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The latest chapter of Swallowed Star, Volume 17 Outside Territory Battlefield The twenty-ninth chapter thirty-sixth chapter of the detached reincarnation (the finale), floating astronomy
    Twenty-ninth chapter thirty-sixth chapter on the detachment of reincarnation (the finale)

    In the solar system. (""7

    A pair of white men and women are standing in the void and looking at the infinitely distant red color of the planet, it is a Red Giant!

    “Even a new born star.”Luo Feng whispered, “Once the Primordial Universe enters the final stage, it also decays rapidly and decays much faster than normal stars, so it is so fast that it enters the Red Giant stage.”

    "Don't you say that?"Next to Xu Xin said with a smile, "Now enter the end, the original Universe Source is absorbing all the energy of life, absorbing all the celestial body energy. The decline of nature is fast. Eh…Endless years, every star has to live, we will move a star for Earth, and now even Earth has left. ”

    Luo Feng gently nod.

    Not long ago, when the newlyborn star that had just been moved quickly became old, many of the Earth lineage experts decided to move the ancestral star 'Earth' directly to the small scale universe. After Luo Feng nod, and finally moved to Luo Feng's small scale universe, Luo Feng will create a void in his small scale universe, completely creating the environment of the solar system.

    Luo Feng sighed softly: "A reincarnation, that's it."

    "Remember us both."Xu Xin recalled the past. "At that time, we were only two high school students in the base city of Earth. I didn't expect both of us to live this day and live to the day when the entire Universe Sea was ruined."

    Luo Feng looked down at the wife next to him.

    The husband and wife looked at each other and smiled.

    Then he turned his head and looked at the Red Giant silently. It was beautiful and beautiful, like the sunset of the Earth era.

    for a long time……

Luo Feng frowned.

    "What happened?"Xu Xin asked with doubts, and then she also noticed to look far away, only to see a figure in the distant void, followed by the figure and flew over.

    This is a Universe Lord wearing a colorful robe, her eyes are more colorful, but one of the Beast Gods in Ancestor God Religion, she respectfully bowed: "Great Silver River Lord I came with three orders from Ancestor God, and three Ancestor God said…The Primordial Universe will be destroyed in three years! I believe that Silver River Lord still remembers the original promise, please Silver River Lord must go to Ancestor God Palace within three years. ”

    Luo Feng nod: "I know."

    "I won't bother."The female Beast God respectfully bowed and then quietly left.

    "There are only three years left."Xu Xin sighs softly.

    "Well, three years."Luo Feng nod.

    Xu Xin is watching Luo Feng, she knows…Once the Samsara era is over, it will not take long for Luo Feng to leave for the reincarnation. How can she not worry?


    The final three-year period has accelerated the relocation of the entire family within the decaying Primordial Universe.

    "Primordial Universe will be destroyed, I really want to bring some friends away, but we can only bring ten people each."

    "Don't sigh, how big is the Primordial Universe? Small scale How big is the universe? It is destined that 99.9999% of the top people have no chance to move to the small scale universe. We are the geniuses absorbed by Milky Way Kingdom, and we will allow us to bring ten places. ”Two youths are flying in a spaceship to a distant planet, which is a concentrated planet.

    Large-scale relocation.

    The criteria for the relocation of the Humanity community is to first take away all of the Sector Lord, Immortal and even higher nature. Secondly, some of the geniuses absorbed by the nine influences, such as Milky Way Kingdom, Virtual Universe Corporation, Great Axe Battle Ground, and Universe Galaxy Bank, will be taken away even if they are not absorbed in some genius battles.

    Even according to the strength of the high and low, can also take away some relatives and friends.

    In fact, relatively speaking, humanity relocation has been very merciful, than Monster Race, automaton Race much better. Because the Humanity group has a very bad day, True God – Luo Feng!

    Humanity has 98 True Gods, but the Luo Feng's small scale universe is thousands of times larger than other True God!

    One of them, worth a thousand True God small scale universe!

    And Luo Feng, Origin Ancestor, and other Samsara era will break through to Void True God, when the small scale universe can accommodate more life, expert. So now, regardless of the three seven twenty-one, go straight to the Cisse, do not have to worry about the future can not bear, because once the small scale universe breaks through, it will be easy.

    So the population of Humanity has been relocated!

    Compared with the countless Humanity in the entire Primordial Universe, you still don't know how many!

    Luo Feng's small scale In the universe, Nine Worlds Mountain.

    Nine Worlds Mountain is a beautiful place and a place for Luo Feng's seclusion cultivation. It is usually taken care of by Mo Luosa.

    Whoosh- Whoosh- Whoosh- Whoosh- Whoosh- Hey!

    In the distance, a lot of figures flew in the air, and Luo Feng, who was talking with his parents and his wife, turned around and looked around.

    More than a thousand figures fell, and all respectfully said: "Milky Way ancestor!"

    More than a thousand of them are Universe Lords.

    Humanity has a total of 1222 Universe Lords. During this relocation, Universe Lords dispersed into a small scale universe, while Luo Feng's small scale has the largest volume and naturally comes the most, especially the potential to hopefully become True God. It is. Humanity is pinned to Luo Feng small scale. There are more than 900 Universe Lords in the universe. Coupled with some of the Great Alliance alien races without True God, Humanity is the leader of the Great Alliance. Naturally, it should be taken care of, and there are more than 300 Universe Lords. To Luo Feng this.

    Humanity has more than 900 Universe Lords, and also carries the Humanity of the huge volume, which are Universe Lord, Immortal, Sector Lord, countless geniuses, countless accommodating populations, and so on.

    "It's all here."Luo Feng smiled. "Let's follow the earlier plan."

    "Yes, the ancestor."

    More than a thousand Universe Lords are respectful.

    Then they quickly left, scattered the planes of the 100,000 plane, and began to release the Humanity they brought. In the future, those Humanity will live in each plane space.

    "Father, you are all ancestors."Luo Hai is envious.

    "The future of Humanity is multiplied from generation to generation and is multiplied in the father's universe."Luo Ping said, “And my father will break through soon. At that time, our 'Milky Way sacred land universe' is eternal. The life of the next generation of Samsara era is here. Father is naturally the ancestor.”

    Luo Feng saw a smile.

    Yeah man.

    Both myself and Origin Ancestor can become Void True God at any time, so Humanity interior has long shouted the names of 'Origin Ancestor sacred land', 'Milky Way sacred land', called Luo Feng and Origin Ancestor as 'Milky Way'. The first ancestor ''original ancestor'.

Luo Feng turned his head again.

    Six figures flew in the distance.

    "Milky Way."These six figures are humble and respectful.

    "King, Blood Orchid, and Yokohama, you are all here."Luo Feng smiles nod, the six in front of him is the first Samsara era and the second Samsara era's True God.

    It is about to be destroyed soon. For the first Samsara era, the limit will come, and it will be annihilated without going through the cycle. They know very well that they have no special ability to succeed…So naturally I hope to be pinned on other small scale universes, but the small scale universe is limited, who wants to accept others?

    Only Luo Feng is the easiest to break through because his small scale is the largest in the universe and quickly becomes Void True God.

    GoLuo Feng Road.

    "Yes.Six True God are very grateful.

    Luo Feng watched them leave. The reason for accepting these six True Gods is that they have a relationship in the past. Second, they are now 'Prime Void True God' on realm, then they feel the destruction of Primordial Universe and communicate with Mo Luosa. I believe that it will take a long time to break through to Eternal True God. When it comes to taking on space, there are no more than six hands.

    "Once I become Eternal True God, in my small scale universe, there is exactly an expert that can become True God."Luo Feng dark thought to himself.

    Small scale The life of life in the universe is not impossible to become True God.

    True God's small scale universe can only produce the Universe Lord.

    Void True God's small scale universe, but it can cultivate True God, but it is extremely expensive. Every True God is born, we must separate a small scale universe from ourselves. Void True God are rarely willing. But when Luo Feng becomes Eternal True God, the price is affordable, and it will take a long time for the universe to recover!

    Like 'World of Promotion' is also a small scale universe, but even Eternal True God can be nurturing out.

    Ancestor God Palace.

    Luo Feng, dressed in white, stepped into the Ancestor God Palace.

    "Milky Way, you are eventually coming, only one month left before the destruction."The old Ancestor god in the three Ancestor God sitting above is said with a smile. "You are here, we will finish this last task. According to origin will, you just stay in Ancestor God Palace." The three of us are gone. ”

    The three Ancestor God smiled and said goodbye to Luo Feng, and then the three of them began to leave the Primordial Universe, and the entire Ancestor God mystical region's expert was gone.

    The experts in the entire Primordial Universe have long since left, and few have continued to stay.

    "Great destruction."Luo Feng standing in white, softly.

    This is not his true body, but just a divine power incarnation!

    "Hong!"Luo Feng around the void suddenly twisted, there appeared a natural Wormhole, an invisible will cover Luo Feng.

    "Let me in?"Luo Feng understands the meaning of origin will, and does not fear, stepping in directly, only feeling the change of time and space, then enters a vast and mysterious space.

    There are only a few floating spots in this space, each light point contains powerful powerful energy, weak can also rival the Universe Lord, strong powerful energy and even let Luo Feng heart.

    In this space, Luo Feng seems to be very small.

    "This is?"Luo Feng recalled that he was given the innate talent secret skill "I Become Universe", and his consciousness once entered this space. At that time, a light spot touched himself and he gave himself the 'I Become Universe' innate talent secret. Skill. At the time, my realm was still very low, but it is different now. I can see more when my realm is high.

    This side space, fear is the original Land of Universe Source.

    There are only a few light spots that contain inheritance messages, and more are endless original energy! Every light spot is like a vast world, with endless energy.

    Luo Feng smiled, and when he stepped, he touched a light spot, but the light spot was naturally drifting away from the light years, and Luo Feng was not touched at all.

    "Haha!Luo Feng laughed, then sat down and sat down in this space.


    Suddenly, there was a colorful brilliance in the original Universe Source space. The colorful light brilliance was like a rainbow, directly covering Luo Feng. When Luo Feng's was shrouded, Luo Feng suddenly felt his body extended…Your own will begin to naturally penetrate the entire Primordial Universe.

    One starfield, one universe mystical region, one desert starfield, one pseudo-Primorial Star.

    Small to a deep sand.

    Large to a vast law ocean.

    Quickly penetrated by Luo Feng's will, at this moment, Luo Feng feels like he has become a Primordial Universe!


    "This, is this the construction of the Primordial Universe?"Luo Feng is completely addicted to it.

    In the original Universe Source space, there are countless spots of light, which can be divided into 100,000 camps, and 100,000 camps rotate around the center, which is the architecture of 'One Primal Beginning'! Just more refined than Luo Feng's, Luo Feng's is 'One Primal Beginning, 100,000 Heavens'. And this is 'One Primal Beginning, 100,000 days into endless space'.

    "law ocean, the energy that was originally swallowed, can be stored in the universe in this way."Luo Feng is amazed.

    "Natural Wormhole…"

    "Cosmic mystical region…"

    "It turned out to be the force of life."

    Although Luo Feng can't get the most basic Life Origin, but he can see the Primordial Universe from the inside out, from the micro to the macro, he has a lot of feelings and the benefits are amazing.

    "But relatively speaking, it is the greatest help to feel the final destruction of the Primordial Universe."Luo Feng sits cross-legged in the original Universe Source space and waits for the moment.


    “The Primordial Universe is about to be destroyed. This scene is very shocking. I have seen it before.”In the chaotic energy stream, on a gray ship, Rampant Demon God is talking about it, standing next to a number of Universe Lords, a large number of Universe Venerable, undying and even some of the key geniuses.

    “How long has the Primordial Universe been destroyed?”

    "We are in void, the Primredial Universe is ruined, will it affect us?"

    Many Humanity questions in the hall.

    "Don't worry, it won't touch us at all. I want to be at the beginning – "Rampant Demon God is talking about the exhilaration. Lonely is indeed a torture. Even if it is invincible, how painful is it if only oneself lives alone? Rampant Demon God regained his happiness after pinning it in the Luo Feng small scale universe.

    He was naturally optimistic.

    A ship, a palace, in the chaos energy stream void, the various ethnic expers from the entire Primordial Universe are waiting silently, waiting for the moment of great destruction.


    "Began to destroy!"

    "The wall of the cosmic membrane has cracked."

    The family members are excited and sad to watch this scene, because there are more ordinary people who have not been relocated, because even the Luo Feng's small scale universe is less pitiful than the Primordial Universe. It is doomed that ordinary people almost annihilate along with the Primordial Universe.

    The Primordial Universe is beginning to be destroyed!

    It was gradually showing the end of the world, but at that moment, the entire origin space instantly produced the power of the sky, madly devouring everything. ""

    Even if the primordial Universe is vast, all of its membrane walls are a flash of madness, followed by the collapse, those universes mystical region, Starfield also began to collapse, a black hole began to dissolve, that a mineral planet, decaying stars, Even some life planets, all began to collapse, in the collapse at the same time quickly shredded into a particle flow.


    At this moment, the origin itself began to sharply shrink! The madness of all life forces is swallowed into the origin, the countless ordinary life that was originally born, some babies have just been born, some old people are lying in the hospital, some young people are loving, some enemies are killing…

    For a moment, all annihilation, endless life energy madly poured into the core of the universe.



    In the Universe Sea void, the ship and the people in the palace who watched the destruction of the universe were shocked. Even after listening to the description, they were completely shocked when they saw it.

    The huge vortex formed by the innumerable flow of particles, the huge tearing force, fears that a small scale universe must break in moments.

    That kind of violent!

    That kind of violent!

    Let all the experts breathe, and the Universe Lord and True God pass through the control of time and space, and pass everything that is far away from the distance to the front, and everything is clearly visible. Just because it is clearly visible at close range…The shock is strong, and each expert is in his heart.

    "This, is this destruction?"Origin Ancestor is also shocking.

    The Primordial Universe ruined this moment, and the engulfing formed a strong endless tearing force, even if it was enough to annihilate him.

    This kind of strong to peak destruction, Origin Ancestor shudders.

    The sense of shock is not as strong as Luo Feng. The life of all the races is just a distant view from the Universe Sea. Luo Feng will infiltrate every part of the Primordial Universe. It is like a Primordial Universe. The destruction of this moment is too clear. It is.

    First of all, the 'One Primal Beginning' in the origin space is rotated a thousand times faster, and the speed is not constant, but the speed is different, so that the countless spots of the 100,000 camp are broken and swallowed, even the entire origin space is Sharply shrink, the entire origin has produced an incredible power of engulfing.


    Try to swallow!

    Devour all creatures, dead objects, and swallow the entire Primordial Universe!

    Everything collapses into a myriad of particle streams, swirling into the origin of the madness, and all the most fundamental forces of life are swallowed back. To make such a huge Primordial Universe completely devastated in extreme time, the speed of those life forces is even faster than 100 billion teraflops.

    Absolute violent! Barbarism

    "Hong!"When all the forces of life are swallowed into the origin, the original Universe Source instantly shines with dazzling light, even more than the size of the previous Primordial Universe.

    The ray of light, even in the void, is seen in every ship, palace.

    "It's too shocking."


    The lives of all ethnic groups are holding their breath.


    The Primordial Universe disappeared, leaving only the origin.

    There is a circle of powerful energy around the origin, but no one can get close.

    Within the origin.

    Luo Feng, sitting in the middle of vortex, can't forget the ruin of the short-lived Primordial Universe, which will be deep in his soul.

    “Mo Luosa once again showed me the Destruction Origin mystery he realized.”Luo Feng was shocked. "But the mystery of Destruction Origin is more bright light, and it is more silent and invade." But Primordial Universe represents Life Origin, and the destruction of Life Origin is so fierce. ”

    Life Origin, which contains all kinds of law, has life and death and destruction in life.

    The destruction of Life Origin.

    It is quite different from the destruction of Destruction Origin.

    "The short-term destruction is for newborn. Its root is life, everything is for life…"Luo Feng muttered, "And the destruction of World Beast is a fundamental destruction."

    A scene of the scene of destruction is constantly sweeping through the mind.

    The mystery of Mo Luosa's presentation is also passing.

    Both are ruined.

    But the core is completely different…Luo Feng is completely immersed in it.

    "It's time to leave."An invisible will affect Luo Feng, and Luo Feng understands this.


    The white Luo Feng directly dissipates and annihilates. This is just a divine power incarnation. Luo Feng doesn't want to distract himself. Let a divine power incarnation fly back slowly and simply disperse it.


    Luo Feng sits cross-legged on a mountain in the Luo Feng's small scale universe, Nine Worlds Mountain.

    The tragedy of trillions of eera, the sentiment of Destruction Origin, the perception of Life Origin, everything is colliding.

    "Way of Destruction."

    Luo Feng has gradually embarked on a path.

    Combined with the destruction of Life Origin, the destruction of Destruction Origin, the feelings of both comprehend, everything is gradually forming…This kind of collision with the original origin makes Luo Feng shocked too much. He needs to straighten out everything. He needs to come up with a way to explain his doubts. If he realizes it, he will be confused.

    Time Elapsed

    One year has passed…

    “I asked the order of Origin Ancestor, can the ancestor of Milky Way end the cultivation?”

    “Father God is still in cultivation and can't be bothered.”Simo goes back directly.

    Luo Feng and Origin Ancestor said that after the destruction, the two broke into Void True God, and then went to the reincarnation, but now Luo Feng is immersed in the cultivation.

    “Simo Senior Brother, Teacher is still in cultivation?”Na Co looks at Nine Worlds Mountain in the distance.

    "You brat don't just want to tell Teacher, have you broken into the Universe Lord?"Simo also glanced at it, and Luo Feng on Nine Worlds Mountain was still sitting cross-legged. "When the Teacher ends the cultivation, I will naturally know."

    Na Co smiled.


    As time goes by, Nine Worlds Mountain's flowers and plants don't know how many times it has been glory. I don't know how many visitors come to see Luo Feng, even Zuo Shanke has come once, but Luo Feng has been immersed in comprehend, this time comprehend he is all consciousness All gathered, there was no distraction at all, and naturally there was no way to receive people.

    The 260,000-era destroyed in the Primordial Universe.

    Both Simo and Mo Luosa are guarded by Nine Worlds Mountain, and any expert is prohibited from disturbing Luo Feng.

    "Hua~"The white robe Luo Feng, sitting in the foothills, suddenly opened his eyes.

"Simo and Mo Luosa turned their heads at the same time. They both flashed and they went to Luo Feng."

    "Father God."Simo is excited.

    "Master."Mo Luosa is also very excited.

    Luo Feng looked at their eyes, smiled nod, said simultaneous: "Simo, you go to the notice, they said that I have stopped cultivation. I believe there are quite a few who want to see me. ”

    "Yes, Father God."Simo lingered, and then a flash disappeared.

    "Mo Luosa."Luo Feng looked at the thick guards on his side. "I believe you have been waiting for a long time."

    Mo Luosa smiled a little.

    Of course it has been waiting for a long time

    It is expert loneliness, the only Luo Feng who can be an opponent is its Master. It naturally looks forward to some novelty, such as going to the reincarnation?

    "Master, can you break through?"Mo Luosa asked.

    "Of course there is some progress."Luo Feng said, "If I personally feel that there is no progress in the destruction of the Primordial Universe, then I am stupid."

    Prior to this sentiment, the Luo Feng realm reached Prime Void True God.

    Universe Lords, the general self-created secret skill is 3rd Rank to 5th Rank, and many Universe Lords are stuck in 5th Rank apex! Can self-created 6th Rank secret skill, if it is not hard to take the divine power route, on the realm to achieve True God requirements.

    True God, the general self-created secret skill is 7th Rank to 9th Rank, such as primal chaos, god eye, sensation, etc., is 9th Rank apex. If you can self-created 10th Rank secret skill, you can almost become a Void True God.

    Void True God, generally 11th Rank to 13th Rank, if you can create 14th Rank secret skill, you can become Eternal True God!

    Like Luo Feng, when he was fighting World Beast Mo He, he could create a 12th Rank apex secret skill. After more than 60 million era cultivation, he communicated with Mo Luosa for a long time…Can also self-created 13th Rank apex secret skill, which is the Prime Void True God level. This time, Luo Feng comprehend 360,000 era, but it is a great improvement.

    The destruction of Life Origin! Destruction Origin Destruction!

    Let Luo Feng comprehend out the 'Way of Destruction'. On the realm, Luo Feng has already entered the Eternal True God stage. Of course, this is because I personally feel the ruin of the Primordial Universe. After all, the more it is late, it is very, very difficult to move forward. Seeing the ancestor of Eastern Emperor, the ancestors of Purple Moon have been unable to break through.

    MountainA figure flies, it is Xu Xin who knows the end of Luo Feng comprehend.

    Luo Feng smiled and greeted him.

    "You are finally cultivation is over, even Zuo Shanke has come to you."Xu Xin said.

    "Not urgent."Luo Feng asked, “Right, is the Primordial Universe now born?”

    "Born, the new Samsara era has begun."Xu Xin nod Road.

    "Let me see."Luo Feng has a bright eye.

    A step.

    Luo Feng took Xu Xin and moved directly to the edge of his small scale universe. Even after going out, Luo Feng's small scale universe is not far from the Primordial Universe. Luo Feng glanced at it, his eyes penetrated void, and he could easily see Primordial. Universe.

    The Primordial Universe at the moment is a ripple, surrounded by endless airflow, it is the initial state of birth, its interior is also slowly nurturing, whether the first life of this Samsara era is not necessarily born.

    "Prosperity and decline."Luo Feng saw a scene full of vitality, and could not help but whisper. "The previous Primordial Universe multiplied to peak, the number of lives reached peak, and its tolerance reached peak. Then a fierce and violent destruction…That destruction is for today's newborn. ”

    Luo Feng is more aware of his Way of Destruction.

"Luo Feng in his heart," let's go back. ”

    Xu Xin looks at Luo Feng.

    "Origin Ancestor is here."Luo Feng Road.


    A Divine power incarnation of Origin Ancestor came to the Luo Feng's small scale universe.

    "How is this feeling?"Origin Ancestor asks.

    "A breakthrough."Luo Feng said, “It should be able to step into the eternal level.”

    "Eternal level?"Origin Ancestor is not too surprised to be calm.

    Luo Feng nod: "My small scale universe will take a lot of time, waiting for my small scale universe to evolve almost, Origin Ancestor you to upgrade. So we both broke through together successfully. ”

    "Well, I will go back and prepare."Origin Ancestor nod.

    Origin Ancestor also knows that this comprehend is the benefit of Luo Feng's solution to the World Beast Holocaust. With this comprehend…Luo Feng broke through the key bottleneck and stepped into the Eternal True God level. Plus Luo Feng also saved him, Origin Ancestor is not awkward, and some just marvel and admire.

    Luo Feng met Zuo Shanke, Primal Chaos City Lord, etc., and even started to break through.


    Standing in the origin space of the small scale universe, Luo Feng shouted!

    "Hong!" "Hong!" "Hong!" "Hong!" "Hong!" "Hong!"

    A series of void channels are born one after another. Each void channel appears in the void outside the plane of the 100,000 heavens, without harming any plane space. I saw that the void channel rushed out of the endless chaos energy stream, and the wall of the small scale universe began to spread rapidly.

    1.1 billion light years, 1.2 billion light years…

    Small scale The volume of the universe is constantly skyrocketing.

    As the size of the small scale is larger, the space occupied by 100,000 heavens is relatively smaller, and the more void. The more natural natural Luo Feng leads to more void channels! The influx of endless chaos energy streams promotes this evolution. This kind of good thing that is free to supply evolution is only available when it breaks through.

    It is only the supply of the small scale universe itself. As for the Luo Feng's body, the required divine power is to slowly phagocytize and accumulate.

    2.9 billion light years, 3 billion light years, 3 billion light years ……

    Small scale The universe is expanding and soon surpasses the Eastern Emperor sacred land.

    "too big."

    “Milky Way sacred land universe, how big it will become.”

    “It’s more than five billion light years in diameter, much bigger than the Eastern Emperor sacred land.”In the Universe Sea void, there are a lot of True God, Universe Lord watching, the Humanity group, the Great Alliance, and other ethnic groups, all witnessing this event.

    Zuo Shanke also looked at the scene and smiled softly: "It's still very early."

    Luo Feng is going to be Eternal True God this time, and it is still very early.


    Crazy expansion!

    Finally reached 10 billion light years in diameter, and in the Milky Way sacred land universe, Luo Feng itself is also undergoing metamorphosis.

    "divine power !"Luo Feng slammed his mouth openly, and suddenly the divine power in the original space was more than 60 million. The divine power in the engulfing and transforming storage was insane, and the perfect pinnacle was reached before the more than 60 million e, Luo Feng's divine body. Available in twelve light years. It also stores the divine power of the huge volume.

    This breakthrough, divine power hundred times evolution!

    The accumulation of more than 6 trillion eras consumed more than 80% in an instant, which made Luo Feng's body reach perfection, but it was only the perfection of Void True God!

    "It’s not enough to accumulate for so long. Once I became Eternal True God, my divine power was still a lot lacking. ”Luo Feng shook his head.

    "carry on."

    After the physical breakthrough, there is one void channel in the void of the Milky Way sacred land universe. The inrush of the endless chaos energy stream is continuously absorbed and transformed, so that the small scale universe continues to expand.

    One billion light years, one hundred and two billion light years…

    Three billion light years ……

    Six billion light years ……

    It has been expanding and it takes the same amount of time.

    The True God and Universe Lords of all ethnic groups have long been stunned, and the Eastern Emperor sacred land universe is only 3.2 billion light years in diameter. This Luo Feng's Milky Way sacred land How big is the universe. At this time, Origin Ancestor's small scale universe began to change, and the volume quickly began to expand.

    "Origin Ancestor's small scale universe has also expanded, reaching 1.8 billion light years in diameter and expanding."

    "He won't be as terrible as the Silver River Lord."

    Each family expert talks to each other.

    Also envied Humanity, because Humanity has the Two Great Sacred Land universe.

    "Origin Ancestor's small scale universe has stopped expanding, reaching a diameter of 5.2 billion light years."

    "It’s no match for the Silver River Lord."

    Origin Ancestor is a post-evolution, but it is a success.

    After Origin Ancestor's small scale universe reached 5.2 billion light years, Luo Feng's has exceeded 90 billion light years in diameter, and after nearly a month, evenly reached 100 billion light years.

    Finally everything stops.

    "100 billion light years."Zuo Shanke is also shocked. "Last, this is the legend. The Eternal Level's small scale universe has reached this level, it is already complete, and it exists in the legend. ”

    "Father God, it's amazing."Simo is also very excited in the void.

    Alien race True God are stunned, but their heart can also accept, because the creation of all these miracles is Luo Feng!

    Luo Feng has long been a legend of the Universe Sea.

    “My divine power is again a hundred times more.”Luo Feng has six pairs of wings behind him. Before the more than 6 trillion eras failed to fully repair the fifth pair of wings, it can be repaired in a moment. "But my small scale universe has not enough divine power reserves, I am now Sea Transformation can only reach two light years in diameter."

    The previous divine power reserve, into Void True God, is quite enough.

    Into Eternal True God, it's still a lot worse.

    "Fortunately, my current small scale universe is more than in the past. It is also more efficient to devour the divine power. ”Luo Feng nodded, Milky Way sacred land The universe is too big, and the chaos energy stream is swallowed to form a huge vortex. Even the Universe Lord must pass through the palace supreme treasure, otherwise it will be crushed and killed.

    Rime table

    Luo Feng took the step and left the origin space to come to the 'Nine Worlds Mountain' of the Milky Way sacred land universe.

    The family is waiting for Luo Feng here.

    “Ha!Luo Feng walked over with a smile, and suddenly he smiled to freeze.

    An invisible wave traversed the Milky Way sacred land universe and a message came.

    "A year?"Luo Feng muttered.

    He understands.

    Now that he has broken through Eternal True God, he must go back and forth in a year. It’s a year, because Origin Ancestor broke through more than a month before him, as long as they both went together to reincarnate…So actually it took only 11 months for Luo Feng's time.

    "Dad, Mom."Luo Feng smiled and talked to his parents.


    Luo Feng and Origin Ancestor met once and talked about it. After ten months, they went to Collapsing Peak World to go back and forth. And these ten months are all things arranged.

    During these ten months, Luo Feng met a lot of people, growing up from Earth, affecting him, and he influenced many people.

    Nether Sea lineage His children, like Simo, are still alive.

    Earth lineage His old friends, such as Wei Wen.

    I joined many friends I met with Virtual Universe Corporation, Bolan, Rong Jun, and Wuka. Although their innate talent is good, it is extremely difficult to become a Universe Lord. It is even harder to become True God! The conditions of the situation like Luo Feng's son 'Luo Hai' are absolutely perfect, but they have never broken through to the Universe Lord. Bolan and Rong Jun eventually became Universe Lord, and Wuka was a Universe Venerable. As for the geniuses who fought in the past, some were honed and die, some did not become Immortal, and did not wait until Humanity got the ancient civilization. .

    The original Earth brothers, Luo Feng, needless to say, Hong is naturally True God, as for Thunder God…Even with the help of Luo Feng, there is Earth lineage help. After all, for Earth lineage, Thunder God is definitely a Senior Elder, but Thunder God is just a difficult universe.

    Zhen Yan, is just a step in the Universe Lord.

    "Teacher, you can break through True God in my small scale universe."Luo Feng is even more to Zhen Yan. "For me, separating a small scale universe is nothing."

    "That Marquis Po Yu…"Zhen Yan is a bit embarrassed.

    "When I was at Demon Sound Mountain, she had counted me, and it was a cause, and how long ago it was, you don't have to care about Teacher."Luo Feng Road.

    The reason why Marquis Po Yu calculated Luo Feng was to retaliate against Zhen Yan!

    There is also a history of love, Zhen Yan's lover has long since died, and Zhen Yan is even more embarrassed, knowing that Marquis Po Yu hates him, but he can only endure…Marquis Po Yu calculated Luo Feng, and later found out, is also Yan Yan for Marquis Po Yu! The move to the small scale universe, Marquis Po Yu was transferred to Origin Ancestor's small scale universe, and Zhen Yan helped.

    Even the feelings of Marquis Po Yu and Zhen Yan are beginning to be unclear.


    Before set off to go back and forth, Luo Feng also gave his disciples another lecture, even set off.

    Collapsing Peak World outside.

    A ship is suspended and there are many figures in the ship, Primal Chaos City Lord, Zhen Yan, Zuo Shanke, Luo Hongguo, Gong Xinlan, Xu Xin, Luo Ping, Luo Hai, Darkness True God, Ice Peak True God Dragon Strolling Lord, they came to Luo Feng, Origin Ancestor.

    “Reassure, if Luo Feng is in danger of reincarnation, the ancestor of Eastern Emperor, the ancestor of Purple Moon died early.”Zuo Shanke is the easiest one.

    Whoosh- Whoosh-

    In the distance, a Stars Tower, a boat, flies to Collapsing Peak World.

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