Sword Domain’s Divine King Chapter 2067

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The final three drug king longevity Pill is taken by Chu Tiance.

about three months, the source of the source, along with the bone film, meridian Bloodline’s injury is completely recovered.

Of course, this is not just the effect of the drug king LONGEVITY PILL.

Heavenly Grade High Grade PEAK LONGEVITY PILL, in terms of Gang STAR Domain, is already the most peak’s Healing Medicine Pill, which is called four words of “Tiandi Qi”. However, only three Acts Yao Wang Longevity Pill, but decidedly impossible to bridge such a serious injury, the injured origin more impossible fully benefit Chu Tiance and loss of blood.

In fact, it is true that Celestial Demon Saint Physique is strong.

The drug king longevity Pill is more like a pharmaceutical, which has made the serious injury, and the Celestial Demon Saint Physique, which is closely defeated, re-excited.

As for the Tianling Divine Fire Pill, it is paid to Mu Zhi, temporarily collecting.

In contrast, the value of Tianling Divine Fire Pill is more expensive than the drug king! LONGEVITY PILL is more expensive.

This is not entirely the gap between the two Medicine Pill quality.

If you are in the star sea, Heavenly Grade High Grade Medicine Pill Can Be Seen Everywhere, the price of these two Medicine Pill should be probably similar.

But in this Concantian Star Domain, it is precisely that in the drug king, the drug king longevity pill is more.

Suddenly, the days of spiritual Divine Fire Pill naturally, it is worth a little high.

This is not too much to use for Chu Tiance and Ghost Dance. This Tianstrian Divine Fire Pill is not too many.

Pharma King Valley gives this only-only Heavenly Grade High Grade True Fire Spirit Pill to Chu Tiance, I think Chu Tiance is born in True Fire Sword Dao, and has also repaired Dao of Alchemy, with high-end TRUE Fire Medicine. Pill is given, just like a sword to give heroes, red powder gift, count, it is to have it.

Unfortunately, they can’t think of Absolutely, Chu Tiance is in True Fire Avenue, has already reached Spirit Realm.

In this STAR Domain, it is already on the verge of the limit, it is called CAN’t Advance.

Do not say that a Tianling Divine Fire Pill is ten, hundreds, and An Utterly INADEQUATE MEASURE, no.

is the peak of the animal, if it is used, this Tianling Divine Fire Pill can completely function.

“The drug king elder has returned?”

Chu Tiance slowly Spits out one mouthful of impure air, the breath is light and calm, which is very different from the previous month.

“It is about two months ago, when he left, I collected a lot of high-grade SPIRTITUAL GRASS in the city. Of course, the lace Old Ancestor did not come up with it, but brought by two Elder. Even so, it also sets a small sensation in the city, and All Influence gathers, almost all of the Spriritual Grass in the city. “

煜 芝 slightly nodded.

During this time, Chu Tiance is closed, and the ghost dance autumn is close to the left, and the animal husbandry is a detective message every other period of time.

On the other hand, Mzhai Yuezhi did not have much profound accomplishment in Pill ConcOcting, far from CHU Tiance, but it is not a nothing.

It has been in charge of business, and it is a simple to detect news, and the ghost dance autumn cannot be compared to Mzhai.

“Puzzle Purchase Spriritual Grass? Pharmaceutical King Valley wants yourself to refine 碧 碧 LONGEVITY PILL?”


Lu Bi Longevity Pill is quite famous in Star Domain Medicine Pill, but the drug Wang Valley has never been very interested in dyeing.

Suddenly purchasing Sprirgitual Grass, not just a predecessor of Chu Tiance, the same expectations of All Influnce in the city.

“Not good, said the original sale of longevity star secluded Pitt spiritual grass, often in conjunction with other spiritual grass to sell, in fact, directly to the medicine ingredients with a good spirit Pill Master for many self-refining, ask, nothing more Is to save money, but this Time, the drug Wang Valley is broken this rule, but only purely buying the Spriritual Grass, but the price is not low, the quantity is big, and the parties are not too much. ”

Mu Zhi shook his head gently, and the eyes are also wonderful.

“Perhaps only the drug king is not lacking in various colors …”

chu tiance Siki, finally is slightly shaking his head, giving up the guess.

Although Pill ConcOcting is profound, the old ALChemist in the Pharma Valley has no problem, but the eyes are seen, but they only have to accumulate Two-Three Hundred years. For many rare, bias rare Pill Recipe, fundamental There is not much to understand, the accumulation of the superiority, the accumulation of the Yin Yue Yue Yue, and the Unable to Mention on Equal Terms.

even more how the bulk purchase of a single spiritual medicine, often not for the needs of pill concocting.

Chu Tiance For the Pharmacy WITHIN THE VALLEY situation, Star Domain Pill ConcOcting World’s architecture, there is no understanding, and there is no guess.

“In the process of the acquisition of two large statue quiet Pitt spiritual grass, the white eyebrow hair that Pure Land Old Ancestor is not in the city, most likely in-depth hunting ground of the stars. I wonder if they purchase a large number of secluded Pitt spiritual grass, perhaps for some other reason, and now the city’s high-order spiritual grass has been exhaustively purchase a empty, all influence thoroughly boiling, picking medicinal power of ten times previously. “

Mu Zhi’s speed is unhappy, it seems to say, think of it.

“Counter Soldiers with Arms, And Water With Wear, the medicine Wang Valley Battle Streg” is not enough, it is imposs, “

Ghost Dance, a silent, suddenly opened, looks sharp.

chu tance hearing this is HAHA smile, long-body: “The temple Military Leader is very, the drug Wang Vali has an infinite coupon, after all, when you are not me, since I have received Completely, you will go straight into the fire world, go see if there is any gain. “

Three people no longer stay, left the Cave Mansion.

Today, CHU TIANCE TRUE Origin recovers, and the sure is ghost dance in autumn and animal husbandry.

Array in the city, in today’s Chu Tiance eyes, just like the mortal painting, fundamental Not Worth Menting.


The starry hunting farm is noisy.

is a forces for the collection of Spriritual Grass.

The power of the gold Spirit Insect is greatly recovered. After all, after all, after a big tide, an old one, two pure land INSECT KING, this starry housing actually owner, completely lost the majesty of the past, through the starry hunting ground Martial Artist, which is more important than Impudent. In addition, the drug Wang Valley suddenly took a large acquisition, under the serious injury, All Influnce can be described as crazy.

is also because the price of the drug Wang Valley is significantly higher than that of usual, and there is almost no upper limit to buy. With the moratorium spirit insect force shrink, the starry hunter has a long-lost killing and blood, and finally the champion, CHU Tiance shuttle Starry sky, strong bloody. Assaults the senss.

“Pharmacy King Valley this hand, and not to say what the Spiritual Grass can do, the whole star hunting farm is completely lively.”

chu tiangbed Thunder-fire flashes, watching shatter void.

Today’s stars hunting, killing everywhere, step by step, blood light.

and even many of the flattens are often sent to the SECT of the generos. After getting the news, they have added this Big Purchases.

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