there were a lot of subordinates Eternal True God, but there were more than ten of Saint. ”

    "Once you control the primal chaos, you can turn your Heart of True God into a primal chaos space, all of which must be developed by yourself, so it must be done after the control law of Primal Chaos."Zuo Shanke said.

    Luo Feng in his heart.

    I also have Heart of True God, Heart of True God is a space that hides soul, communicates with small scale Universe Source.

    “After having the primal chaos space, a lot of divine power can be stored.”Zuo Shanke said, “You can accumulate more and more divine power.”

    "If you go further into God King, the realm is high, you can manipulate the internal primal chaos space to become a small scale universe."Zuo Shanke said with a smile, "World of Promotion, is a small scale universe that I internalized. This small scale universe seems small, in fact can be great, but also nurturing a lot of expert, but the universe is perfect and powerful, everything must be promoted by itself. ”

    Luo Feng is amazed.

    Like your own small scale universe, expansion, evolution, etc., everything is natural. Luo Feng does not understand it at all.

    To open up a small scale universe in the internal, you must first primal chaos space, and then actively evolve a universe…This requires an unbelievable level of mastery of the universe.

    "Different God King, it's different."Zuo Shanke said, “The small scale universe they open in the interior will also differ. Like I am good at refining treasures, the universe that I developed is more refined. Some of the universe that God King has developed is very rough. ”


    God King!

    A control primal chaos, one can open up the universe on its own.

    Next to Zuo Shanke is to continue.

    "True God, Void True God, Eternal True God, Saint, God King."Zuo Shanke said, “In fact, above God King, there is a higher realm.”

    "The legend has reached that realm, and even the Supreme Rule can't be restricted. Legend has it that even a realm can even make a Supreme Rule."Zuo Shanke has an expectation in his eyes. "It's just my comprehend endless years, but I can't take that step."

    "On top of God King, is there really a higher realm?"Luo Feng doubts.

    "should have."

    Zuo Shanke said, "For example, the existence of absolutely invincible – Yuan! Yuan, should take that step. Of course, as far as how good a realm is, it is purely imagined. ”

    YuanLuo Feng a trip.

    The "Yuan Arranging Technique" of the cultivation, isn't the creator a Yuan?

    "You should have got the "Yuan Arranging Technique"."Zuo Shanke smiled at Luo Feng, "That is the secret art of Yuan!"

    How did you know that?Luo Feng was shocked.

    Even Zuo Shanke is really Jin God King.

    Zuo Shanke has never been to World of Promotion, and he has won the "Yuan Arranging Technique", only the illusion of Jin God King is known.

    Zuo Shanke said with a smile : "Do you still ask? Purple Moon sacred land and hundreds of Universe Lords in the coalition camp were instantly killed! You can't do it with your strength…You also have no right to order the four generals. There is only one possibility, that is, you have passed the Wu Qi Building and got the "Yuan Arranging Technique". My illusory consciousness will give you the supreme power. At World of Promotion, you have the authority over the four generals. In order to kill hundreds of Universe Lords in one fell swoop. ”

    Luo Feng a trip.

    Put that aside.Zuo Shanke, "I myself take a Yuan arranging Technique scrolls, and when you become universe Lord, prepare your temper will to be stronger, and I'll let you learn Yuan arranging techniqu E, I did not think that you had just become universe Lord soon, my original body actually came, you entered the world of Promotion learned "Yuan arranging Technique", I carried the "Yuan arranging Tech Nique "Scrolls also directly broken up. ”

    "Yuan left this secret art, naturally leaving some pictures. But as long as anyone learns, all other scrolls will be Sense and automatically smash. ”Zuo Shanke said.

    Luo Feng 怔怔.

    “The “Yuan Arranging Technique” picture I carried is shattered, and your endless Nether Sea has released a stock of will, and hundreds of Universe Lords are instantly killed…Combined, still ask? Naturally, you practiced "Yuan Arranging Technique". ”Zuo Shanke expressed emotion, "Yuan, is a very detached existence. His secret art "Yuan Arranging Technique" is even more famous, and the God Kings are also eye-catching. Unfortunately, it is best to learn Law Lord, the highest is True God. If you are taller, you will not be able to learn this "Yuan Arranging Technique". The big influences let the genius try, but all fail! ”

    "Teacher!"Luo Feng asked, "What the hell is going on?"

    "My story, tell you one by one, you will understand after listening."Zuo Shanke started.

    Luo Feng listens carefully.

    This is the deepest hidden story of Zuo Shanke.

    "At the end of the Universe Sea, there is a continent called Origin Continent, the so-called ancient civilization of all your families."Zuo Shanke said.

    Luo Feng in his heart.

    Ancient civilization !

    The ancient civilization turned out to be the Origin Continent, at the end of the Universe Sea?

    "On Origin Continent, I grew up from a tribe and was absorbed into a refining sect. I fell in love with my sister in the sect. I married her. I am also a great genius who is good at refining, step by step, with sectarianism as the backing, and finally built the 'Jin Kingdom' with the sect as the foundation. I am Jin Kingdom Monarch! ”

    "There is a loving wife, a strong and loyal courtier, standing at the most pinnacle, how wonderful?"

    "Unfortunately, there is no eternal prosperity."Zuo Shanke shook his head. "After the endless years, Eclipse Kingdom raided me Jin Kingdom, killed my wife, killed my brothers, and ruined me Jin Kingdom! Everything about me is in the hands of Eclipse Kingdom. ”Zuo Shanke's eyes flashed with madness and hatred, and he couldn't control it in front of the discipline.

    Luo Feng sighs.

    Knowing that the loved ones of the endless years are all ruined, this pain…Luo Feng can't imagine that he was fighting for World Beast Mo He because he wanted to guard these. If anyone ruins his guardian, I am afraid that Luo Feng will not hesitate to retaliate.

    "It's hard to kill a God King. They have three Monarchs chasing me, but I still fled into the Universe Sea."

    "I fled into the Universe Sea and didn't return."But deep into the Universe Sea! ”

    "because……I want to enslave World Beast. ”Zuo Shanke said.

    "Slavery World Beast?"Luo Feng was shocked.

    You can enslave World Beast King.

    Zuo Shanke nod: "Yes, World Beast, World Beast Holocaust is a legend on the Origin Continent, an absolutely terrible catastrophe. However, among the many powerful Kingdoms of Origin Continent, there is a Kingdom named 'Heavenly Wood Kingdom', which is an older than the Eclipse Kingdom, and the Heavenly Wood Kingdom Monarch is called 'Purple Wood God King'. ”

    “Purple Wood God King was once destroyed.”Zuo Shanke said, "He later fled into the Universe Sea and went deep into the Universe Sea. He even enslaved a World Beast back to Origin Continent!"

    "The mature Pinnacle's World Beast is afraid that it will require a lot of Kingdom joints to resist. An uncontrolled World Beast was a nightmare, but Purple Wood God King enslaved World Beast, World Beast was no longer crazy, but obedient, only the enemy of Purple Wood God King was destroyed by him. As for other Kingdom? Purple Wood God King It’s not good to attack. Who wants to provoke? Have a World Beast King…Heavenly Wood Kingdom is rapidly evolving and growing, and the Heavenly Wood Kingdom itself is incredibly powerful. Heavenly Wood Kingdom's animal kingdom 'World Beast' naturally did not have to be shot again, became a legend. ”

    Luo Feng doubts: "I checked in the World of Promotion, how can I not have a detailed record of World Beast?"

    "Haha, my internal World of Promotion, the strongest can only nurturing out Eternal True God."Zuo Shanke shook his head. "How can the Armaments World database have such hidden information?"

    "This legend has already spread, and Purple Wood God King also admitted."

    “It’s impossible to want to enslave the mighty World Beast.”Zuo Shanke said, “Only World Beast, which has not yet grown up, must go to the depths of the Universe Sea. I ventured deeper…In fact, many of the experts that Kingdom has destroyed and hated, many of them go deep into the Universe Sea and want to enslave World Beast. ”

    "For example, if you were on the Broken East River, you would take the Universe Boat. I am afraid it is a powerful legion, and I will kill it. I am afraid that I want to enslave the World Beast that has not grown up. It’s a pity that even I can’t do it, they are naturally destined to die. Even the students can't do it. ”Zuo Shanke shook his head. "I entered the Universe Sea. The deeper I came, I found the endless danger in the Universe Sea."

    Luo Feng frowns: "Dangerous?"

    At the same time, he also knows why the Universe Boat is ruined and becomes the Three Great Desperate Land.

    It's no wonder that there are some messages in the Universe Boat that say it is on the wrong road and regret it.

    Obviously that is deslegable under the legacy.

    "The highest operating law is not allowed to wait for me to break into. However, there is always a line of life, so it is not completely banned. Just let the original Universe Source will stop me. ”Zuo Shanke said, "Without the permission of Supreme Rule, origin will not be terrible. With the Supreme Rule allowed, origin will use the original Universe Source power…Manipulating the Universe Sea, that's really scary. The closer you get to the Primordial Universe, the more powerful it is. ”

    Zuo Shanke shook his head: "You can't imagine."

    "So I understand, hard, I will die."

    “I started to lay the back hand, first leaving an illusory awareness in my internal World of Promotion! Leave a copy of the "Yuan Arranging Technique" and hope that anyone in the descendants of World of Promotion will learn. ”Zuo Shanke said, "Then I have refining a treasure, it is Stars Tower! There was an accident in the refining process, and a golden light was integrated, which made the Stars Tower shape faster. This is indeed a God King weapon. ”

    “Stars Tower is divided into nine layers, each with three secret skills, a total of twenty-seven secret skills!”

    “Because I am going to the depths of the Universe Sea to the place where the Primordial Universe is, so choose the discipline, which must also be within the Primordial Universe.”Zuo Shanke said, “The secret skill I left on Stars Tower is naturally a consideration for the safety of the discipline.”

    "The second floor of the first floor of Stars Tower, a total of six secret skills. You can rush when you are not in True God. ”

    "The third layer of the third layer, True God strength can be promoted."

    “The fifth and sixth floors, Void True God can spur.”

    "The seventh floor, Eternal True God urging."

    “On the eighth floor, Saint can rush.”

    "On the ninth floor, God King can rush."

    Zuo Shanke said with a smile, "Of course this is normal, like True God before you, but realm is extremely high, naturally it can make it harder."

    “When I refined Stars Tower, I put the treasures in my Promotion King Palace.”Zuo Shanke said, “Promotion King Palace is my most important treasure and God King weapon. I went on the Promotion King Palace and went on, and I gradually realized that I couldn't move forward and I couldn't escape. Forced to the point of desperation, I can only strip off a trace of my Life Mark in the Promotion King Palace, and display the Reincarnation Technique. ”

    “Promotion King Palace flies over the Endless Universe Sea, because I am dead, and I only have to use the 'Life Mark' in the special state under the Reincarnation Technique. There is another plaque in the Promotion King Palace to continue to push it. ”

    "Original will not allow Supreme Rule to allow, nor can it limit the flight of a dead object. So I arrived at the Primordial Universe, and my life Mark was directly reborn in the Primordial Universe! Became a Special Lifeform, so you have Zuo Shanke. ”

Luo Feng is stunned.

    "Reincarnation Technique is the secret technique allowed by the Supreme Rule."Zuo Shanke said, "But I still keep the previous memories, my realm is extremely high, and my will is also very powerful. So the Supreme Rule also limits me. The origin will always stare at me and never relax. Once I dare to touch the Supreme Rule, it will definitely take the opportunity to suppress me. I also know some fur on Supreme Rule, so I don't even dare to kill anyone. ”

    Luo Feng is stunned.

    It's no wonder that Zuo Shanke has never been hard to beat anyone, and it is a trick to get some tricks.

    “Primordial Universe, which stands for Life Origin, has unlimited possibilities.”Zuo Shanke said, "What kind of life can be born, provided that there is a suitable environment. I can't find a suitable discipline, then I will create a discipline myself. ”

    "I want to cultivate a group that is good at mastering the body. In my plan, the most talented person born in this group, the divine body should have hope to reach the third level at three levels, with an infinite divine body. Then there is the Flame God Race, with your Senior Brother Flame Emperor. ”Zuo Shanke shook his head. "I was wrong."

    "Flame Emperor body innate talent is high, but his understanding is really general and extremely paranoid, even the peerless genius in Flame God Race, his understanding can not compare with the 'Hong' on your Earth lineage, not to mention you It is."

    "I gave up on this method and gave up the Flame Emperor."

    "Although the expert with the infinite divine body is the real genius, I can't force it. I am still thinking about the "Yuan Arranging Technique" to cultivate a soul that is particularly easy to break through. ”Zuo Shanke said, “I have a lot of experimentes. I ended up with my most satisfying Earth lineage. The Earth lineage has been selected by genius in history. It can all be inherited from Stars Tower.”

    “Stars Tower owner recognition is extremely difficult, but it seems to me that even the owner recognition Stars Tower can't do it. Also talk about what cultivation "Yuan Arranging Technique". Finally, you appeared, you inherited Stars Tower! ”Zuo Shanke said.

    "As for the weakness of your Earth lineage, I can only make up for it by Nine Tribulations Tome. You can make up for it up to 10081 times more genes. You can only rely on yourself. ”Zuo Shanke said with emotion, "I was most worried about this. It will be difficult on your divine body route. Fortunately, you have a clone 'Nether Sea clone ', with innate talent secret skill to create auxiliary, you endevenly difficult to break through."

    Luo Feng is stunned.


    "Teacher, that World Beast is coming, Teacher, why don't you enslave?"Luo Feng asked, “Is it not enough?”

    "I am in the Primordial Universe and I am restricted everywhere."Zuo Shanke said, “origin will is the biggest enemy of me, so I became True God, which is the normal law route to True God. I dare not give origin will the slightest handle, my foundation is too bad, divine power is too weak, even if World Beast lies in front of me, I can not be enslaved. If I am still God King, I can do it naturally. What's more, I am afraid that I will play against World Beast, and origin will will suppress me and take the opportunity to destroy me. ”

    Luo Feng was shocked: "origin will is also very hostile to World Beast."

    "No, it's more fearful than World Beast."Zuo Shanke said, “World Beast can force it to destroy the Primordial Universe, which may hurt its consciousness. But I…As long as I let me grow, I will be able to seize the body Primordial Universe. ”

    "seize the body ?"Luo Feng thought of Origin Ancestor.

    "But I won't seize the body, my reincarnation is too bad, even the law route is True God."Zuo Shanke said, “I will soon break into Void True God, then take the Promotion King Palace, reincarnate and return to Origin Continent. And reincarnation…Reincarnation in Origin Continent, I will not be subject to any Supreme Rule restrictions, when I will break through to the perfect level of the divine body of the third level of True God, all perfect, then I have a stronger possibility. As for the seize the body Primordial Universe? I am God King, my realm is high, and the seize the body is not good for me. ”

    "This is also why I am willing to abandon my small scale universe and protect your small scale universe."Zuo Shanke said, “I even if the small scale universe is destroyed, but I can take the Promotion King Palace and still pass the Samsara Channel. The Promotion King Palace and your Stars Tower all have the power to shelter souls. ”

    Luo Feng asked: "At the end of the cycle is Origin Continent?"

    "Ha ha ha ……"

    Zuo Shanke said with a smile, "So tell you, Origin Continent is the origin of all dimension space, so this continent is called Origin Continent !"

    "All dimensions?"Luo Feng didn't ask, just listened.

    "The Universe Sea around Origin Continent seems to be an endless void. In fact has different dimension spaces, and accidentally enters another dimension of the Universe Sea. Can be divided into three thousand dimensions Universe Sea. ”Zuo Shanke said, “Every Universe Sea has a Primordial Universe with a Samsara Channel.”

    "Samsara Channel, there are two uses."

    "Primordial Universe nurturing life, if you become Void True God, you can reach Origin Continent through Samsara Channel. So here's one.

    "If they don't become Void True God, once they die, their soul will go directly to Origin Continent along the Samsara Channel, but in the Samsara Channel, the weak soul will be annihilated, and only the powerful soul will arrive at Origin Continent. But these souls will lose their past memories…Reincarnation at Origin Continent! ”

    Zuo Shanke said: “Overall, the three thousand Primordial Universes from different dimensions are nurturing a powerful soul to Origin Continent. The life born in Origin Continent is very powerful. Because the weak soul is annihilated in the Samsara Channel. ”

    Luo Feng was shocked.

    The origin of all dimension space? core?

    “The Three Thousand Dimensions of the Universe Sea is the foundation and the foundation of Origin Continent's prosperity. Origin Continent is the common origin of all dimensions.”Zuo Shanke feels, "It is also the most prosperous place, and some powerful lone walkers leave their secret inheritance. There are also some powerful denominations, tribes, and even powerful Kingdoms! The fish and dragons are mixed, the influence is very much, and it is also extremely chaotic. And from time to time there is the rise of genius from the Three Thousand Dimension Universe Sea. ”

    "The rise of genius?"Luo Feng a trip.

    ‘Yes!Zuo Shanke nod, "You are not wondering, why should Purple Moon suppress Humanity, why should you kill you?"

    Why?Luo Feng asked.

    "Because the Humanity community got the ancient civilization inheritance at the time, it was rapidly prospering. If you don't suppress it, Humanity may have produced a lot of True God, and even Void True God was born. ”Zuo Shanke said, "And you are more promising. Let you grow, then in the future you may first step in the body Primordial Universe. ”

    “seize the body Primordial Universe ?”Luo Feng asked.


    Zuo Shanke nod, "Origin Continent influence mixed, hidden inheritance is more. Why are the unseen guys from the 3,000 Universe Sea rising? It is because once they will be strong, there is the possibility of seize the body Primordial Universe. Once the seize the body is successful, you can feel the mystery of the Primordial Universe. Saint is a breeze and even hopes to win the 'God King'. ”

    "I suspect that the Purple Moon should be absorbed by a certain influence, so I know the secret message of the body of the Primordial Universe."Zuo Shanke said, "Eastern Emperor is also in Origin Continent, and Purple Moon can't find it. He can only target you, your potential is terrible, and of course he has to do his best to destroy you. ”

    "Once the Purple Moon's will be sanctified, it will try to seize the body. According to the original Universe Source will be strong and weak, the seize the body is difficult. Generally, it will be able to seize the body. The most difficult, as long as will step Going into the God King Level, you will be able to seize the body."

    Zuo Shanke said, "I am God King, seize the body, what about?" In fact, I simply dismissed it, but origin will not believe it, it fears me, be careful with me, aim at me. ”

    Luo Feng is stunned and looks forward to it.

    When he battled World Beast Mo He, he would be holy.

    More than 6 billion era, the precipitation of time has made him a little progress, especially the will into the Primordial Universe, as if to become a Primordial Universe felt a great destruction, but also caused a great impact on Luo Feng, his current will, be regarded as St. Top Level.

    "You have cultivated the "Yuan Arranging Technique" and will seize the body."Zuo Shanke said with a smile, "After you enter Origin Continent, you can try once and let the force power incarnation in your small scale universe perform will seize the body."

    “How can Origin Ancestor be suppressed?”Luo Feng asked.

    "This is a provocative thing."Zuo Shanke said with a smile , "So you have to leave the Universe Sea and you can do it after you arrive at Origin Continent. You are true body in Origin Continent, origin will want to suppress your true body, and there is no way to suppress it. You can try to seize the body again and again until you succeed. Origin Ancestor That stupid brat, will be Eternal True God Level, and there is a combination of 'Virtual Universe' and Primordial Universe, which is a success. But his true body is in the Universe Sea, and the origin will naturally suppress him! ”

    Zuo Shanke said: "You and me master and disciple one, I train you, you also understand that my purpose is to let you kill the Eclipse Kingdom three Monarch."

    "I have to give you some advice before you are about to enter Origin Continent."

    "Origin Continent, as the origin of all dimensions of the universe, nurturing countless treasures, but also has the genius of the innumerable Samsara era of the three thousand dimensions of the universe, in the earliest infinity, they and the Native Continent's native kill! Natives is too stupid, how can it compare with the expert of the three thousand dimensional universe? Gradually, there have been more and more experts in the past, and with the proliferation, it has now accounted for more than 90% of the territory. ”

    "I also belong to this camp. As for native? Can only hide in some places of suffering. ”

    "But they are still resisting, like the strange item you found in the Universe Sea, like the odd wood used by Mysterious Wall Lord! It is the weapon of Origin Continent native. ”Zuo Shanke said, "They don't understand the weapons at all, they just take some odd woods and strange metals as weapons."

    “Did you find that there are blood on many supreme treasure weapons?”Zuo Shanke said with a smile, "It was also an abandoned weapon on the Origin Continent, floating into the Universe Sea and floating over."

    Luo Feng nodded.


    In fact, many unknown secrets behind the Primordial Universe have the shadow of Origin Continent.

    "Supreme Rule to protect you. So the information of Origin Continent is that it can't be said. ”Zuo Shanke said with emotion, “I can only say that the ancient civilization is saying that the ancient civilization has been destroyed.”

    No problem

    "Tell enough, finally remember!"Zuo Shanke said, "Even God King has escaped, you are one of them." You ten million be careful, save your life, and hope to deal with the Eclipse Kingdom three monarchs. RememberThe most important thing to live is, Origin Continent, but there are so many wonderful things to discover. My illusory consciousness must be shattered, otherwise I will be discovered by the enemy in the future, I am afraid that I know my secret, er…In the future, you can only rely on yourself. ”


    Zuo Shanke in front of the eyes directly shattered and dissipated.

    Luo Feng Silence for a long time.

    It turns out that there are three thousand dimensional spaces, each with a Universe Sea and a Primordial Universe. Their common source is 'Origin Continent'.

    “Right, Broken East River lineage inheritance.”In the Samsara Channel, Stars Tower has been moving forward, and some time is enough, Luo Feng began to read the Memory Stone of Broken East River lineage inheritance.

    With reading.

    Know more about Origin Continent, where there are sects, hidden inheritance, tribes, or a city is an influences, or a vast mountain range is an influences, and there are various hidden organizations. Of course, the strongest is the powerful Kingdom created by God King, one powerful response.

    There are countless battles, and organizations from different dimensions of the universe have developed, and the natural struggle is particularly fierce. There are a number of God King Kingdoms that have been destroyed in history.


    Time Elapsed

    Luo Feng Their dimension of Primordial Universe is too far away from Origin Continent, even through the Samsara Channel, it has been flying for more than a month.

Luo Feng felt a strange wave in front and couldn't help but look up.

    "Master, I feel that the front should be there."Next to Mo Luosa Road.

    Luo Feng nod, the eyes are full of hot expectations.

    I used to say 'my life, because of the battle, it’s colorful, because of you, infinite bright light'. Luo Feng is to protect his loved ones, but his plain life is not what he likes. He is eager to take risks. He is eager to be wonderful. He is eager to compat and is eager to see more beautiful scenery!

    Obviously, Origin Continent is where he wants to go, the origin of the three thousand-dimensional universe.

    There is light in front.

    Luo Feng eyes: "Origin Continent, I am coming! I came here to stand at pinnacle! ”


    Stars Tower disappears into the light.

    A journey of grandeur and mystery, more bloody, began in Origin Continent.

    (The whole book ends!)



    After two years and one day, "Swallowed Star" is over. I said before writing that this is a very broad and novel novel. Did you understand the last chapter?

    Different dimensions of cosmic space have a common source, and Jin God King flees from the place of origin and comes to one of the dimensions of space, which is the universe we are in. So it led to the journey of Luo Feng's! Luo Feng has risen and has grown from Earth. Standing on the most pinnacle of the Universe Sea in this dimension, it is now entering the more vast source of all dimensions of space…Start a more profound journey.

    Is the background large enough? Ha ha ha, the last chapter is completely revealing the background.

    Luo Feng is a character I like very much, a person with a spirit of sacrifice, 'My life, infinitely smashed by combat, infinite bright light for you,' is to interpret his heart! He has the inner guardian, and also has a heart that is unwilling to be eager for blood!

    Rime table

    Nearly 4.8 million words! This is the longest novel I have written. In two years, the tomato can not completely relax in one day. Even after marriage, he did not accompany his wife to play, and he was fatter. Now that Swallowed Star is finished, the tomato will take a good rest and exercise to lose weight, accompany the wife and completely relax. Relax your mind first, then prepare a new book…The new book is uploaded and is expected to be December 16 this year!

    December 16th!

    Tomato will concentrate on preparing, the new book will be Xian Xia class, it will be very wonderful, I believe!

    As for the detailed information of the new book, I will send a single chapter tomorrow to speak in my testimony.

    At last–

    Hey, flash people! At the same time robbed the monthly ticket, recommended ticket!

    The new book will wait for us to meet again in December!


    July 21st night

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